It’s come to this: Bill & Hillary Clinton resorting to Groupon to sell tour tickets

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From Fox News: Bill and Hillary Clinton are selling discounted tickets to events on their speaking tour after reports of sparse crowds at their premiere performance.

Discounted tickets for at least nine “An Evening with The Clintons” events have appeared on the Groupon website, which offers discounted deals on activities, goods and services. On Monday, discounted tickets were being offered in a number of Democratic friendly locations, including New York, Detroit, Philadelphia and Boston.

Among the deals: Tickets to an April 11 talk at the Beacon Theatre in New York – normally priced $287 – are going for $145 on Monday. Tickets to an April 12 Detroit talk, originally listed for $220.70, are going for $95. And tickets in Philadelphia for an April 12 talk have been reduced from $208.20 to $85.

The Groupon is apparently working: Tickets to a May 4 appearance in Inglewood, Calif., that were normally priced $77 and reduced to $35 a pop were sold out by Monday.

The Texas stop’s postponement for the funeral of former President George H.W. Bush comes after the Clintons’ premiere performance in Toronto last month, which drew critical coverage over its sparse attendance as well as comparisons with the sold-out book tour of former first lady Michelle Obama. The liberal New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd wrote an Op-Ed after attending the Toronto tour, saying she felt “sorry” for the Clintons, who had to look out at “large swaths of empty seats.”

Hillary Clinton tweeted Dec. 3 that “Bill and I will be traveling to Washington to pay our respects to President George H.W. Bush and his family at the funeral this week. We were greatly looking forward to being in Houston for our event this week, and are excited to come back next year as soon as we find a date.”

Ticket prices for that event seemed to reflect slumping interest in the Clinton tour.

For the Houston-area event originally slated for Dec. 4, tickets on the official venue website were going for between $29.50 and $399. But a search on second-party sites, like StubHub, revealed tickets going for as low as $7.

By contrast, Michelle Obama is on her own speaking tour to promote her memoir “Becoming.” Tickets to see Obama reportedly have ranged from $300 to $2,500. Obama also canceled her event stops in Paris and Berlin last week to attend Bush’s funeral.


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10 responses to “It’s come to this: Bill & Hillary Clinton resorting to Groupon to sell tour tickets

  1. The Clintons should be in jail: Bill for rape and sexual assaults; Hillary for the illegal use of a private email server while she was secretary of state; and both for the corrupt misuse of their Clinton Foundation as a pay-for-play RICO racket.

    That these two sociopaths are free and thumbing their noses at the U.S. legal system speak to both Trump’s inadequacy (despite his constant braggadocio) and our corrupt political institutions (DOJ, FBI, Congress, media….).

    • Yeah, and they’re all tied up with the Obongonauts. We’re still seeing the dregs, i.e. Comey, Sessions, Rosenstein, et al, to this day. They’re still lying’ and we’re still “buying”.

      Anyone wishing to hold the office of the President should know they would need to go through there with a bull dozer and a wood chipper just to get started. The whole place needs to be dusted with DEET.

  2. And they are free and POTUS accused of everything in the book, I no longer believe in the legal system at all and the until proving guilty is false.

  3. Why the Clintons, the Obama’s and even the Bushes aren’t in jail is beyond me. It’s obvious to me that the entire system is as CORRUPT AS HELL, and it’s going to take an Act of God to clean it up.
    Seriously: I don’t think any natural or merely human response is adequate to confront these monsters.

    Let me add this, also: Hillary’s nastiness is readily apparent to see to all but the purblind. But let us not forget that just because someone puts on a nice face or mask, that does not belie his real nature. Bush the Elder, ever the WASP gentleman, usually appeared as a doofus or a whiner. He succeeded in impersonating a gentleman and a conservative when he was nothing of the sort. But, Alas, I don’t think much of the public is able to detect these subtleties. (At least not that many riders I drive to and fro don’t seem to.)

  4. I would not give a cent to see either of those criminals. They both should be in Federal Prison along with their spawn Chelsea…

  5. That’s funny! I wouldn’t go if THEY PAID ME. Just look at these two hucksters. Is this about as low-class as it gets? Maybe they should put up a “Gofundme” site.

  6. Will graft for food.

  7. That’s actually GREAT! Price of tickets is getting low enough that even amateur hecklers can afford to go harass them!
    Maybe the Clintons should do an “Extradition Tour,where they travel the world getting prosecuted for crimes against all the OTHER Countries they defrauded and ripped off. I’m SURE Killary promised the WORLD to certain foreign officials in exchange for their help in getting her elected,and now,with NO way to give them the “access” and “favors” she promised,they’d ALL want a chance to “take her for a walk”. (Or “Take her deer hunting” as we say out here…) It must really suck to have to live the rest of her life with a target on her back…

  8. Our adrenal glands have suffered productive exhaustion for all things Clinton. We can’t suffer one more minute of TV news about either….we can’t suffer one more comment/political prognostication from either…..nor will we pony up a ticket fee of any amount, practically. We’ve heard enough, seen enough, and we can’t TAKE anymore of them…..whether you “liked” them or not. They are both the DEAD WOOD that we all need to dispose of out of our everyday lives periodically in order to continue on in good speed, good health, good thoughts of our futures. It’s their “turn” to be chopped.

    The Obummers….Barack Insane Obama and his husband are NEXT. We are , in all aspects of our human attributes, “sucked out” and teetering on NOTHINGNESS from these people. WE GAVE OUR ALL….our acceptance, our tolerance, our hopes, our ‘wait and see” moments for the first “Black” American presient…..give ’em a chance—But, we’re SOOOO Done. Over and out. FAILURE all around, at OUR EXPENSE. We MUST move on AND beyond this “experiment” of progressivism, before we proceed with a century of experimenting upon the working American population with the already failed record of socialism/ communism/marxism. I can only HOPE that in a year or so, Barack Insane Obama or his husband draw about the SAME $7 ticket saless to hear either or preach to us, finger-wagging in our faces .

  9. Quite a fall for the Clinton’s considering that Communist China had to give the treasonous/criminal Clinton Administration & Democrat Campaign Finance Committee, Tens of Millions for access, the money laundering/influence peddling Clinton Foundation, hundreds of thousands, to this, the price of a Fast Food lunch………………………….When are they going to be electrocuted, or hung for treason?


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