It's Time to Nail the Lid Shut on this Administration. Impeach NOW!!!!

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Obama Denies Knowledge of Controversial Fed Operation Smuggling Guns Into Mexico

Gun shop owners and whistle-blowing agents with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) recently announced their concerns with a controversial government program which allows the smuggling of U.S. weapons across the nation’s southern border. In response, the Obama administration is now denying having any knowledge of the operation.
Dubbed “Project Gunrunner,” the ATF says the mission is designed to “deny firearms, the ‘tools of the trade,’ to criminal organizations in Mexico and along the border.” But the operation‘s critics say it’s doing exactly the opposite, allegedly facilitating the delivery of thousands of guns into criminal hands.
CBS News broke the initial story last month.

In late 2009, ATF was alerted to suspicious buys at seven gun shops in the Phoenix area. Suspicious because the buyers paid cash, sometimes brought in paper bags. And they purchased classic “weapons of choice” used by Mexican drug traffickers – semi-automatic versions of military type rifles and pistols.  Sources tell CBS News several gun shops wanted to stop the questionable sales, but ATF encouraged them to continue.

So-called “suspicious buyers” purchasing huge quantities of weapons for “personal use” were logged into an ATF suspect database over the following year.  Most all of the weapons were allowed to “walk” so ATF could gather intelligence and see where the guns eventually ended up.  Unfortunately for many, the guns often ended up at crime scenes along with dead bodies. One agent called the strategy “insane.” Another said: “We were fully aware the guns would probably be moved across the border to drug cartels where they could be used to kill.” On the phone, one Project Gunrunner source (who didn’t want to be identified) told us just how many guns flooded the black market under ATF’s watchful eye. “The numbers are over 2,500 on that case by the way. That’s how many guns were sold – including some 50-calibers they let walk.” 50-caliber weapons are fearsome. For months, ATF agents followed 50-caliber Barrett rifles and other guns believed headed for the Mexican border, but were ordered to let them go. One distraught agent was often overheard on ATF radios begging and pleading to be allowed to intercept transports. The answer: “Negative. Stand down.” CBS News has been told at least 11 ATF agents and senior managers voiced fierce opposition to the strategy. “It got ugly…” said one. There was “screaming and yelling” says another. A third warned: “this is crazy, somebody is gonna [get] killed.”
Sources within the ATF told CBS News that dozens of tracked weapons turned up in shootouts with government agents.  One unidentified agent reportedly argued with his superior over the controversial and dangerous policy asking, “Are you prepared to go to the funeral of a federal officer killed with one of these guns?”  Another agent noted that every time there was a report of shooting near the border, “we would all hold our breath, hoping it wasn‘t one of ’our’ guns.”
When U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was gunned down last December, serial numbers on two assault rifles found at the scene matched weapons the ATF had allowed a “suspicious buyer” to purchase.
A Washington Post investigation last December linked 115 firearms confiscated over the past two years by Mexican authorities to Carter’s Country gun outlets. But the shops’ attorney says the sales were made at the express insistence of the ATF. As a result, a federal grand jury reportedly launched an investigation of the chain.
“Let me tell you something about Carter’s Country. They have been cooperating with ATF from the get go,” says attorney Dick Deguerin who represents Carter’s Country owner, Bill Carter. “They were told to go through with what they considered to be questionable sales. They were told to go through with sales of three or more assault rifles at the same time or five or more 9 millimeter guns at the same time or a young Hispanic male paying in cash. It’s all profiling, but they went through with it… They reported them promptly, either while the transaction was going on or soon thereafter. They did this for months and months and months. Went through with the sales because the ATF told them to go through with the sales,” he added.
According to Deguerin, the ATF asked Carter’s Country employees to follow some customers into the parking lot after completed sales to record license plate numbers. “If the ATF had used the information that Carter’s Country developed for them they could have stopped these guns from going across the border,” he insisted.
A spokesperson for ATF would neither confirm nor deny the co-operation agreement with Carter’s Country, but told the local Houston Fox affiliate, “I don’t think we would issue a blanket directive.” In the meantime, Deguerin says his client — the gun shop owners — are feeling unjustly vilified.
Now under increasing fire for the controversial operation, the Obama administration is denying having authorized the mission. During an interview with Univision this week, President Obama said neither he nor Attorney General Eric Holder knew of the operation, now called “Operation Fast and Furious.”
Responding to reports that the Mexican government has complained that it told about the U.S. operation that allowed guns to illegally cross the international border, Obama said he didn’t inform Mexican President Felipe Calderon because he — the president of the United States — wasn’t informed either.
Ditching the old presidential moniker “The Buck Stops Here,” Obama responded that the U.S. government  “a pretty big government” with “a lot of moving parts”:
Although Attorney General Holder denies having authorized the controversial program, the Inspector General‘s investigation into the program began after the smuggled weapons were found at the scene of Agent Brian Terry’s murder. Since then, at least one gun smuggled from the U.S. was used to kill Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agent Jamie Zapata, but it has not been determined if it was part of “Fast and Furious.” “Letting guns ‘walk’ is not something that is acceptable,” Holder told a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee hearing this week. “Guns are different than drugs or money when we are trying to follow their trail. That is not acceptable.”
The death of Agent Zapata also raised questions about the safety of American agents operating south of the border. According to reports at the time, Zapata and his colleague were pinned down by known drug smugglers, but were unable to retaliate because U.S. agents are not allowed to carry firearms on Mexican soil. If the ATF is indeed allowing Americans guns to be smuggled into Mexico, shouldn’t American agents at least be armed?
Former Arizona governor and acting Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano — who has previously insisted America’s southern border is more secure than ever — has also denied prior knowledge of the “Fast and Furious” operation:
The Obama administration has previously blamed U.S. guns for Mexican drug violence and called on Congress to enact new more strict gun control measures. But with reports of ATF agents encouraging American gun retailers to be reckless with their sales, gun advocates worry politicians in Washington may be purposefully inflating the threat of cross-border gun violence to justify new gun regulations.
“In the aftermath of the tragic killing of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Jamie Zapata, it is imperative that you act decisively to assuage the public’s deep suspicions that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has a policy permitting – and even encouraging – the movement of guns into Mexico by straw purchasers.”
It would appear that no one in this administration knows anything about this which is pure B.S.. Congress better jump on this quick, Obama, Holder and Napolitano are felons and accessories to murder.
Posted by Tom in NC

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0 responses to “It's Time to Nail the Lid Shut on this Administration. Impeach NOW!!!!

  1. Of course the government knows all about the sales of firearms to Mexico just as it knows, a group within the White House is selling drugs to the American people. YOu cant believe anything the WhiteHouse, Obama or the democrats say anymore because they seem to have lost the ability to distinguish between right and wrong!

  2. I love that pic.
    The idea of the Kenyan fraud of a Comrade Chairman behind bars gets me excited.

  3. Evil and wickedness in this country has gone out of control. The only thing that’s going to clean up that Whitehouse of its filthy, rotten to the core inhabitants is prayer. Everyone pray this little prayer for the Whitehouse in Psalm 55:15 at least once a day and every time you read an article like this. Hell is enlarging itself to receive them all.

  4. Impeach, Impeach, Impeach!!!

  5. impeach, convict and run out of town.

  6. I say, we take him out of office, not impeach because his healthcare bill would still be implemented. WE have to prove he is not qualified to be a president; he needs to produce his current birth certificate which probably has the name Barry Soetoro on in it. I;ve heard when you are adopted, as he was, your original birth certificate is destroyed and they cant find it. Or it may be he was NEVER born here and his birth certificate is in hawaii. He needs to produce the same birth certificate or usa patriation certificate or proof that he declared his citizenship when he came back to the United States. Although I dont think he can do that either, because Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship.

  7. I mean, perhaps he was NEVER born in the United States and his real birth certificate is in Kenya where I believe it is. I think he is a plant, a muslim, not sure hes married to his wife or that those are even his children. I think he is the son of Malcolm X and if you look at any of Malcolms photographs, he looks just like him, except for the big ears, which appear prominently on obama. He has the same build as Malcolm, same hairline, same lips. I think Obama is the Manchurian president and everyone in Congress, except the freshman, have no balls, no integrity, and no guts to find out if he is qualified because they are afraid if they are wrong, they will lose their power and credibility. They, in effect , would rather have America destroyed, and our country raped and pillaged, than stand up for her, as they have worn by the Constitution to do. They have no honor if they do not find out about this man and save our country one way or the other. What obama is doing to America is WRONG!!!

  8. Great article, but wrong cover name for the operation. As stupid as it is –never mind illegal, as that’s been everyday stuff for decades!– it deserves to be termed “Project Gubbmint”!
    Mike Ruppert [he relocates constantly due to attempts on his life] an LAPD detective who discovered, then reported to his superiors the CIA’s trafficking in weapons and drugs in East LA, was dismissed the next day and wasn’t able to get a police position ever again, anywhere. SS, DD.
    As Mike wrote way back then, “Follow the money.”


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