Jewish billionaire dies during penis enlargement operation

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You can’t make this stuff up.

The Times of Israel reports that on March 2, 2019, “billionaire Jewish diamond trader” Ehud Arye Laniado, 65, died during a penis enlargement operation at a private clinic in France.

Laniado, a Belgian Israeli, had a heart attack after an unnamed substance was injected into his penis during the procedure.

In the diamond business for 40 years, Laniado owned Omega Diamonds based in Antwerp and diamond pricing consultancy Mercury Diamond. In 2015, he sold the world’s most expensive diamond — the Blue Moon of Josephine — for $48.4 million, to Joseph Lau, a Hong Kong billionaire businessman and a convicted felon.

Omega Diamonds confirmed its owner and founder’s death in a statement: “Farewell to a visionary businessman. It is with great sadness that we confirm that our founder Ehud Arye Laniado has passed away. After living an exceptional life Ehud will be brought back home to Israel as his final resting place. He will be dearly missed by us all.”

Laniado reportedly entered the workforce as a masseuse working at the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv. He was expected to appear in court in Belgium on March 14 to face tax evasion charges.

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22 responses to “Jewish billionaire dies during penis enlargement operation

  1. It is sad and regrettable that Mr. Laniado felt compelled to have such a surgical procedure in the first place. The same goes for so-called transgender individuals who feel driven to seek the opposite type of surgery. (My opinion – and condolences to all those who will miss him.)

  2. Darwin Award nominee? I’d say so.
    Life was just too hard with all those billions. Think that perhaps instead of being fixated on his pee pee he could have done something for someone else with all those sheckles.

    • Apparently life wasn’t “hard” enough. I’m going to be crying all week over this one. Jewish billionaire could have achieved his goal with a pair of platform shoes.

      • Lophatt, None other than you can make so true a statement, just think he could have worn Cuban heels and cockroach killers! Hahahaha.

  3. It is common knowledge that facial change surgery for identity change is done in France, or in the Orient.
    Let me see…
    An incredibly wealthy man, supposed to appear in court for tax evasion, runs off and gets a penis enlargement surgery less than 2 weeks before court and dies and it is reported in the news despite the embarrassment it would cause to his “sexual prowess” and honor as a man.

    What are the odds? That’s one damn good PR stunt.
    I am not sorry, but I am not buying that story.
    It stinks all the way to cat house Thursday.

    • Did he really have to go through all that? After all Israel is known for harboring criminals as long as they are part of the tribe and looks like at the very least he had dual Israeli citizenship.

    • Maybe Babs Olsen and Ken Lay needed a “fourth” for their Canasta game.

    • My thought as well.
      But why penis enlargement surgery, instead of some nondescript surgery that wouldn’t be so news worthy and which wouldn’t draw attention to the “death”.

      • Maybe he has a sense of humor. His way of “giving us the bird” on his way out.

      • They wanted a lot of attention on it to imprint in peoples’ minds the story that he’s dead. Nothing in that country happens by chance. All planned out. Psychologically, who would really question it? The story is too clean.
        I’d bet the farm on it, that it is a PsyOps to cover his identity change & criminal coverup.

      • Not to mention, after that type of penile surgery, there are such a device known as a medical hammocks for supporting male testicles for the swelling and the weight. That man would not be ready to appear in court after that kind of a surgery. He would be swollen down and in pain for a week or more.
        Whole story stinks.

      • Why penis enlargement surgery now? He’s 65, multibillionaire. Did he just realize his wee wee was wee small and now after 40 years of business? Did he just become wealthy enough to pay for a bigger weewee? No. Why now? Tax Evasion.
        Other surgeries wouldn’t get discussed. Add the penis enlgmt it’s the talk of the world.
        One thing I know, over in Israel they do not tolerate money crimes. They want their money back. He stole from the state. Israel does convict and imprison those kind of criminals.

        He won’t have to face court or prison. He had the funds to buy his way out. I’m sure he paid off the taxes he owed plus more. Israel is known to be the Land of Organized Crime, it is the hub.
        It is the innocent jews who will suffer. They always do.

      • It may be a case of poisoning the well, maybe not. The story is too contrived on the face of it to be taken seriously, even if it could possibly be true. If true, it was possibly a pro hit successfully disgracing him and his family forever. I wouldn’t want to cross the white-collar thugs in the diamond smuggling syndicate he may have fronted for as a dealer. Didn’t Hillary take on Maurice Tempelsman as a client if she won the election, and for a measly $500k “donation” to her campaign to run cover for the diamond syndicate? Anyway, this possible hit would connect the takeover of Angola, Botswana, Zimbabwe, SA for exploitation, under local black thugs posing as Marxist dictators of course, and in the US the Democratic Socialists (of the same Socialist International cabal that ran “Marxist” USSR) as a front for simultaneous exploitation of Europe, US, Canada, and Australia—the same crowd owning the Dems who in turn are running the takeover here that’ll take the form of an economic 911. No wonder guns have to be confiscated pretty soon.

        • “it was possibly a pro hit successfully disgracing him and his family forever.”

          Your hypothesis makes the best sense.

          • Tks. I should have mentioned that Tempelsman is a director of Democratic Socialists, etc., directly linking the criminal diamond syndicate with Hillary and with these interference-running GND sock puppets in the “news.”

  4. A senseless death. The biggest Jewish Prick has to be Chuck Schumer so he would have been a distant second at best.

  5. Like you said, “You can’t make this stuff up.”

  6. Good riddance! I doubt very much that he will be missed, except perhaps by the millionaire criminals to whom he sells his diamonds.

  7. Steven Broiles

    Back in my high school or college days, we would have made a lot of jokes over something like this. But I pity Mr. Laniardo for this reason. It seems to me that the man was an aesthete, one who enjoyed the finer, more sophisticated things in life. And I understand his point: We’re only here once, so we might as well enjoy what life has to offer. Up to a point: That point being where we don’t endanger our own lives.

    It was reported that “an unknown substance” was “injected” into Mr. Laniardo’s member. Was that substance silicone? This is important: A few young women have died from silicone injections hoping for a more shapeful derrier. Now this is the same silicone used in ladies’ breast implants, but those breast implants are sealed in some sort of hermetically sealed wrap that supposedly won’t leak. Injecting liquid silicone is usually FATAL: first, silicone is not intended or meant to flow directly into the bloodstream, and, second, we don’t even know if the silicone is pure, or if it is even FDA approved. (My understanding is that the breast implants are FDA approved, but that’s all). But as this took place in Europe, we don’t even know what their medical standards were, or if they were even followed.

    At any rate, I cannot blame a man—whoever he is—for wanting to have a respectably-sized member. But the moral of the story is to just accept what nature provided. There is a time to enjoy carnal knowledge, and there is a time to let it go. I hope other men take the lesson of Mr. Laniardo to heart.


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