Jamie Foxx: "It's great I get to kill all the white people"

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What if a white actor were to say “I get to kill all the black people in this movie! How great is that?”
Imagine the outrage. News about that would be plastered all over newspapers and the alphabet TV networks. Cries of “RAAAAACIST!!!!!” would be deafening.
And yet last night, Dec. 8, 2012, actor Jamie Foxx said “I get to kill all the white people in this movie! How great is that?”, but the old media didn’t tell you about it.
Why is that?
The Saturday Night Live audience reacted to Foxx by cheering and laughing.
What’s so funny about someone saying it’s great to kill all white people?
In the video below, pay attention beginning at around the 2:10 mark.

And yet the Left keep congratulating themselves on their “tolerance” and “multiculturalism.” Their hypocrisy is downright psychopathological.
Foxx is also a blasphemer and idolator. At a Soul Train Awards on November 27, 2012 in Las Vegas, he called Obama god, exhorting the audience to “Give honor to god and our lord and savior Barack Obama.”
H/t ObamaReleaseYourRecords

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0 responses to “Jamie Foxx: "It's great I get to kill all the white people"

  1. Don’t you know? What Jamie Foxx is doing is, “Politically Correct!”…just like our “Politicians” and “Media”!

  2. I know African-Canadians and African-Americans who would be appalled to hear this fool speak in this way. Twenty years ago I heard a fine young African-American I met –who was respected by everyone in every community he moved through– dispose of another African-American who irritated EVERYONE he encountered by saying that “Howard’s one bad nigger!”
    Now you and I cannot speak of anyone of African descent in this way and not be condemned, yet my friend could and did. Why? Because that was the truth of an intolerable situation which HAD to be acknowledged before we could move on, an intolerable situation which leapt across racial and other hurdles.
    People who are “in touch w/themselves” and lead authentic realised lives do NOT behave as Howard did. He’s an embarrassment to himself AND to his people: they know it, and reject that. This Foxx should be rejected by one and all.

  3. Let us remind ourselves Mr. Fox is completely full of himself (besides being full of other stuff) as his best friend is Barry Obama (or whatever his last name really is). Why else would an actor (and a bad one at that) open his mouth like he did and make the two statements that proves his total lack of intelligence. Boy is Mr. Fox in for a big surprise when Barry O. gets through with using him in his fight to divide the classes. The smart fox won’t look so smart when Barry casts him aside as he will do when he is no longer needed. That is what the “cool prez” has done with all the other minions he has used to get to be the H.N.I.C.!

  4. Thanks Dr. Eowyn, for pointing this out.
    I usually avoid SNL, but last night I saw this routine. It amazed me to hear this talk. The man is advocating mass racially motivated murder. Oh yes, you say it’s all for laughs. But I say, society is increasingly desensitized to the evil of such ideas.
    – TD

  5. PS: How long before this is played out in the headlines in the aftermath of some killing spree?
    tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock

  6. Go ahead and try it, prick, because I can promise you the coroner’s report will indicate your ass was dead before it hit the ground.

  7. This sucks because I always loved him as an actor and therefore assumed he was a fairly cool person in real life.

  8. Time to Boycott Unholywood and all its twits and I do mean twits!

  9. Come on, bring it here. Can’t wait….

  10. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting and revealing post. The hypocrisy with regard to the issue of racism is unconscienable, as you pointed out. This is the same idiot that praised Obama as “Lord and Saviour.” Sickening and Stupid and Blasphemous!!!

  11. Look at it this way, we can be incensed, but we get to watch while this stupid self-destructs right before our eyes….watch and see, he will either die in some violent incident or of an overdose….he is flying too high, too full of himself, and calling Obama Lord and Savior…yeah, he isn’t long for this world,….you don’t say things like that and survive for long.

  12. Does Foxx want to kill black people too? If he hates white folks because they “put him in slavery”, what about the black africans who sold their own into slavery?

  13. Liberals will applaud the black people as they kill them. I won’t. I’ll have my 9 mm ready.


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