Jada Pinkett Smith debates boycotting the Oscars

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Actress Jada Pinkett Smith is an actress worth $20 million. Her husband, Will Smith, is worth $260 million. That’s a lot of dough for two African Americans to make in Hollyweird. Apparently it’s not enough.
jada and will smith
Jada isn’t happy about the Oscar nominations and how liberal Hollyweird failed to nominate a single black actor for this year’s awards – for the second year in a row.
The Daily Mirror reports that she’s so mad, she and husband Will debated boycotting the awards ceremony, which will take place in February.
She wrote on Facebook and Twitter: “At the Oscars, people of color are always welcomed to give out awards, even entertain, but we are rarely recognized for our artistic accomplishments. “Should people of color refrain from participating all together? People can only treat us in the way in which we allow. With much respect in the midst of deep disappointment, J.”
All 20 slots in the four acting categories were filled with white actors for the second year in a row.
Following the nomination announcement on Thursday, people were quick to comment using the hashtag ‘#OscarsSoWhite’ on Twitter.
Cheryl Boone Isaacs, who is the president of the Academy, spoke about the lack of diversity, admitting it’s a disappointing state of affairs. She said: “I hope this isn’t discouraging for anybody, and for filmmakers in particular. You just keep moving along …We’re going to keep pushing it.”
I thought people were to be judged by the acting abilities and the quality of movies instead of the color of their skin? Oh well, I hope Jada has a bowl full of popcorn come Oscar night!

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0 responses to “Jada Pinkett Smith debates boycotting the Oscars

  1. if folks are truly looking for a reason to boycott the oscars, how’s about boycotting because they lack any family values and hollyweird pushes satan, sex, death, homosexuality, other perversions, and drugs at every turn.
    I haven’t watched the oscars in years….bunch of self-aggrandizing, perverted, bloviators who exalt themselves…I’ll stay home and read the bible.

  2. Ditto MomOfIV. Someone also commented that the Black Entertainment Awards did not have any whites in it either. You know, turn-about-fair-play type of thing.
    What floors me about this whole issue is that we — us gun-totting, Bible believing, love-of-country, red-necks, out here in the hinderlands of America, or what the East liberals call fly-over-country — are suppose to be the evil racist. Looks to me like they may be pointing their fingers the wrong direction. Just say’in!

  3. DCG- Love the giraffe eating the yummy popcorn! Can I have one for a pet? Maybe in heaven! Love those creatures! MomOfIV & MA in MO said the rest… such smart ladies!

  4. Only in America can ghetto trash earn millions and still complain.

  5. Who gives a rat’s a** what this pampered, over-indulged, multimillionaire D-list actress thinks!

  6. What a monstrous ego – do we really care that they won’t be there!
    Does it ever occur to them that perhaps this year none of them made the list? This isn’t a reflection of their abilities because not every white or otherwise person wins either. This nonsense must stop.

  7. She’s a rich spoiled, no talent, sex addict and junkie that hasn’t made a movie in a decade. Trouble is she is too stoned on heroin , coke, and downers to know it.

  8. Cool! (But, seriously, could more black actors do roles and movies that get Oscar nominations then… I mean, Samuel L. Jackson loudly saying the MF-word is entertaining and all, but could he do stuff with more range/depth?)

  9. I think it would be fine if angry black “actors” and “actresses” boycotted the Oscars and every other of these so called award shows. These overweening presentations are nothing more than the industry giving itself a pat on the back and the filthier or more repugnant the film, the greater the glam from being involved. Then there is the thing about people in general thinking that Sammy Jackson and this trashy hoe and others aren’t worth any kind of award. Wake up Shaniqua and suck it. You ain’t that important.

  10. what ever happened to ” i judge a person by the content of their character, not the color of their skin”? or in this case, the talent of the actor.

  11. Joe BO · Old east high
    I am going to start a protest
    Why a Sicliian not Italian Movie has not been made to Show how hard it is to make Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Do you Know how Hard it is to Put a Virgin in a Small Bottle
    When do we March

  12. Personally, I’m all for boycotting the oscars, but not because of a perceived racial imbalance, but rather for the reasons MomOfIV stated, and also the fact that the entertainment industry produces more mental and society-decaying trash masquerading as “art” or “entertainment” than most city dumps have in total presently. But there is also another reason, I had read some time ago an article (and they had photographic evidence as well) stating that the oscar statue itself is actually a pagan idol, just blanked up a bit to not be as obvious, I cannot remember what idol, but I did find this, which seems to corroborate: https://www.marbleclassics.com/oscar-statue-award-trophy.shtml Now, do you suppose oscar is supposed to be the egyptian ptah? Compare the statue shapes and poses. Here is one oscar pic to compare with the “marble” one: https://extremelifechanger.com/web_images/theoscar.jpg
    Should we really be surprised if this is indeed another pagan idol that is splattered all over pop culture, though? To think people actually covet that ugly little tacky metal monster. (it isn’t even legitimate gold you know, its got nickel and other cheap stuff in it, too… but then perhaps the metal mix is occultic and significant in some way? I’m not versed enough in occultic properties of metals to know how it would be, however.)

  13. There are persistent rumors in Hollywood that Will Smith is a closeted homosexual. Here’s a tweet from M-to-F “transgender” actor Alexis Arquette, the sibling of Patricia, Rosanna, & David Arquette, saying that Jada and Will are each other’s “beard”:

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