Jay Leno Canned for aka Obama Jokes

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Johnny Carson’s Head Writer Hints Leno Was Ditched Over Obama Jokes

Siller: Other hosts refuse criticize president due to “fear of being labeled racist”

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
February 18, 2014

Echoing a suggestion we first made earlier this month, Johnny Carson’s head writer Raymond Siller hints that NBC may have replaced Jay Leno with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show due to Leno’s increasing tendency to crack uncomfortable jokes at Barack Obama’s expense.

Writing for Breitbart.com, Siller, who was the head writer on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson for 12 years, argued that Leno was ditched because unlike other comics he was, “the only one willing to launch comedic drones over the current West Wing.”

“His competitors haven’t exactly hammered President Barack Obama, hardly a smidgen. The paucity of Obama jokes is the dog that didn’t bark. Like their news anchor counterparts, our hosts go gentle into that late night, despite the target-rich environment of this administration. With his pen and phone, our selfie-absorbed president is one whacked uncle away from appointing himself Supreme Leader,” writes Siller, adding that Bill Clinton was “savaged” during his term in office but Obama has been ignored due to comics’ “fear of being labeled racist.”

Siller notes the fact that Leno enjoyed ratings dominance, a factor that cannot explain him being ditched. Highlighting the declining ratings of news networks, the Emmy Award nominee points to MSNBC and CNN’s penchant to act as state media as the reason for their demise.

“The CNN and MSNBC talking heads are reliable Obama hackolytes whose ratings tank because they’re in the tank for Obama. They just can’t help themselves. Ideology trumps business acumen,” he writes.

As we previously highlighted, Leno began writing a series of anti-Obama jokes into his monologue back in 2012. While it wasn’t out of the ordinary for Leno to bash a president, the fact that his quips were largely based around conservative talking points like Benghazi and Obamacare was somewhat strange.

In December 2012, Leno even remarked that a journalist who started asking real questions would be “very dangerous to the White House.”

Was it a mere coincidence that Leno was off the air within a year of Comcast Corporation’s 2013 buyout of General Electric’s 49% stake in NBC? Comcast donated over $300,000 dollars to Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign.

Leno’s departure from the hit show, despite consistently good ratings, was surrounded by an air of mystery. The talk show host alluded to having been stabbed in the back by NBC after previously insisting that he would continue fronting the show until he keeled over, which according to the New York Times fed “the lingering suspicion that Mr. Leno remained somewhat perturbed with NBC’s latest decision to replace him.”
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0 responses to “Jay Leno Canned for aka Obama Jokes

  1. I never understood why NBC was so hellbent on getting rid of Leno when he actually was the highest-rated late night show. Now we know.

    And to confirm this “rumor,” Leno’s replacement Jimmy Fallon is now an Obama safe zone. Jimmy’s guest on his 4th Tonight show was none other than FLPOS Mooch. Here she is hamming it up with Fallon & Will Ferrel in drag:

  2. Great article Mike!
    I’d heard this just last week, but only on one radio show.

    Now I am sad to note that the weekend crew of Fox and Friends heaped praise on Jimmy Fallon’s first appearance as Jay’s replacement. Clearly the POS has infiltrated Fox News.

  3. I can’t believe the alleged president is so thin-skinned he can’t take a little joking. I can’t remember any of the Presidents who didn’t enjoy,and even take part in,the humor of the talk show hosts. (Of course,what Obama is doing to America isn’t funny-not funny at all.)

  4. Jay Leno is a decent guy from all I have read. He will be missed. Our right to Freedom of Speech is eroding by the day. Love the pic with Mooch and two fellow drag queens..LOL

  5. It seems that the empress made her appearance on the Tonight show on Thurs Feb 21. I watched a youtube clip and found Fallon’s brown nosing repugnant to say the least…. Or maybe he was terrified of incurring the wrath of Khan… err… I mean Michele

  6. We know the end must be nigh when comedians are too afraid to crack jokes deemed “politically (or racially) incorrect” by their network overlords.

    Though I haven’t watched him in years, good for Jay for speaking his mind in his jokes re: ObamaScare, Benghazi, etc. I wonder if NBC will want him back once Obummer is thrown out of office?

  7. Thank you Mike for this most informative post. Now I logically understand why Jay was discharged by NBC. Sickening!!!

  8. Leeann Springer

    Jay Leno will be missed. Jimmy Fallon is no “Jay Leno”. How could they fire Jay Leno over his jokes about Obama, when Obama is just “one big joke anyway”? When will this country send that MusLum packing? He is not legal, is gutting our military and pushing his homo agenda, yet he remains in power. I don’t get it! That pos is a condescending jerk! Leeann

  9. All very reminiscent of the nazis reflected in the brass at the end of Cabaret…


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