It's Climategate, the Video!

Just in time for Earth’s Day 2010 comes news that Arctic sea ice is the highest for this date in EIGHT years. Furthermore, a Russian scientist says the Arctic may be getting colder, not warmer. So tell the little kiddies that we need not worry about the polar bears going extinct.
And now, here’s something to get us started on our weekend. Watch this spoof video before global warming fraudster Michael Mann gets YouTube to remove it!

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Oh Eowyn,you out did yourself! this cracked me up so bad! {the original song is one of my mom’s favorites {draggin the line} I laughed soo hard, besides the fact Al Gore is a frippin joke!!! I’m sorry for anybody that gave this asshat money. Guys if you have any doubt at all, just close your eyes—think back to your grandma,grampa,great grandma,great grampa and further! now,realize what the libtards have done to your brain? I better head for bed I’m mispelling????


Now Michael Mann wants to sue:
Typical democrat – whine, cry, pout, and try to get some money while you’re at it.
Vox Populi


Totally a riot of a video! Thanks Eowyn! Gore needs to give back the Nobel prize and the money!