It’s National Suicide Prevention Week: Check out the “crave death” meme Lena Dunham posted

Lena Dunham: Inspiring young women to “not settle”

National Suicide Prevention Week began Sept. 9 and goes through Sept. 15. If you know of anyone who needs suicide prevention resources, click here.

The Hillary-loving feminist Lena Dunham started the “Lenny Letter” website described as “feminism, style, health & politics – unfiltered.”

As a feminist, Lena doesn’t believe one should shame another woman in public. She was mad when Jezebel criticized her Vogue photo shoot and called what they said, “bullsh*t.”

As a feminist, Lena is fine with her body and doesn’t like to be Photoshopped (although she frequently is).

As a feminist, Lena believes the way that women are spoken to on social media is shocking and comparable to the abuse of Guantanamo prisoners.

As a feminist, Lena is an “advocate” for young women everywhere. She is a strong woman who “empowers” other women.

Or so she would have you believe…

Lena posted the above meme on her Instagram account on Sept. 9, just in time to kick off the week. Her caption: “Do not settle for second best this week!!!”

Stuff like this MAKES ME MAD. Suicide is not a joke. I had a cousin who committed suicide and know of a couple other people who attempted suicide.

Lena obviously missed the memo that the majority of college students say they’re stressed, with many reporting suicidal thoughts.

Netflix has a show called “13 Reasons Whythat revolves around teenagers committing suicide and self harm. It’s been criticized for glamorizing suicide and several families have blamed the series for inspiring their children to kill themselves.

In 2016, the New York Times reported that suicides hit a 30-year high, with an alarming increase among girls ages 10 to 14.

Memes like this one that Lena posted do not inspire women. This type of “empowering” feminism is bad form and a horrible example coming from a “role model” of today’s feminist movement.

Shame on you, Lena.


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The first thing that comes to mind is, as usual, it’s all about HER! She seldom misses an opportunity to call attention to herself, irregardless of at who’s expense. This is a female anti-Christ. She has no concern for others. Not only do I not believe what she’s selling, who would want to listen to it? Who wants a world in which others tell you what is acceptable to think and say? She, and others like her, can get as offended and angry as they like. I’m not in charge of that, they are. What they’re NOT in charge of… Read more »

Steven Broiles

It seems to me that Dunham and Sarah Silverman are two sides of the same coin, and it’s “Heads I win, Tails You Lose.” Both women seem to me to be the diabolical narcissists Ann Barnhardt has written and posted about: They have both emptied themselves of any and all love. The Question remains, Is Dunham so stupid she doesn’t even know it? Suicide is the ultimate act of selfishness. It is throwing one’s life back in God’s Face! From what I have read about Robin Williams, if he truly was driven insane by what he was suffering from (Lewy’s… Read more »


Poor self image, all of them mentioned. Nio telling what they went through as children. If this is the product their parents turned out maybe THEY should be arrested for child abuse. Along with government endoctro……..public school officials. It took decades to make this mess. It’ll take longer to fix it.


She is disgusting in every way. A child molesting mental case- she should be institutionalized. The product of liberal “arty” parents.