Jello for Adults Only – What Would Bill Cosby Say?

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Jell-O uses facial biometrics to dispense “adults only” desert

As part of Jell-O’s new campaign to promote its latest desert the company is giving away free samples using a sophisticated vending machine that uses facial biometrics to keep children away.
“Temptations,” Jell-O’s new pudding is meant to be for “adults only,” so to ensure that children are not getting any free samples, its new vending machines will use facial recognition technology.  Full Story

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4 responses to “Jello for Adults Only – What Would Bill Cosby Say?

  1. What, is it made with vodka?

  2. Moochelle approved, of course.

  3. IMHO, they’re introducing the use of biometrics in non-threatening, humorous ways to gradually introduce people to the total tracking and surveillance yet to come.


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