Jay-Z is a raaaaacist!

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We have two presidential candidates A and B.

A is white; B is black (actually half-white, half-black).

There’s this white dude X, whose views on government accord more with black candidate B, but he’ll vote for the white candidate because A is white.

What does that make the white dude X?

A raaaaist!

By the same logic, if a black dude Z, whose views on government accord with the white candidate but says he’ll vote for the half-black candidate solely because he’s black, what does that make Z?

A raaaacist!

Pro-small government Jay-Z pimping for pro-big government Obama

V-103 reports, Sept. 27, 2012, that rapper-record producer-entrepreneur “Jay-Z recently revealed his conservative leanings.”

While promoting the NBA 2K13 game at his 40/40 Club in Manhattan, Jay-Z offered his philosophy on politics and voiced his support for small government. He told MTV News, “I think we need less government.”

Jay-Z’s “less government” viewpoint is more in line with Obama’s opponents on the right, such as Republican candidate Mitt Romney, who also calls for smaller government. But his stance on smaller government aside, Jay-Z is a high profile endorser of Obama: “I support Barack because I […] gotta respect a man who is the first black President ever.”

On Sept. 19, 2012, Jay-Z and his wife, the singer Beyoncé Knowles, raised $4 million for the POS’s campaign at their 40/40 club in Manhattan.

Jay-Z, a high school dropout, has an estimated net worth of $475 million. Beyoncé, who attended two high schools but there’s no indication that she graduated from either, has a net worth estimated to be $300 million. Together, this black couple has a combined net worth of $775 million.

And they tell us America is racist.

BTW, the same Jay-Z has a song to “Lucifer” in his 2003 The Black Album. (See my post “Pop Culture Satanists“.)


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0 responses to “Jay-Z is a raaaaacist!

  1. I have been in politics for a very long time. The majority of black people will vote for a black president over a white president even if he were to admit he serves the devil. It is absolutely disgusting.

  2. Yep. You’d think a man that came from the streets selling drugs would have higher aspirations for all people. But supporting a loser president does not one American any good.

    Course he’s set for life so why care about the millions on food stamps or unemployed…sigh.

  3. You know that saying ‘blood is thicker than water’? Well here, you could say ‘black is thicker than brains’. They say we’re racist?? Pfft, we can’t hold a candle to these guys.

  4. Amazing! And he has conservative leanings!

  5. Even with all his millions, there’s really no difference between him and that toothless wonder on the street, screaming for her cell phone! Both are supporting him for the same reasons!

  6. and combined they probably have one functioning brain cell..


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