Ivory Coast Update: UN Fudges Massacre Data, Bombs Incumbent's Home

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Following reports of a brutally violent massacre in Duekoue, UN brass are doing pretty much exactly what we thought they would.

First, dispute the data about the massacre to drop the number from 1,000 to around 300. Second, claim to have some psychic knowledge that “both camps” were involved in the slaughter. Third, get the French to aggressively bomb Gbagbo’s hangouts while somehow claiming you haven’t chosen a side.
AFP has the infuriating details:

Ban insisted the helicopter raids did not mean the global body had taken up arms against Gbagbo.

“Let me emphasize that UNOCI is not a party to the conflict,” Ban said in a statement. “In line with its Security Council mandate, the mission has taken this action in self defense and to protect civilians.”

But one of Gbagbo’s advisors in Paris, Toussaint Alain, said the strikes were “illegal” and amounted to an “assassination attempt” on Gbagbo.

As for the Duekoue Massacre, more shuck and jive:

Reports have meanwhile emerged of human rights abuses over the week including the massacre of hundreds of civilians in the western town of Duekoue.

The International Red Cross has said 800 died in Duekoue in one day in an incident “particularly shocking by its size and brutality” while the UN mission gave an initial death toll of 330, saying that while both camps were involved.

I didn’t cut that quote off; that’s the way it appears in the original. Either that last sentence was badly written in a hurry, or editors cut something off. Don’t hold your breath for an explanation either way.
So where did people get the idea that Outtara’s forces were to blame for it? The BBC’s Andrew Harding – reporting from the ground instead of just reprinting UN memos – cast the story in a much different light.
According to him, Outtara supporters had launched an offensive to claim Duekoue conveniently right before the massacre, and that he personally witnessed a UN soldier telling them to stop killing prisoners.
But who cares about some BBC reporter? Outtara is the UN’s yes man. It cannot afford to turn on him now. This organization supposedly dedicated to truth and justice now claims that the Red Cross is lying about the death count, the BBC is lying about who killed them in the first place, and bombing Gbagbo’s palace is not really meddling.
Rest easy tonight, folks: these are the same masterminds imposing all those sanctions against Iran.
Yeah. I’m hedging my bets on that one too.

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  1. Only 330? Ah, they subtracted Gbabo’s tally from the 800… when they get it down to zero, they win.

  2. UN fudged numbers? Color me not shocked…


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