Jay Z Bails Out Violent Protesters

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By Doyle Murphy of the New York Daily News
Beyoncé and Jay Z wired ‘tens of thousands’ of dollars to bail out protesters in Baltimore and Ferguson, Mo., a writer says.
Jay Z and Beyoncé bankrolled protesters in Baltimore and Ferguson with tens of thousands of dollars in bail money, a writer and social activist close to him claimed.
“I can say I’ve personally helped facilitate donations they’ve given to protesters directly and that they never ask for anything in return, especially publicity,” author dream hampton told the Daily News in an email.
The writer, who collaborated on Jay Z’s book “Decoded,” first revealed the power couple’s behind-the-scenes support in a series of tweets on Sunday morning.
“When we needed money for bail for Baltimore protesters, I asked hit Jay up, as I had for Ferguson, wired tens of thousands in mins.” hampton wrote.

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0 responses to “Jay Z Bails Out Violent Protesters

  1. traildustfotm

    Thanks for this important information, Mike. Just think of this couple, with exceptional access to the president, helping to encourage those who are destroying our society.

  2. I wonder if jz would have been as eager to wire bail money if it were his neighborhood those fatherless thugs rioted, looted, and destroyed

  3. Between the Obamas and people like this rotten couple stiring up the flames of racial tensions it will only be a matter of time before the flames become an inferno. I think the misguided blacks are going to find that the fire they start is hotter and one they can no longer easily put out. They have pushed this contrived agenda of unequality for far too long when it really no longer applies, the blowback, when it comes, will be swift and unrelenting.

  4. “they never ask for anything in return, especially publicity,” Complete lie. If they wanted no publicity, there would be no tweets about this. Celebrities always have confidentiality agreements for not letting the public know about personal details (think housekeepers, assistants, nannies, etc.). Information that is “leaked” is nothing but controlled PR.

  5. satan’s spawn working behind the scenes for satan’s other spawns.

  6. Son of the Rabbit People

    Notice his shirt. It has the Satanist commandment “Do what thou wilt”.
    The whole of it is “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

  7. I wonder if one of the ” protesters ” J bails out , goes out and commits a homicide ……Could he be held criminally libel ?

  8. I think people like HIM are a large part of why those riots happened. He sounds VERY backwards in his “logic”,rewarding people for using blatant stupidity and violence to make a “statement”,and that statement is seen as totally different than what they WANTED it to be. (By bailing them out,he’s dropped,morally,to THEIR level.)

  9. Lance Jackson

    Just look at his shirt, emblazoned with the 1st commandment of the satanic church. These primate are demon possessed and the masses still worship them like godz

  10. They must feel so proud of themselves. This is the same couple that went to Cuba and had a first rate escorted tour. This is the same couple that flashed satanic hand signs in photos.
    Their self worth is highly over rated.


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