It's Not Ted Kennedy's Seat!

“It’s not the Kennedy seat. It’s not the Democrat seat. It’s the People’s seat!” So said Republican Scott Brown in last night’s debate with his Democrat opponent, Martha Coakley, in the special election to fill Massachusetts’ Senate seat vacated by Ted Kennedy. 

The AP reports that the race has turned into a proxy battle over the fate of ObamaCare. The stakes are so high Democrats won’t rule out taking as long as a month to certify the election results—should Brown win—to prevent a Republican from assuming the seat.
Conventional wisdom is that the prospect of a Brown win is unlikely. Although the majority of voters in Massachusetts are unenrolled in either major party, in practice the state is a Democrat stronghold, with a Democratic House and Senate, a Democratic governor and all six constitutional officers — including Coakley, the attorney general — are Democrats, as well.
However, a recent one-day Rasmussen automated poll unexpectedly showed Coakley with a narrower lead than people had thought, 50% to Brown’s 41%. And the Washington Post of January 10, 2010, reports that the latest polls show the gap is narrowing within single digits. A Boston Globe poll released Sunday showed Coakley and Brown tied among those “extremely interested” in the race. Although Coakley carries a sizable 15-point advantage in the Globe poll, and leads on most issues, special elections are low-turnout affairs and it’s precisely those “extremely interested” who turn out to vote! [UPDATE: Even more recent polls show that the gap has narrowed to just a 2-point difference!]
Scott Brown is one of 21 Republican lawmakers in Massachusetts’ 200-member legislature. His sterling resume includes 30 years of service in the Army National Guard and stature as the service’s top defense lawyer in New England.
The policy differences between Brown and Coakley cannot be more stark. Whereas Coakley supports ObamaCare, opposes the war in Afghanistan, favors higher taxes on “the rich,” is a prochoice hard-liner, and has no problem with civilian trials for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Brown is against ObamaCare, backs the surge in Afghanistan, wants across-the-board tax cuts à la JFK, condemns partial-birth abortion and is backed by Massachusetts Citizens for Life, and believes it reckless to treat enemy combatants like ordinary defendants.
Calling all Conservatives and Independents! Strike a blow at the very heart of darkness of the Left. Help Scott Brown win the special election! If you live in Massachusetts, volunteer for his campaign. If you live in the other 49 states, donate! CLICK HERE for his campaign website.  
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I’m praying Scott pulls this out…then again I wouldn’t be surprised if they take so long to declare a winner so they can find additional ballots al la Franken. They are fighting tooth and nail to keep their stronghold in their party. Go Scott go!!!


Ah yes, the claim of an entitlement to replace like with like. As in Illinois, where some filks think the Senate seat currently occupied by Roland Burris (and previously occupied by Barack Obama) is a “Black” seat. No, folks. It is the people’s seat. In the best of all worlds, either of these seats in the Senate will, after the next election, be occupied by someone who represents – not a specific racial or ethnic group of people, not a specific political, economic or idealogical point of view – but the best interests of all of the people, of their… Read more »