Jane Fonda Lays it on the line- 40 years too late

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The Truth About My Trip

To Hanoi

As a response to a recent smackdown by QVC, the television shopping channel that  cancelled her scheduled appearance due to negative feedback objecting to her political activities in the Vietnam era, Jane Fonda is telling her version of the infamous Hanoi trip and asking people to sign an online petition to stand with Jane.”  I doubt she’ll actually publish the results of her petition. My guess is there won’t be many signatures, especially not from people with friends, comrades and family members on The Wall of the Vietnam Memorial.

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0 responses to “Jane Fonda Lays it on the line- 40 years too late

  1. Man did you read the comments, it’s like a who’s who of leftover 60’s protestors trying to relive the moment.

  2. lowtechgrannie

    Her choices of husbands #2 and #3 are very telling. Tom Hayden was a radical in the Bill Ayers vein and Ted Turner is an aetheistic Agenda 21 internationalist. She’s got to have tons of money from Turner and her 30 year career in films. Why QVC at this stage of her life?

  3. Truth or Fiction says Fonda was converted to the Providence Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta: https://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/j/janefonda.htm
    The PMBC is an “African-American” church: https://pmbcatlanta.org/main.php

    • Sage,
      I most certainly agree about the weeping. A person can’t help but weep when s/he realizes how sinful s/he is and how much that hurts Jesus. If J Fonda wept, we’d most assuredly have heard of or seen it! 😀

  4. Eh… I’d rather drink.

  5. She is a despicable human being,I will never forget what she did,as far as that goes,all of hollywood are not American. They are scum,pure and simple.

  6. Finally had time to fully read this crap. This woman is one narcissistic b*tch. I understand she’s trying to “correct” the lies, but man, she’s so full of herself. First, the article starts with the word “I”…you know it’s going to be all about her. The word “I” appears 49 times, “me” 4, and “my” 4 times. Serviceman – 3 times, military, once and she throws in some “soldiers” and “men in uniform”.
    40 years too late for sure, and still making no sense…

  7. Jane Fonda is an example of the Bathsheeba complex.
    She is a deluded woman with no ethics and insatiable greed based on her entitlement to life’s riches…

  8. lowtechgrannie

    Simplest explanation is probably crass capitalism: she’s trying to schlepp some product and the negative feedback to QVC from the rubes in flyover country queered her pitch.


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