It’s global warming! Record snow in Hawaii

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Someone please notify Al Gore and his mini me, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Last weekend, it snowed in tropical Hawaii!

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20 responses to “It’s global warming! Record snow in Hawaii

  1. Let’s give old Al Gore a call and see what his take on the snow is. I’m sticking with Go Forth and Multiply. The Lord had it all figured out a long time ago; the green people need to catch up.

  2. Perhaps it will cool down Mt. Kilaueau and prevent it from erupting????

  3. The weather is doing very unexpected things! Somebody needs to tell Harrison Ford, too!

  4. Yeah, I’ve got a foot of “global warming” in my yard.

  5. “The sky is falling, the sky is falling” Magpie Ocasio-Cortez, green with envy for the rich, up to her eyesballs, all she sees is green, poor soul, is not easy being green, she hopes to light the world burning Al Gore’s lard. Let’s see, “Boricua” from the Bronx Magpie Ocasio-Cortes, Somalí-Muslim Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, and Palestinian-Muslim Rashida Tlaib who wrote op-ed for Louis Farrakhan’s The Final Call, should be “kicked out” of Congress, they are anti AMERICANS.

  6. AOC’s Green New Deal has succeeded swimmingly and it hasn’t even been enacted. The NY Post reported a couple of weeks ago that it was so cold in NYC that AOC was seen with her hands in her own pockets. Record cold in the midwest also. There has been a slight but general cooling trend over the past century and yet the snowflakes absolutely insist that the Earth is burning up. Amazing

    • This is something that I started to research in 1989-1990, when I returned to college to take what’s now Earth Science, formerly Geology.

      The Sun’s role as the primary creator of our weather is rarely discussed, never mind the cyclic behaviour of sunspots & solar activity, which are very well-recorded and verifiable. The fact is that the warm phase we were in is declining, as you pointed out, now sunspot activity’s declined to nearly nothing, and that’s an extremely reliable predictor of a new era of global cooling. Research the Maunder Minimum to verify this.

      The new Ice Age is predicted to be well underway in 2030, so many readers of this site will have to survive it, IF that’s even possible. 50% of former agricultural areas will be unable to grow anything, and there will be a horrible descent into chaos as the remaining survivors struggle to find food.

      • Not only is solar activity minimized as a driver of climate, it is flatly, and absurdly, denied. So yes, lowest solar activity in 400 years resulting in general cooling, with a lag time of several years. Not sure about another ice age, that requires rather extraordinary conditions, but definitely a Minimum, a prolonged and devastating period of very cold temperatures. At the same time “they” want to make energy from fossil fuels unavailable because, ya know, climate change. The consequences will be crop failures, famines, infectious epidemics, massive die-offs and dramatically reduced population. That’s the plan

  7. Hey Dr. E and everyone, it’s me, just quickly checking in to say hello! I pray that you are all well.

    The radio keeps lying about how the earth is ‘warming up’, they are so F.O.S! We’ve been having several cold summers in the Eastern US, last summer it was too cold to swim, the night time temps in July and even AUGUST were in the 50’s! A few years ago in July, I had ordered some turkey poults through the mail. The temps got down into the low 50’s (which is rare in July around here) and they got chilled and started dying one by one. I would have lost every single one except that thanks to God I had gotten some Neem leaf powder in the mail I had ordered, I mixed it with their water and it cured them of whatever bug they had picked up.

  8. This is BIZARRE! And 191 m.p.h. winds??? 191 miles per hour?!?! Where are the wrecked buildings?

    Is it possible that government actually has succeeded in destroying the weather?

    • That made me do a double-take too. I’ve been in 120 mph winds, it’s scary. From what I have read it looks like they have been “engineering” weather for some time now. I could do a whole monolog on how something like that happens without the benefit of our asking but, should they really be fooling around with things they don’t fully understand on a scale like this?

      Don’t answer, it’s a rhetorical question. Just look around. Do they ask before going to war? How about space? Genetic research? How ’bout abortion (infanticide). It really takes some chutzpah to get up and decide that murder was something to brag about.

      You could then move into lesser things like the concept of “gender” or “queerness”. To me it looks like politicians and their owners just decided to cancel sin. I have noticed lately that when faith questions arise they run to politicians for answers. That can’t be “right”.

      I think C.S. Lewis could have a field day with all of this. I think he has.

    • Yup 191 mile an hour winds are hurricane force. One year we had 80 mile an hour winds and it blew all the fencing down. Something wrong with this pic.

      • Believe it, everything is fabricated, Hurricane Andrew was clocked at 190 m.p. so “they” say, and it devastated South Florida.

      • We lived in Humboldt County when we had the 125 mph winds. We were right on the coast. It blew down barns and the roofs off of most houses. Outside of tornadoes I didn’t think the wind got that high.

        I get the theory. Create a low pressure zone and something rushes in to replace the vacuum. I’ve seen a few sites that use satellite imagery to describe climate engineering. It certainly doesn’t look “natural”.

        Neither do those California fires. “Forest” fires that don’t burn trees but do destroy bathtubs and granite counter tops. Think of all the “missing” people. Haven’t heard much on that, eh wot?

        When you get “deconstructed” you’re gone.

    • This was at a high elevation presumably. Certainly not unheard of. Mt Washington in NH had 230+ MPH winds and it’s only 6000 feet. The Air Force used to use it to test wing aerodynamics

  9. Everything bad in the mentally ill liberals universe is either caused by Donald Trump, or Globull Warming, oops they now call it “Climate Change” after that minisicule but powerful CO2 is now causing record colds, after telling us it causes record warming…………………………..And Carbon Taxes to Wall St will save us. The irony huh of the crazy Libs telling us Wall St is evil, yet Wall St backs the Carbon Tax scam as well as most of their communist Democrat traitors. Green is Red!


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