It's war: Largest police union threatens Hollyweirdo Tarantino with "surprise"

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Quentin Tarantino at anti-cop rally
Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino, whose movies are saturated with guns and violence, is the foot-fetishist who participated in a #BlackLivesMatter rally against police brutality in New York on October 24, where he indiscriminately called [all] cops “murderers”. (See “Protesters flip off NYPD days after cop slay“)
Since then, the foot fetishist has refused to apologize despite his own father, Tony, speaking out, saying that there are four police officers in his family, one killed and the other, Frank Gucciardi, who was horribly injured and almost died in the line of duty in the Vietnam War protests at Columbia University in 1968. Tony Tarantino said that had his son “pinpointed his comments to a particular abuse situation, or an officer who was out of line, that would have been fine. But not to describe an entire department as killers and murderers.”
Harvey Weinstein, the Democrat producer of Tarantino’s upcoming movie The Hateful Eight, also wants Tarantino to apologize because police groups have called for a boycott of the flick.
Tarantino’s labeling of police as murderers has drawn the ire of unions from the largest police departments in the country, border patrol and other law enforcement organizations.
The war started by Tarantino is now heating up even more.
Ryan Parker and Pamela McClintock report for The Hollywood Reporter, Nov. 5, 2015, that the largest U.S. police union has made a veiled threat at Tarantino, saying they have a “surprise” in store for him.
Jim Pasco, executive director of the D.C.-based Fraternal Order of Police, comprised of more than 330,000 full-time, sworn officers, would not go into any detail about what is being cooked up for the Hollywood director. All Pasco would say is that it would be a “surprise”, but it would not be violent.
Pasco said: “We’ll be opportunistic. Tarantino has made a good living out of violence and surprise. Our offices make a living trying to stop violence, but surprise is not out of the question.”
Pasco said the surprise in question is already “in the works,” and will be in addition to the standing boycott of Tarantino’s films, including his upcoming movie The Hateful Eight.
“Something is in the works, but the element of surprise is the most important element,” says Pasco. “Something could happen anytime between now and [the premiere]. And a lot of it is going to be driven by Tarantino, who is nothing if not predictable. The right time and place will come up and we’ll try to hurt him in the only way that seems to matter to him, and that’s economically.”
When asked if this was a threat, Pasco said no, at least not a physical threat. “Police officers protect people,” he says. “They don’t go out to hurt people.”
Although Tarantino’s movies are full of guns and violence, he oh-so-self-servingly has said he does not believe that violence in movies inspires acts of violence in real life — which is contradicted by scientific studies.
Tarantino is also a hypocrite, being in favor of gun control. Last month, the hypocrite also called the police he despises to report that a stranger had broken into his Los Angeles house, and cops talked the intruder into leaving without incident, TMZ reported.

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0 responses to “It's war: Largest police union threatens Hollyweirdo Tarantino with "surprise"

  1. alex jones confirms that Tarantino is co-ordinating his attacks with WH

  2. Pasco’s statement of a ‘surprise’ is a legal threat to Tarantino. He needs to understand the legal aspect of that statement. Pasco’s statement also demonstrates the bloody-minded nature of the collective consciousness of police at all levels, by ‘protecting’ the actions of cop-thugs who commit murder.
    Irrespective of the nature of Tarantino’s films, he made a justified statement about cop-thugs murdering innocent people in public situations, in peoples homes and within the confines of police stations. And still nothing is done to bring these thugs in uniform to justice, which in itself demonstrates their out-and-out corruption and contempt for the public good.

    • If the news is correct, several police officers in recent cases the media chose to “highlight” were acquitted of any wrongdoing. And several are to be prosecuted. The justice system isn’t 100% perfect yet is the best tool in America for keeping a civil society.
      I’d say the corruption and contempt for public good stems from the leadership in this country as demonstrated in DC and by the DOJ and the “rules of engagement” they pick and choose to enforce.

  3. Although the demonstration and parade were about killing pigs and presenting distorted characterizations of police activities, that was occurring at the other end of the parade, not the end where Quarantino was spreading love and sunshine.
    So be fair will ya?
    And just because his movies are a continuous flow of violent sewage does not mean you should not take your kids to see it on CHRISTMAS.
    No one should ever go the that crap.
    I don’t dig unions, especially police unions, and I don’t dig demonstrations, especially Communist agitators harnessing ignorant civilians which further divide our society.

  4. He said ” he calls the murdered, the murdered and the murderers the murderers” he did not say all cops are murderers. He spoke on be half of tamir rice a 12 year old boy murdered by police officers within seconds of them getting out of the cruiser. I think y’all at fotm have a backwards view of who the true cowards are. Mmm shooting a twelve year old boy for having a bb gun or speaking out against police brutality. Why not cover the G.I. Joe cop story unfolding in Illinois or how the msm is pushing a war on cops that doesn’t exist. Police in this country have killed 1,000 civilians in 2015 alone. I would think a site that covers false flags and such wouldn’t be a bunch of blue line huggers. It’s a joke. Police murdering innocent ppl black or white is an epidemic in these united States. Now the head of the Fraternal order of jackboots openly threatens someone for practicing free speech and you’re all on board. This is where FOTM is a bunch of hypocrites. Post how y’all are such great Christians yet you point out his foot fetish instead of what his message at the protest was all about. Thou shall not kill rt? Unless you have a shinny badge and you fear for your life. Whos the coward ?

    • The investigation continues in the case of Tamir Rice. However, put yourself in the place of the officers. What would you do? It’s said that Rice was very large for a 12-year-old. The cops were sent to investigate a male person with a gun at a playground who was pointing this gun at people. At a playground!
      The “bb gun” was not a bb gun but an Airsoft REPLICA gun that is DESIGNED to look like a real gun, but for an orange safety strip that exists to show that it’s NOT a real gun. But in Rice’s case, the safety strip had deliberately been removed to make the object look like a real gun, so the cops could not know that it was NOT a real gun. They had no way of knowing that it was NOT a real gun, when instead of raising his hands Rice attempted to extract the object from his waistband. Take a look at what these guns look like:
      What would you do if someone pointed such a thing at you? What if you were a police officer and when you told someone to raise his hands, he instead tried to draw something that looked like that?
      Would you fear for your life? If you were armed, would you defend yourself or allow yourself to be shot?
      Use some common sense. It’s very, very sad that this child died. It’s a shame that he was in possession of an object that looked like a real gun. It’s a shame that he was playing with it, pointing it at people’s heads, and that someone removed the orange strip that would have indicated to the police that it was a replica gun.
      It’s sad that he must have wanted to be like the gangbangers and thugs who are glorified by rap “artists”.
      How about some compassion for the police officers who surely did not get up that day deciding to go out and “murder” 12-year-olds.

      • The person that called in the complaint said it was a fake gun. Then they let him lie there dying before calling for medical help. As they locked his sister in the back of their car. It’ll never change for the better because of ppl like you making every excuse you can for these murderers. I mean you are reading an alternative news site but swallowing everything the msm says about these police killing innocent ppl. You want compassion for the cops say use common sense then automatically say he idolized gangbangers makes sense too me . Who says he didn’t want to be like all these cops shooting folks.

        • Yes, but you don’t mention that the call for a response by the dispatcher did NOT advise the officers that the caller had said that it MIGHT be a fake gun. Not that it WAS fake (note the difference), but that it MAY BE fake. Nevertheless, since the dispatcher did NOT share that speculation with the officers, it’s a moot point. The cops can’t be held to your impossible standard. They had to deal with what was in front of them: A large male with a weapon that looked real, who had been pointing it at people at the playground. (This 12-year-old weighed nearly 200 pounds.)
          I’m not making excuses for anyone. I’m explaining the facts, which you seem to selectively and deliberately ignore because you have assumed the officers guilty until proven innocent, which is the exact opposite of our system of justice. Thank God and the Founders.
          I didn’t get these facts from an “alternative news site” (whatever that is). I did get most of the facts I cited from the (obviously liberal-biased) Wikipedia because, despite the obvious bias, it’s a short cut to information and links to other information and I’m smart enough to read between the lines and know when to go looking for more truth (meaning the other side of the story). I read all sorts of sources in order to determine truth.
          Can you have an open mind when you call the police “murderers”? Let’s hope that you’re never accused of a crime and find yourself facing a jury that’s as close minded as you. Wouldn’t you want the jury to use common sense and keep open minds, remembering that you are INNOCENT until proved guilty?
          As for this case, there are many unanswered questions. Who gave this replica gun to that child, who took the orange strip off it to make it look real, why he was carrying it and pointing it at people at a playground?

          • Where in that video do you see him point the airsoft gun at ppls heads? Watch the video the cops show up shot him within seconds. Not a shot to the leg or hand but a kill shot. Not a taser but a service weapon at close range. It’s the same as the John Crawford case the media puts a spin on it to defend the cops. Point blank that cop murdered a 12 y.o boy. I am a pretty open minded person that’s why I like this site for the most part. But I agree with tarrintino on this one when I see murder I call it what it is. The innocent until proven guilty don’t apply to cops. They have the Fraternal order of police to back them up. The departments pr department to make up their alibies. Then get a paid vacation while it all blows over. The da usually says some b.s. like they feared for their life or they were just doing their job so they don’t pursue criminal charges. Like in the Mike Brown shooting or the Eric garner case. There are plenty more cases of straight murder that end up paid for by the taxpayers. The police that kill should pay the restitutions then I guarantee the number of Americans killed by cops goes way dwn.

        The person in the gazebo called the complaint in. Do you honestly think if it was thought to be a real gun he would sit there that long? As soon as something like this happens the departments PR ppl start spinning the story and give the cops their alibies. Looks like a huge dangerous gangbanger idolizing 12 yo. It’s pathetic that these murderers are not held accountable instead taxpayers pick up the bill after the civil lawsuits go through.

        • It appears that the person in the gazebo stayed put, watching, until Rice left the scene for 5 minutes, as the captions tell us. When Rice returns, the person is gone. I suspect the person may have been afraid to leave, drawing attention to himself, so he waited for Rice to leave, so he could exit without an encounter with him. If he were not concerned, he wouldn’t have called the police, especially if he were convinced that Rice was a juvenile and the gun was not real and there was no threat to anybody. Note again: Neither speculation was told to the officers. They didn’t know the caller said that he might be a juvenile and might have a fake gun. So, it’s a very sad and unfortunate confluence of events. IF the cops KNEW he was only a large 12-year-old? IF they KNEW it was probably a replica gun? Would they have behaved differently? Why didn’t the dispatcher advise them? Who knows? It’s a sad fact, though, that he or she didn’t share that with the officers. This will probably go to a Grand Jury. If they indict the officers, then there will be trials and all the truth will come out and a jury will render a verdict. Only if there’s a verdict saying “guilty of murder,” can you justifiably and fairly call them murderers.

          • The grand jury case is already tainted. The prosecuter went to two uncredited “experts” who said the use of force was justified. Weeks before the jury is being selected. He also started a smear campaign accusing tamir rices mother is only after money. Unfortunately it’s how our corrupt system works it protects cops. Have you seen the situation with the 6 y.o. autistic boy in Louisiana ? One of those cops was accused of rape and all kinds of other offenses while on the job. Allowed to stay a police officer. The two officers involved lied about several different things on the police report. Put 18 bullets in the car 6 hitting the little boy. Now they were arrested. But should have been fired long ago. The thought that all police are heros is idiotic. Not saying you said that I’m just pointing out that there are evil ppl in all walks of life. They usually flock to positions of power. The police state won’t end if we sit idly by and say oh they were just doing their job. In Swisserland I think they have had one fatality caused by a police officer when it happened it was a national day of mourning. Here we average 1k ppl killed by cops the last few years. Our gov doesn’t even make the nations police force report ppl being killed by cops. Its takes vigilant ppl like citizens to track the killings. I don’t like tarrintino either but he is standing up and using his platform for a good cause. Now being threatened by the Fraternal order of jackboots for practicing his first amendment. It shows the distain cops have for ppl that use the Constitution. I believe the pigs call them ” constitutionilists”. It’s a joke. Sorry for poor grammar and spelling I’m using a phone and have fat fingers. Thanks for the banter back and forth.

    • As a Vietnam combat vet, I witnessed VC using human shields, behind whom they stood to lob grenades and bottle rockets at us. Some of these bottle launchers were children — as were a number of the human shields. When one of our guys got antsy and returned fire, wounding one of the civilians, sure enough one of the rocket launchers made sure that the anti-war liberal press was quickly made aware of what “we Americans” did. The VC, of course, were the real cowards. That seems to be the position you’re defending.

      • An air soft gun vs wartime bottle rockets and grenades mmmmmm . I’m defending the stance that there needs to be accountability. Almost a thousand ppl killed in 2015 alone by the hands of cops. None of them were launching grenades or bottle rockets. Not a one. The comparison is retarded. Two completely different situations. This isn’t 1965-75 vietnam its the U.S.of A.

        • I think you are missing my point. If you have a gun pointed at you or you are taking fire from somewhere, you fear for your life and take measures to protect yourself. This is true in a domestic setting or a war zone. I’ll grant you police accountability is sometimes lacking (I could give a personal testimonial, but won’t); therefore your point is well taken. I blame the U.S. government rather than the police unions, though, for that problem.
          In my view, the “war on terror” is fueling militarization. It was the “war on drugs” that introduced militarized policing to the U.S. But the “war on terror” has accelerated it. Throw the race card in the mix and you have the threat of civil war. This, I believe, is what the government is currently preparing for.

  5. In fact, during a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Tarantino responded, “All cops are not murderers. I never said that. I never even implied that.”
    What Tarantino said was this,
    “I got something to say, but actually I would like to give my time to the families that want to talk. I want to give my time to the families. However, I just do also want to say: What am I doing here? I’m here because I am a human being with a conscience. And when I see murder, I cannot stand by, and I have to call the murdered the murdered, and I have to call the murderers the murderers. Now, I’m going to give my time to the families.”

  6. Why do these “innocents” do stupid crap,like waving BB guns in a threatening manner,or ignoring simple orders,like “Stop right there-keep your hands where I can see ’em.” Common sense tells us that unless you wanna be a martyr you do as the Cop says,and you don’t get shot. Cops are NOT about killing people who did NOTHING wrong;if they shoot someone,it’s gonna be because that someone did SOMETHING that indicated a risk to the Officer or the people nearby.

  7. Sorry but Tarantino is just one freaky looking dude.
    Not sure what occupies his mind on a daily basis, but have to suspect it’s not pleasant.

    107 police have died in line of duty that includes cops getting in car accidents,having heart attacks,killing themselves to cover up their own crimes,or shooting themselves on accident. Contrary to the idiots spewing the garbage that there is a war on cops the police killed on the job has declined since last year and has been on a steady decline for awhile now.


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