Jane Curtin’s New Year’s resolution: Make sure that the republican party dies

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She sure is the tolerant one, isn’t she?

Jane just confirms what we all know: Demorats don’t want to work with republicans. They don’t want to compromise. They want it their way. All the time. And they prefer those who disagree with them just disappear.

How progressive…


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22 responses to “Jane Curtin’s New Year’s resolution: Make sure that the republican party dies

  1. At least the mask is off of ‘Liberalism’ and we see it for what it really is, a mental illness, and the face of totalitarianism.

    “The Liberal urge to save humanity, is the false front to control it”.

  2. That is one seriously nasty old bag I wouldn’t want to be around when she’s off her meds.

  4. Jane Curtin might be joking with this New Year’s resolution but I bet she is dead serious… Andrew Cuomo and Letitia James have declared war on President Trump in NY. Coumo says the only threat to America is internal. He should look in the mirror to see a real threat…

  5. Kevin J Lankford

    As far as I’m concerned the republican party has been dead a long time now. They present no real opposition to the democrats, no real challenge to their crimes and clear voter fraud, no real objections to any democratic agenda, even siding with their war on President Trump.

    It is the perfect opportunity for a whole new party. All that would be needed is new faces that would stand in solidarity with President Trump’s agenda. Of course they would have to rely solely on the internet for their campaign, which could turn out to be a real problem of its own now, because of internet censorship.

  6. Useless, washed up woman — was never that interesting on SNL — did a kind of cheap entertainment to sell advertising — like politicians, she needs to justify her existence — and like politicians, she does it in the same way: attempting to demonstrate her moral superiority — politicians do it to demonstrate what they hope everyone will see as their moral fitness to lead — soiled entertainers do it to maintain some kind of relevance — sad.

  7. One thing about SNL is that they are consistently toxic.

  8. Jane must have volunteered to be a Romney senate staffer.

  9. Repubs are doing a great job all by themselves

  10. I don’t want the Democrat Party to die. I’d prefer to hunt them down with dogs from horesback.

    • Mad Celt, love your come back. I have felt the same way for years about this communist cancer they call demorats. At my age, I have bottomed out with patience toeards them and just want to deep six them.

      I will gladly join you with my cross bow. Tally Oh! Release the hounds.

  11. Oh I whole-heartedly agree! Yes, let’s prosecute the GOP out of existence with the RICO Statutes.

    But let us do the same to the Democratic Party FIRST, and let’s use the Patriot Act and the NDAA against them, PRONTO!

    Jane, you ignorant little slut! You Know, I know these libtards are annoying, like flies, but their mask is off: They’re whistling in the dark here, and they’re in a House of Mirrors. It’s only a matter of time before they start shooting at each other and eating their own.

  12. It must be the case that leaders of both parties and controllers of the msm were and remain to this day complicit in 911, whether before or after this act of war against our country. The straightforward implications are almost unthinkable, but they do virtually entail that we’re dealing with a 17-year monolithic conspiracy among both parties against the American people. At this fundamental level there is only one bought-and-paid-for political class playing games in front of the cameras, with the Repubs outdoing the Dems with 100% funding of Planned Parenthood, obstructing the President, and threatening him with impeachment if he dared get rid of the witch hunt under “Bob” Mueller. What am I missing?

  13. Attn: Jane Curtin
    My New Year resolution is to make sure that vile, malevolent has-been actors like you disappear.

    • Ditto, Dr. E…..it’s as easy as the “off” button on the remote. She’s pretty much “toast” anyway today in a world where you disappear after 3 news-cycles or the latest “comedy” show sound-bites, I might add….a world which she and her SNL cronies helped to establish as the “go-to” evening news for successive generations of young voters. She is not wearing it well lately in consequence.

      Aside—it still does not cease to amaze me that these illiterate reprobates have no historical reference to their politics, i.e., calling for the banishment/ disbandment of the party of Lincoln…our FIRST Republican, the savior of the Union, the author of the Emancipation, the architect of “re-union”…….and act as tho’ they are doing it out of the “righteous” ethos of the Democratic Party, the historic party of the KKK and Jim Crow—and, until JFK & Johnson in more modern times…..the traditional and original face of resistance in the House and Senate in fighting against the Republican repatriation/post CW policies, and the Republican Civil Rights movement( starting with the 13th,14th and 15th Amendments and anything remotely resembling them in civil life, education, and voting rights. ) SOME of us know our history and feel the dissonance and can NOT help feeling suspicious of the “new-found ” motives and policies of the Democratic party that suddenly became not only open-armed to the poor of the world, without the qualifications previously required of them to enter our country (you are healthy, come legally, & with a job to come to; you have a minimum amount of money on your person to get you started, you will not require the welfare of US citizens & have a sponsor with a fixed address who will sign to pay for you if you become a burden on the public…..)…. minorities–whom they previously lynched, and the criminal/the illegal….but, also within the last decade began a platform of wide, & largely socialistic goals, including open borders and disregard for our own sovereignty. The sea-change in the Democratic Party policies in the last, say—less than 50 years—-is truly to be questioned and studied for future reference/historical reference. Who were the architects of this sea-change and what were their motivations/rewards for doing so? Both of those categories are probably various and encompass a large number of people and events….but still….they happened, they are recorded in a series of stimulants and consequences in our history. Time we look at them. Maybe, if we know where that momentum originated and the engine(s) that accelerated it… we will know where this party is trying to lead us as a nation into our future. They DO win elections….they DO advocate for the irradication of the Republicans …or….fill in the blank, anyone who evinces thoughts or policies contrary to theirs …..they DO participate in disruptive, combative, violent, choice-killing actions against their opponents in thought and law. Because they are a 50/50 concern in our long-standing divide, they are ONE VOTE away from deciding our sovereignty, our foreign policies, our entitlement programs, and, on and on, plus, in general, the tax policies and spending thereof of our publicly reaped monies.

  14. she’s just trying to be relevant again

  15. Three steps to begin cleaning up aka “Fumigating” our government that would appeal to the majority of morons living in the US. Ban all lobbying. De-monopolize the lying MSM. All lawyers, who are members of the Judicial branch, banned from the Legislative branch.

    Now you could go further and do what the Byzantine Empire did, but that would be to radical to most.


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