Japanese Risk Radiation To Rescue Stranded Dogs

You know even with the world going to hell around these poor people, it’s nice to know that even thru all this there are people with Great Big Hearts.

This photo helped volunteers rescue a pack of shelties left behind in the evacuation zone in Japan

By RYAN NAKASHIMA, Associated Press Ryan Nakashima, Associated Press – Thu Apr 14, 4:13 am ET
TOKYO – When Etsumi Ogino saw a news photo of a pack of shelties wandering through an abandoned town near Japan’s tsunami-damaged nuclear plant, she thought of her own 13-year-old canine Kein and jumped into action.
“My heart trembled,” said Ogino, a 56-year-old volunteer at an animal shelter in Chiba prefecture. “They looked just like my dog. I started searching for them right away.”
She and others around Japan called Asahi.com, the website of the Asahi Shimbun newspaper, which had run the photo. An Associated Press photographer had snapped that photo and others of the dogs on an empty street in Minami Soma city, an area evacuated because of radiation fears.
On Saturday, the AP gave her details of where the dogs were spotted.
For rest of story Pls go Here.
~Steve~ H/T Miss May

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lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie
lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie
9 years ago

Great story! I forwarded it to my son. His girlfriend is a volunteer as PAWS, a local animal rescue organization.

Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
9 years ago

God bless Etsumi Ogino!