Japanese man serves his cooked genitals to paid diners

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Something very odd is going on in Japan.
Increasing numbers of its young people are asexual. Not only are they shunning the idea of marriage and having children, as many as 1 in 4 unmarried men and women in their 30s say they have never had sex.
But a Japanese young man has gone to the extreme.
A self-described “asexual,” the 22-year-old man had his genitals surgically excised, cooked them, and served them with mushrooms to five paying diners to cover his medical costs.

Mao Sugiyama

The Agence France-Presse reports today (May 25, 2012), that 22-year-old Japanese artist, Mao Sugiyama, had his penis and testicles surgically removed by a physician in March and kept them frozen for two months.
Sugiyama, who considers himself “asexual”, that is without gender, initially thought about eating the genitals himself, but decided to solicit paying customers to help pay his hospital bills for the surgery.
After assuring his customers that the frozen genitals had been certified to be free of infections, Sugiyama seasoned and braised the meat under the supervision of a certified cook, then served it to five customers at an event hall on May 13.
The diners were required to sign a waiver indemnifying Sugiyama and event organizers. Each diner paid 20,000 yen ($250) for a plate of genitals à la Sugiyama, with mushrooms and a parsley garnish.

Gag Alert!!!!


Literal translations for kanji above the first arrow from the left: “Gold jade” (penis?); kanji above second arrow from the left: “Jade pocket” (testicle?)

In May 18 tweets, Sugiyama said steps were taken so the act met all relevant laws, including a ban on organ sales, processing of medical waste and even food sanitation requirements.
Police in Tokyo said they knew of the episode, but added that it had not broken the law as cannibalism is not illegal in Japan. An officer at Suginami police station told AFP: “We are aware of the case. There was nothing (criminal) to it. It does not violate any detailed rules. There is nothing to take action about.”
In an email to AFP, the genitals-less Sugiyama confirmed the event had taken place and said it was to raise awareness about “sexual minorities, x-gender, asexual people”. He said he was readying to publish an official account of the day.
In a May 19 tweet, Sugiyama wrote: “I receive questions from some women and men… asking ‘Will there be a next time? Please host it again.’ But there is only one set of male organ. Unfortunately, I have no plan for the next time.”
After reading this account of utter depravity, we need a reminder that there is still innocence in this world. Click here for a mind cleanser!


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0 responses to “Japanese man serves his cooked genitals to paid diners

  1. I understand the whole “grass-eater” lifestyle, known as mgtow/mghow in the US and the Western world, the eschewing of sex, relationships and especially marriage. Its a response to radical feminism, cultural Marxism, and the rampant left-wing political misandry. It’s a response to father’s having no rights, being treated as sperm donors, worker drones and human ATM machines. The human aspect is disposed of and the state replaces the father’s role – poorly. A lot of men are opting out completely. HOWEVER……this is just…..I was actually about to write….nuts. (groan)

    • Welcome to the modern dating/mating “sexual marketplace” scene… the Japanese have lost their minds from it, committing what some have termed national suicide demographically speaking (this being an extreme individual case).

    • The Agenda (they’re Canadian, https://theagenda.tvo.org) comments on this in “Goodbye to Good Men”:

    • The media… only notices/values something when it’s being lost.
      “Ancient ‘Sexual Revolution’ Laid Foundation for Modern Family,” by Jennifer Welsh, LiveScience.com via Yahoo! News, 29 May 2012
      “When women started to choose good providers over manly alpha males, they created the idea of the ‘couple,’ new research indicates.
      The ‘modern family’ is characterized by monogamy and long-term partnership, a phenomenon that replaced relative promiscuity with plenty of competition between males over mates. …”
      Civilization… left/liberals will miss that when it’s gone.

  2. I have never heard of eating anything so despicable! This is horrific! The people who ate them are SICK!

  3. See what an overload of anime does? Being an artist, I’m firmly convinced if he had been raised on a steady diet of Bugs Bunny and Wile E. Coyote, he would’ve been fine. But that other stuff, ugh…it’s got to have an effect. Just watch it for an hour and see how you feel.

    • lowtechgrannie

      I live a few blocks away from a community college that specializes in programs for Japanese students, approximately 80% of the student body are young Japanese in their late teens. I see them on the bus commuting to school every day and it’s clear that many of them choose personal style based on favorite anime characters.

  4. All Liberals and Environmentalists should follow suit sinse they so sincerely believe Mankind is the cause of all Earths ailments. They can serve their parts to their fellows and use the sales to cure the economy for those who deserve to procreate.

  5. Eyes Wide Open

    You know, the longer I’m alive the more normal I feel, particularly after reading something like this. I’ve had bad days before but I’ve never been tempted to do anything close to this. I think he needs loads of taxpayer funded counseling, taxpayer funded job training, taxpayer funded housing, food, transportation, medical care, and a complete government bureaucracy to oversee it all. That should make what’s left of the man feel great!

    • Yes, indeed, Eyes Wide Open. The more I keep up with the news, the more I’m thankful for my normalcy. Never knew there are quite so many seriously disturbed people in the world.
      A warm welcome to the Fellowship! 😀

  6. The LGBT community love him; I heard they found him a job at J.C. Penney, or was it at the food court? I’m not sure. I know I will never watch Anime ..Ew!

  7. No, please no!!!!! FOTM where do you find some of these articles? This one is too much!!!!!

  8. Freaks all of those who participated in this.
    How much lower can society sink? Don’t want to know, actually…

  9. LOL
    Terry, I decided to do a post on it only because I remembered I had done an earlier post on how Japanese young people increasingly are asexual, disinterested in marriage, having a family, even having sex. It’s symptomatic of something seriously awry. As Anon said in his comment, we’re looking at a nation committing slow suicide.

  10. Dear dr. Eowyn,
    That was the creepiest, nastiest thing I’ve ever read… One really has to have serious issues to get part of him/herself amputated without reason, sell it as food and also eat something like that… What if people like the idea??? Are we soon going to hear about people stealing sexual organs for a bizarre and underground gourmet society???

    • Dear Sieg,
      One thing I’ve learnt from blogging for the past 3 years is that human beings are capable of — and engage in — the vilest, most depraved,most evil deeds that never in my wildest imagination I can ever even imagine. So to answer your question: If this hasn’t yet been done, it will!
      Hope you are well! 😀

      • I can imagine this depraved food orgy of cannabilism with Jens Stoltenberg and Philippina Rothschild at the head of the table of obviously human delicasies muttering prayers and allegiances to Mephistopheles and Beelzebub, while they show off their solid gold Baphomets to each other, drinking suspiciously crimson Cabernet Sauvignon and laughingly plotting armed drones and implanted microchips…(sorry – gonna go get my aluminum foil yarmakule to keep out the “bad thoughts”)

  11. In Fukushima Prefecture over 200,000 people still live in temporary housing, many tens of thousands cannot return to their towns and communities because there are within the nuclear wasteland no go zone. There are many more serious problems to overcome as Japan recovers from the worst disasters. Yet this week AFP news agency seems to find the need to focus attention away from the suffering of millions (yes, millions, 2,000,000 in Fukushima Prefecture alone). Please consider blogging about more serious human concerns and suffering. Thank you and kind regards from Japan.
    Japan earthquake and tsunami: one year on:

  12. Mariko, I just noticed your recent exchange on this post and would like to add that the MSM is on a fast track to bankrutpcy. People now turn to the New Media of which FOTM is a front runner for news that you will not find in the corrupt MSM. Here you will enjoy the truth plus up to the minute news AND entertainment! Totally non-profit! Come back more often and discover for yourself.

  13. Obviously this story is sensationalyzed…a sexuality, genital mutilation, dismemberment, cannabilism – but beyond that, I think it’s speaking of things that are very important. The traditional promises that were the hallmarks of Japanese society are no longer guaranteed – traditional loyalty of the business to the dedicated employee has been falling apart and young people no longer want to play the old game. The family crumbles, the state replaces the father’s role, neo-feminism promotes divorce, demonizes men and reduces them to drones with no rights and little connection to their children. Marriage is reduced to a state of slavery and divorce has all of the responsibility and none of the rewards. So now a third of a whole generation is opting out of the whole nightmare, playing their video games and having imaginary love affairs with cyber-anime’ characters who don’t rebuke them…and the real world be damned, including a long lived older generation that may not be properly cared for. I think that it’s a pretty important topic in Japan, and here, as well because its already manifesting in the USA in our own form.

  14. I was googling about some English woman who has slept with over 5000 men, somehow I ended up here? I love the internet!!!

  15. i wonder if obama was one of the lucky 5 diners who paid to eat this guys balls.. well as it has always been said truth is stranger than fiction.

  16. BritCapitalist

    Igor, No, he refused.. (not Halal).

  17. This is sad. You grow up working hard all your life to be successful in school and such, growing up (perhaps) without siblings, never having time to be properly socialized or get to know the other sex, and being indoctrinated all this time by feminism through the school and media, never knowing what it means to be man.
    And then there are the pharmaceuticals that destroy your libido, the junk and processed foods that lower your testosterone, and the soy that mimics estrogen which they put in much food nowadays.
    The communities are isolated, the parent(s) raise the child on their own with sometimes supervision from grandparents. But the children who grow up strong social community that shares common family values that they can easily use to find a mate.
    Is it any wonder that many Japanese are calling themselves asexuals? Is it any wonder that 1 in 4 Japanese in their 30s have never been in a relationship?
    The disastrous social engineering and population control programs that have been in place since the late ’40s coupled with the stressful Japanese modern industrial age working life have led to this. But they have been too successful in their goals, many Japanese find it impossible to get married and have children.
    Getting married was something that use to be easy, natural and instinctive (for almost all anyways), where parents, elders, and peers encouraged and helped singles find a good husband/wife while they were young.
    My point is:


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