James Cameron, Hypocrite

The Hollywood Left are not like you and me.
Like all narcissists, rules don’t apply to them. Rules are only for us plebians, the little people.
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Joseph E Fasciani
Joseph E Fasciani
9 years ago

It reminds me of Al Gore’s horrid hypocrisy: he inherited tens of millions from Occidental Oil, his family’s big money-maker w/our resources, yet he never admitted to his considerable petro-addictions even after they were shown on YouTube, et. al., world-wide!
It is one thing to wish to do well and do the right act; it is vastly different when we finally do them, if we can! Check w/St Paul on this point….

9 years ago

He and his fellow actors are all narcissists whom live a privileged life that we can never imagine. They think because they’re famous they’ve got the right opinion, and it never has to apply to their own lifestyles.
Tired of giving my money to liberal Hollyweird – there’s a reason I’ve only seen one movie in the last five years…and that was Grand Torino (good movie!)

9 years ago

Cutting back is for the little people; we’ll just buy carbon credits or make more movies with environmentalist blue aliens in them! 🙂