It's Time For a Stampede!

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After watching some, but not all of the GOP debates, I’m still waiting for a clear frontrunner to emerge. I’m partial to Herman Cain but I don’t know if he has the organization to go the distance. I do know that as of right now I DON’T want Romney. His liberal leanings make him no better than McCain was in 2008. Perry, while I like his eagerness to be aggressive, needs to be careful and choose his fights carefully.
These GOP candidates need to stop the personal attacks on each other, yes I know they are competing for the same job but what the American people want to hear is what they are going to do to stop Obamanism and reverse the effects of the absolutely worse administration in the long history of this country.
Everything Obama has done in the last three and three-quarters years has been an unmitigated disaster and as far as 2012 is concerned Obama is not just a sitting duck, he is a comatose sitting duck. His polls dive daily and he is on the ropes, what we need is a candidate who is going to deliver the knockout punch.
Sniping at each other is fruitless when you consider that Obama has been a total failure at everything:

  • Economy
  • Jobs
  • Social Issues
  • Foreign Policy
  • Defense 

You name it.
If you want to attack, attack this failure of a president, and attack often. I personally don’t care  if you had illegals cutting your grass 10 or 20 years ago, if you made mistakes in the past, atone for them and let’s move on. Tell us what you are going to do NOW and stick to your guns. It’s going to take someone extraordinary to straighten out this mess. If you have a plan, promote it with every breath and take it to every corner of the country. The message, the plan and the solution is what the people want to hear, not sniping or sound bites.
Think of these debates as an opportunity to submit your resume for president to the people of this country and treat it as such and when the time comes, attack the failed policies and agenda of this president. We already know what a failure he is, TELL US WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO TO REPAIR THE DAMAGE
Tom in NC

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0 responses to “It's Time For a Stampede!

  1. The MSM continues to tout Romney; but, I’ve never met anyone who supports him. If the convention is rigged to deliver him as the candidate it will be a disaster, he’ll go down like Dole did. Nobody likes him!

  2. I heard Patrick Buchanan being interviewed on the radio this past weekend. He said both parties are simply “kicking the can (of America’s many many problems) down the road.” What we need is a true statesman (gender neutral) who has the guts, integrity and love of country to speak plainly and frankly to the American people. Alas, I don’t see a statesman among the current crop of GOP candidates.

    • The only candidate who remotely fits that description is Ron Paul. He’s not perfect; but, he’s the only one who talks the lingo I want to hear and he’s on the record for 12 terms in Congress – no flip-flopping. I long to see those 5 cabinet level departments dismantled and defunded.


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