It's Official. Obama Can Not, And Will Not Tell The Truth No Matter What.

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Warning, if you throw anything at your computer , you will only hit your computer and have to replace it. 

The fact that President Obamas ego won’t allow him to simply say, “I made a mistake and I’m sorry,” was exhibited in spades Thursday during an exclusive interview he had with NBC’s Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd.

In response to a question as to whether he owed the American people an apology for his oft-repeated promise (at least 36 times) that if you like your health care you can keep your health care,


Obama simply said he was sorry that some people were losing their health care coverage, according to US News and World Report.
The president’s promise earned him the maximum four Pinocchios from The Washington Post. This week, the Tampa Bay Times’ PolitiFact awarded the president the maximum “Pants on Fire” designation when he went back on his statement and claimed it included the caveat

“if it hasn’t changed since the law passed.”

Both publications have a leftward slant.
Watch his response in this NBC news clip.


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0 responses to “It's Official. Obama Can Not, And Will Not Tell The Truth No Matter What.

  1. Obama gave a more heart felt apology when he traveled the ends of the earth apologizing for our country.
    This was nothing but a stonewall, it was no apology.

  2. Those of us who know this POS, know full well by now that he’s a clinical case of pathological liar. The latest: Mia Marie Pope, who knew him in high school, says he’s a pathological liar who lied about even the most mundane things. She says it was so bad, she wouldn’t believe him if he said the sun would rise tomorrow.

  3. The writing is on the wall and people are still sleeping!

  4. He is so perfectly wired to deceive that I sometimes wonder if he’s some kind of hybrid of human and (??????). And yet we know the human condition enough to know a man or woman could do unspeakably evil things without any assistance from the devil.

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  6. Yet the nets keep covering. Chuck Todd writes here, and this is where this interview took place that he does apologize and makes nothing of Sibelius dodging.
    Todd should have all his teeth fall out but one, and in that one may he have a toothache.
    I am sick and tired of traitorous punks covering for the punk.
    Start taking names, cause remember this to shall pass and vermin like him should never ever see his name in print again.
    Maybe he can get a job shucking oysters…anything but reporting.


    • Mike, keep pounding obama,and his ilk. They own it and mark my words this is the beginning of something big.
      They screwed up. His people are getting cancellation notices and we know little whiny libs will scream their heads off when they get affected.
      What’s that joke about
      “A Lib is just a conservative who hasn’t been mugged yet”
      PS. Libs you better get on board before it’s too late.
      Open your eyes and mind. It’s not about you or party. It’s about US and America.

  8. only congress and the super rich will be exempt from obama care,so keep praying!

  9. I caught the tailend of a radio news report this morning and didn’t hear it all. Did he exempt the union’s health care plans from the obummercare grab?

  10. Funny (not haha) how some people apologize. ” I’m sorry you got your feelings hurt by what I said.” Not, “I’m sorry for what I said, I should not have done that.”
    I’m sorry all those folks are losing their health insurance and doctors too, but I’m not the one that lied to them! How about a “I’m sorry I lied and deceived all those people. I knew in my heart it was the wrong thing to do”……….”But I had to make the promise so I could have a winning platform to run on.” Yeah right, that really doesn’t work either. I’ll tell you what will happen with this and we will likely see that it was in the plan all along. There will be a single payer system put in place to fix this. Medicare or something. This will just about destroy the health insurance business in the country. Something the Obamacrats will love, another capitalist business gone down the drain. The cost of the new and improved healthcare system will be spread across the nation through higher taxes.

  11. Well said, Mike and Steve…..notice how OBAMA always talks in the passive
    voice……”Sorry all those nice people find themselves in this situation,’ What does he MEAN…”find themselves….????” They went out to walk the dog and when they came back…BOOM! Their health care was missing? They searched everywhere, but, FOUND themselves inexplicably canceled! Maybe a kangaroo hopped up to them at work and delivered a knock-out punch and when they “came-to” and tried to access their Kaiser hospital for a cautionary check-over, they were denied b/c they FOUND THEMSELVES kicked out of health care for no frickin’ reason……just sayin’. Wonder why??????? Once I “found myself” thinking about my future..but I can’t say that I’ve ever FOUND myself anywhere else. SHADES of schizophrenia!!!!


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