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Imagine you’re in a 20-ft. long fishing boat and an 18-ft. long Great White Shark suddenly shows up, circles and nudges your boat.
That’s what happened to Matt Garrett of Boston who, with some friend, were fishing in a flat, calm sea about 25 miles from North Carolina’s Wrightsville Beach.
Garrett says he first noticed something wasn’t quite right when the fish stopped biting and they saw the fins of the huge ocean predator.
The 18-foot shark (3 times the height of a 6-ft. tall man!)  circled the boat for several minutes, nudged it with its nose and slapped it with its tail. Boat captain John Watson says the whole boat shuddered.

Paul Barrington of the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher confirmed that the video shows a great white shark, which is rare for the North Carolina coast.
Source: WRAL, Nov. 30, 2011

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