Jay Carney’s Best Lies

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President Lucifer’s Spokesweasel, Jay Carney,
at his best…

Morning Joe: Everybody knows
that Jay Carney is lying

Ed Henry and Jay Carney
Battle Over Eric Holder’s Lies

White House Press Corps to Jay Carney:
Why did you lie to us?

Scarborough EXPLODES On Jay Carney.
I’m Not Someone You Talk Down To From Your Podium



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0 responses to “Jay Carney’s Best Lies

  1. Carney (not to be used with a pitchman at a carnival concession stand) had the most difficult job in WA DC. Only one person can replace him, introducing, ladies, gentlemen, and little children, Bill Clinton! Or maybe he is saving himself to be press secretary for Hillary Clinton.

  2. What a sad commentary on America that a departing White House press secretary is known for no achievement other than his myriad lies.

  3. Dr. Eowyn, you are so right! To stay reasonably calm, I have to make somewhat light of it all, the vision of the future without God’s intervention is horrible. We have been fed lies after lies for many administrations, starting with Johnson, and they get worse with each incumbency. Really, God save us from the next! Thanks for all you and your authors do.

  4. the pinocchio video is spot on

  5. I hate to admit it, but I am going to miss Joseph “Goebbels” Carney.

    He actually made me laugh.

    A lot. 🙂



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