Jerusalem Day was Yesterday June 1, 2011


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Obama has cut off Israel and left it to its own fate. He is not going to let down his Arab buddies. It will come back and bite him. “When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies then let ye know the end is near”. As long as i can remember Jerusalem belongs to the Jews. The shortest sentence in the Bible: “Jesus wept”. When He looked down on the city of Jerusalem. Let us not forget our friends in Israel. The whole world has a knife at its back. Any Christian who condemns Israel is giving Hitler a posthumous victory.… Read more »


Unfortunately I tried to get Lone Wolf on this new tag I got, Raeda is the latin for car, 999 well it is an emergency number. I am glad to be back. I missed you all. I missed all the Obamaspeak. Thank God for you all. I light a candle in church for you all every day. Take care and God bless all us conservatives.