James Fetzer answers Leonard Pozner’s defamation lawsuit

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Leonard Pozner is the alleged father of alleged Sandy Hook child-victim Noah Pozner whose image, mysteriously, was among the posters of those who were killed by the Taliban in the Army Public School shooting massacre in Peshawar, Pakistan, on December 16, 2014, two years after Sandy Hook.

See “Sandy Hook Child Victim Noah Pozner Was Killed Twice! Also a Victim in Pakistan Taliban Shooting

Leonard Pozner has harassed bloggers and YouTubers with DMCA copyright-infringement take-down demands, and is successful at it. He has also sued Wolfgang Halbig and Alex Jones on Sandy Hook. Curiously, in his last lawsuit against Halbig, Lenny dropped the lawsuit when it came time for him to be deposed, under oath, which reinforces the skepticism by some who wonder if “Leonard Pozner” is a real person. For more on this, see “Sandy Hook’s Leonard Pozner sues Professor James Fetzer and publisher“.

On November 27, 2018, Leonard Pozner filed a defamation lawsuit against Professor James Fetzer and his publisher, Moon Rock Books, claiming that he, Leonard Pozner:

  1. Is a private citizen, instead of a public figure.
  2. Has been defamed by the defendants’ publication of an alleged death certificate of Noah, which Fetzer maintains is fake. See Leonard Pozner v. James Fetzer, et al.

As required by the court, Fetzer submitted an Answer to the lawsuit, in which he makes the following points:

(1) Leonard Pozner is a public figure: “Assuming he is a real person, the plaintiff styling himself as Leonard Pozner has thrust himself into the forefront of public controversy, and is, therefore, a public figure.”

(2) As a public figure, Pozner’s lawsuit against Fetzer, et al., “is therefore governed by New York Times v. Sullivan, 376 U. S. 254 (l964), and Garrison v. Louisiana, 379 U. S. 64 (1964),” which clearly specify that “defamation” must meet the “actual malice” standard — that the defendant(s) knowingly published a falsehood, with malicious intentions. In the case of the alleged Noah death certificate, however, Fetzer maintains that his writings on the death certificate “were written in good faith and were and still are for good cause believed to be true.”

(3) The following are the reasons why Fetzer maintains the death certificate of Noah Pozner, which Fetzer had received from Kelley Watt (who claims Leonard Pozner as the source), is inauthentic:

  • In the last two lines of paragraph 3, the type is clearly smaller in Box 3 than in the rest of the page.
  • A capital “A” in Box 12, Box 22, and Box 33 has a small flat in the pinnacle, yet the capital “A” in Box 12, Box 22, Box 26, Box 39, and Box 46 does not have a small flat in the pinnacle, which indicates fabrication and fakery.
  • In paragraph 3, the spacing between “N” and “o” in Box 1 and Box 7 are clearly different, which indicates fabrication and fakery.
  • In the last two lines of paragraph 3, the “N” in Box 1 and the “N” in Box 26, are clearly not the same; and the spacing between “S” and “a” in Box 1 is clearly not the same as the spacing between “S” and “a” in Box 11 — all of which indicates fabrication and fakery.
  • Again in paragraph 3, the printing of the name “Pozner” in Box 1 is clearly different from the name “Pozner” in Box 20, which indicates fabrication and fakery.

Fetzer concludes his Answer as follows:

This suit has been brought for the illicit purpose of intimidation to prevent public knowledge of the truth concerning the events at Sandy Hook, and not for genuine legal relief for actionable harm done, and is therefore an actionable abuse of process. The defendant Fetzer reserves for himself and his co-defendants the options to counterclaim for abuse of process and/or to seek relief under Section 802.05 and/or under Section 895.044 of Wisconsin Statutes.

WHEREFORE, the defendant Fetzer demands that the plaintiff take nothing, that the complaint be dismissed, and that he be granted such further protection and remedy as may be necessary and proper, and allowed by law. He prays as well for like protection of his co-defendants, as is indispensable to protection of himself.

To read the entirety of Fetzer’s Answer to Pozner v. Fetzerclick here.

It is estimated that the legal expenses of Fetzer, et al., may total $20,000. Please help protect and ensure free speech by donating to their legal defense. Go to moonrockbooks.com where there is a “Donate” button.

And please keep Jim Fetzer and Wolfgang Halbig in your prayers.

Thank you.

For a free copy of James Fetzer, ed., Nobody Died at Sandy Hookclick here.

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14 responses to “James Fetzer answers Leonard Pozner’s defamation lawsuit

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  2. In most school districts such things as a school closure or opening of a new school are published in a newspaper article and instructions may be given as to which schools current students will be transferred to or from. Likewise, before the beginning of the school year school boundaries and bus routes and times are sometimes published in a local newspaper. Was anything like this ever published in a local newspaper for the Sandy Hook Elementary School? I don’t recall seeing that mentioned in the book “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” or anywhere else.

    • We can’t trust the local paper Newtown Bee because it memory-holed articles published in 2002 and later detailing the environmental contamination of the school.

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  4. I was driving by the school at 9:37AM on Dec 14, 2012 on my way to work. I recall the day clearly, as I was late for work a mile down the street. I heard no gunfire, and being 1000′ away, I would have (I am a firearms owner).

    I know in my heart this event was orchestrated, and not what the MSM said it was. There are too many inconsistencies around the evidence, straining statistical credulity. I believe no one was killed. If you need me to testify Professor Fetzer, I will at no cost to you.

  5. I hope he requests to depose “Lenny” in person. I’m pretty sure there is no “Lenny” (or he looks a lot like Mueller).

    Regarding the birth certificate, whether or not the one provided was “materially the same” is not an issue. It either IS the recognized, certified original or it isn’t. That’s like me writing someone’s name and date of death on a piece of paper and saying “its the same as the real one” so there you go.

    I agree with much that he says in his answer. If the substance of this suit is that he “Lenny” was maligned, I fail to see how. This looks like more malicious activity designed to silence the truth.

  6. So now they’ve turned the tables and made “belief” the standard?


    So, by this standard anything they say is “true” until proven otherwise.

    • Sandy Hook family plaintiff’s “legal victory” is one of discovery: compelling Alex Jones to divulge Emails on why he thinks it was a false flag.

      • Yes, exactly. My point is that whenever they assert that a number of people died somewhere isn’t the burden of proof on THEM? Besides, it isn’t a “crime” if someone erroneously believes something.

        Frankly, up to now whatever someone says about the “dead” is not meaningful. They are not here to suffer any alleged “malice”. I won’t go into any tortured reasoning on the court’s part. I’m sure there isn’t any. This is all political.

        This is an attempt to stifle and punish those who dare to question “authority”. I have my own opinions of Jones. It really doesn’t matter WHO it is. The burden should be on those who claim harm. He (or anyone else) doesn’t have to “prove” he didn’t harm them. What do emails have to do with it?

        These decisions are HIGHLY suspect. Most of the rules and procedures of civil society were suspended for SHES. So far everyone gets away with anything they like.

  7. I suspect Jones could easily act as a “poison pill” to the truth that “nobody died” by failing to adequately defend himself on a side issue.

    We already have the opinion from “hoax ranger” Mike Adams that the kids were actually killed – never mind the evidence. We also suspect that Adams and Jones have a business relationship.

  8. i will bet that all the discovery will not be allowed ex: FBI no murders in Conn, one parent playing cop and father,kids lined up 2 times for best photo shot, dash-cams from police, actors had to sign in, same people in Boston bombing, a joke of a medical doctor stating i hope this doesn’t come crashing down on newtown, state police stated if any body post news about this will be arrested, why they sent police to Fla to threaten Halbig, i have done 100’s 100’s of hours on this and there is far too much that doesn’t add up, much too much to list here. OBAMA AND HOLDER along with the GOV> MALLOY are corrupt and evil. god help us for the truth

  9. Pozner sued Wolfgang Halbig and then dropped the suit after Halbig “lawyered up” so he wouldn’t have to personally appear for deposition hearings? Then Pozner turns around and sues James Fetzer for the same thing he sued Wolfgang? What reputable law firm would even take the 2nd suit from Pozner seriously? Something’s fishy here .

    Keep in mind that the government uses “court rooms” to take revenge against people they want to punish … and they don’t give two flips about “evidence” or “witnesses for the defense”! Stalin did the same thing. A corrupt “judge” (whether just corrupt or also legally and medically insane) can throw out evidence and not allow defense witnesses to testify … and deny other Rights … basically just hold a kangaroo court. They are allowed that kind of power. Don’t believe me? Take a look at https://freeross.org and https://freeschaeffer.com . In the case of Ross Ulbricht, he was sentenced to two life terms + 40 years w/o the possibility of parole for operating a website. Google “Waco- A New Revelation” and watch innocent men, women and CHILDREN being burned alive!!! Google Ruby Ridge and discover how Vicky Weaver was murdered by FBI agent Lon Horiuchi as she was holding the door open for her husband and a friend as they were trying to retreat into his cabin … Vicky was holding a baby girl at the time!! Horiuchi is still running free and he was a sniper at Waco!! Oklahoma City bombing … on and on.

    It won’t matter how good of a legal team Jim gathers around him if the “judge” is an insane sadist!! And if you think the so-called Supreme Court or Bar Association is going to step in to make sure everything is on the up and up with the nation’s courtrooms, they sure haven’t for Ross Ulbricht and Schaeffer Cox nor anyone else that I know of! But you decide.


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