It's War Along the US-Mexico Border

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U.S. border patrol agents regularly are attacked with rocks, bricks, and Molotov cocktails. In one year, the number of attacks on agents along the 2,000-mile border with Mexico increased 31%. The agents have outfitted their SUVs with special rock-protection gear. Their name for the SUVs is “war wagons.”
If this isn’t war, what is?


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0 responses to “It's War Along the US-Mexico Border

  1. The idea is to defend our borders against all invaders. I suggest the Mexicans get out of the kitchen if they can’t stand the heat.
    Order them to back off and if they don’t then shoot the bast@@ds. It’s a simple decision. I would have no trouble defending our borders.

  2. Life in El Paso, TX!

  3. This is just plain wrong, this is A WAR, a war for our sovereignty as a nation . If we do not fight it as such then we might as well tear down the damn fences and just let these bastards pour across at will.
    Mexico has no concern or consideration for our laws, it’s time for us to have no concern or consideration for their citizens, if they illegally cross our borders, shoot to kill and leave the bodies to rot in the sun, maybe this display of American force will be enough of a deterrent to keep them on their side of the border.

  4. Steve,
    Forgive me I over-reacted…You are right…
    Let’s just shoot the Bas@@@ds and then hide the bodies — preferably back in Mexico…

  5. I am a little blind now that I’m older but I figure good ole Kentucky Windage I should still be good for about 700 yds.
    I like the idea of vultures but I don’t know if we could get Pelosi or Rob Emanuel to go down there or not, probably Gibbs and Kerry might go. I think Reid is already there. How many vultures does it take to eat one Mex???

  6. Did I say Rob???I meant Rahm—


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