It's come to this…

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Norwegian man gets 1 million Facebook likes so crush will sleep with him

NY Post: A Norwegian man may be about to get lucky – all thanks to Facebook.
Petter Kverneng persuaded his high school crush, Cathrine Johansen, to have sex  with him if he got 1 million likes on Facebook, and social media users  immediately rushed to his aid.
The 20-year-old’s salacious stunt, which  reportedly started as a prank, hit the million mark just hours after he posted a  photo begging for likes.
Though it began as a joke, Kverneng told Norway’s Nettavisen that he and his gal pal are going  to “keep what (they) promised.” He only hopes Cathrine’s parents aren’t  Facebook users too.
Their parents must be so proud…

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  1. Grumpy in Arizona

    Well, it’s not like she’s asking him to take her out to a fine dinner and a movie. //sarc.//

  2. Alrighty then… :/


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