It's come to this…

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Bump your mobile phones together and instantly exchange information on your STD status

NY Daily News: Wondering if the person you’re about to have sex with has a sexually transmitted  disease? A new app offers “safe bumping” — bump your mobile phones together and instantly exchange information on your STD status.
Romantic, no. But the makers of the app, MedXCom, hope to curb the spread of STDs among tech-savvy  young people, particularly teens.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 50 percent of high school students are sexually active. Each year, millions of  those teens contract sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV, herpes, and  gonorrhea. Nearly half of all infections occur in people between the ages of 15  and 24.
The app also encourages users to regularly visit their doctor for STD checks. Those who are disease-free can have their doctor post their status on the app. For those with STDs, the app lets you track your treatment,  medications, and appointments.
Another app hoping to promote safe sex habits is iCondom, which can locate the closest store or vendor to buy condoms. MTV Staying Alive and iCondom are building what they dub the “world’s largest condom distribution map for iPhone, the first user-generated  map of its kind.”
If you need an app to determine where to buy a condom, you must be living under a rock (or maybe you are Sandra Fluke).  They are available practically everywhere these days.
I guess with technology the way it is today, kids prefer to communicate with apps as opposed to direct conversation. Maybe it will deter STDs since the public indoctrination system isn’t doing such a good job at curbing them.

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0 responses to “It's come to this…

  1. And this generations moral sickness continues to propagate. I actually pity those who think this is a cool and/or “responsible” invention; they obviously have no idea what true intimacy is.

  2. Alrighty then… not quite as tawdry as a “key party,” but almost as personal.

  3. Can’t someone lie to their smart phone about their STD status?

    • Excellent point k!

    • “Those who are disease-free can have their doctor post their status on the app.”
      It’s a rigorously-secured cloud-based app for doctor-doctor, doctor-pharmacy and doctor-patient communications that does much more than what is described here. Only the doctor has access to the status database.

  4. Perhaps next generation phones, due out the day after, will offer even better protection. Phones will then come with orifices for male owners, and projections for female owners. Then the owners can enjoy themselves even more safely, just as in the following:
    There was a young man from Racine,
    Who invented a loving-machine,
    Both concave and convex,
    It could serve either sex,
    Entertaining itself in-between. (Thanks to the unknown Limerick originator.)

  5. Thank you DCG for this post, showing the miserable morality headed by secularism that has invaded and violated this nation. It makes me sick. Can you imagine how much Our Lord is offended?


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