It's Come to This: Eggs Made of Wood

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Bad eggs…

White House Announces ‘Greener’ Eggs and Packaging for Annual Easter Egg Roll – The White House announced Monday that this year’s Easter Egg Roll will be “more environmentally friendly,” with eggs made of wood certified by an environmental activist organization and packaging that will “minimize waste and environmental impact.”
In a continued effort to make the Easter Egg Roll more environmentally friendly, all eggs have again been crafted in the United States from Forest Stewardship Council-certified hardwood. The packaging has also been designed to minimize waste and environmental impact, helping to create a ‘greener’ Easter Egg and Easter Egg packaging.

Get your souvenir wood eggs!

This year’s egg comes in four pastel colors – purple, pink, green, yellow – and includes the stamped signatures of the President and First Lady. You can pre-order your souvenir wood eggs here for only $26.50!

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0 responses to “It's Come to This: Eggs Made of Wood

  1. they are truly sick aren’t they,anybody out there know why obama hides his eggs???? lol

  2. Addendum:
    The Obama Whitehouse has also announced that this year, no real children will be present to find the wooden eggs. In their place, wooden manikins retreived from the DC landfill will be recycled and placed at various locations to portray kids searching for hidden goodies.
    An unnamed administration spokesperson was heard to say that the dummies will be dressed to represent all human cultures, including those with an urban sag in their britches, others will sport middle eastern turbans and several will be cross-dressed to pay tribute to the gay children’s community.

  3. Let’s make eggs out of wood so they roll better… something’s basically wrong with that. Will the come in California Redwood? Amazon rainforest happily clear-cut in bulk? THAT would be really great for the environment! (Sorta like declaring “everyone’s a winner”– because they’re all losers otherwise.)

  4. I’m just surprised Mullah Obama the Kenyan A-rab is even allowing an Easter egg hunt at the the Great White Mosque, oops, I meant the White House.

  5. Okay, I’m baffled. I use eggs in my compost… so how is that not environmentally friendly? Oh wait! It isn’t about the environment! It’s about EGGS!! They’re biased against eggs! High cholesterol, you know. This is lunacy.

  6. Too funny…these Ivy League shysters have to lie about everything, or IMO are really as stupid as we all know them to be.
    As I’ve explained to all my “eco-friendly” friends about how much MORE damage they inflict on the environment when they follow these yahoos.
    It’s called “Cradle to Grave” economics, and for this story it goes something like this: (“+” means add to environmental damage “<" means subtract, no gain, or = conversion of mechanical energy to biological energy)
    New Wooden Eggs: Fuel to cut the trees+Fuel to transport the wood (Forest Stewardship programs are primarily out West)+Fuel to manufacture/shape the wood into eggs (forklifts, lathes, sanders, factory lights, on and on and on…) +Fuel and toxic chemicals to manufacture the paint (again an entire factory's worth of fuel)+Fuel to create the "stamped signatures" (another factory?)+Fuel to transport the paint to the factory+fuel to paint the eggs+Fuel to create the packaging+Fuel to package the eggs+Fuel to transport the eggs to White House+Fuel to ship the souvenirs…= "New Egg" by itself "may" be more eco-friendly but the PROCESS to get there is exponentially more harmful.
    Real Eggs: <Chickens are already producing for consumption (free range=minimal factory fuel consumption)+ Fuel to transport eggs<Eggs are LOCALLY produced+Fuel to color eggs<Food coloring is 99.999999% water<Nutritional value of REAL Eggs makes them an almost perfect food for young bodies<If not eaten REAL eggs are 100% biodegradable<+Fuel to package eggs<REAL eggs are a "true" renewable resource…=Social and ECONOMICAL GAIN and ENVIRONMENTAL GAIN.
    In other words: This administration and the lying sacks at the "environmental activist organization" who came up with this are shoveling a load so big it is bordering on criminal.
    Take a picture…eat the damn egg…have memory that will last a lifetime. IMO it's better than a MADE IN CHINA piece of crap "souvenir" gathering dust…………………..

  7. Shouldn’t every tax-paying citizen (and I stress “tax-PAYING) get one for free? They want us to pay for something we already payed for?????
    Oh, the irony…I feel sick…
    “You can pre-order your souvenir wood eggs here for only $26.50!”

  8. What ever happened to the good old colored Easter egg? I loved coloring and hiding these wonderful traditional items that meant the Easter bunny was here.

  9. wood eggs for the wooden headed president. how bizarre what next wood chicks, wood kids, wood easter bunny.

  10. Eggs you can’t even eat for $26.50!
    Gotta hand it to that husband-and-wife fraudeville act in the White House. They sure know their scam. Bernie Madoff should take a chapter from this pair!


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