Jacksonville Firefighter targeted in drive-by shooting

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First Coast News:  A Jacksonville firefighter was wounded Tuesday evening during an apparent drive-by shooting when someone opened fire at a fire truck refueling outside a firehouse on the city’s Southside, sources tell First Coast News.
At some point, firefighters were pumping gas outside Station 28 near Southside Boulevard and Hogan Road when someone driving by apparently opened fire, Randy Wyse, president of the Jacksonville Association of Firefighters, told FCN in a phone interview.
About five or six shots were fired, police said. In the wake of the shooting, authorities have placed fire stations across the city on high alert.
A JFRD firefighter was grazed during the shooting, Wyse said. A source says he was not taken to the hospital. The Twitter account for JAFF says four firefighters escaped serious injury.
The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is canvassing the scene with metal detectors for shell casings.
Meanwhile, Mayor Alvin Brown condemned Tuesday’s shooting, vowing to do everything in his power to protect police and firefighters.

“I am outraged by cowardly attacks on our brave first responders. These attacks will not be tolerated. As Mayor, I will do everything in my power to protect the firefighters and police officers who work so hard to keep us safe. We will coordinate with the Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, and others to safeguard our dedicated fire and police personnel. They deserve no less.”

Hope they catch the perp.

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0 responses to “Jacksonville Firefighter targeted in drive-by shooting

  1. Once again the legacy of lunacy that will remain long after the POS and his race baiting rejects have left office. This is Obama’s claim to fame, he’s community organized the racial tension and fanned the flames of it into an inferno.

  2. Whether it was nutty homeboys or disgruntled union firefighters looking for attention, it’s a war on the middle class, and a campaign to take away the guns.
    Now if there is a fire and a black person dies, they can riot about that too.

  3. My Dad was a fireman for 37 years. During the 60’s when all the negro only rights were being passed. There was an escalating number of incidents where fire trucks were responding to a call in the mostly negro section of town, One bothered my dad especially, a major fore started on Christmas morning and when they responded and a bunch of porch monkey commandos opened fore on the firemen. No one was killed and after a time any call hat cam in from a negro area was ignored, then they complained that the racist craka fire dept was prejudice. No perps were ever caught as these were ambushes set up in advance
    This country began a bobsled run downhill during the 60’s

  4. I wonder how brave these punks would be if they had authorization to shoot back,and invite MORE Cops and Firefighters to join in? I think the ambushes would stop a soon as some of the perps got taken out by the Good Guys.

  5. So what will the race-baiters, Ferguson protesters, commies and anarchists do when they need the police, and no police comes; when their house is on fire, and no firefighter comes? Because that is EXACTLY the America they are agitating for.

  6. Porch monkeys?
    No, anyone who does what these bass tards did is nothing more than a ghetto nigger.


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