"It's all good in the hood"…

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Fast-acting McDonald’s workers beat up robber, take gun
KHOU: (HOUSTON) — Two brothers, one a father and the other a soon-to-be father, did not think twice when three armed robbers stormed a McDonald’s near Willowbrook Mall late Thursday.
“It was kind of like out of a movie scene,” Brodrique Banks, 24, who was working in the kitchen, said.
Banks and his 21-year-old brother, Xavier, said it was around midnight Thursday when three men with guns pulled up to the restaurant on Highway 249 at N. Gessner.
“As they pulled up, you can see a guy spring out through the window. He was armed and masked and everything,” Banks said.
One of the men climbed through a drive-through window, but Banks surprised the gunman and beat him up and took his gun after it jammed.
“Once it jammed, I was able to grip it, and get it away. By that time, I hit him with a couple of knees,” Banks said. Banks fired the gun away from everyone to empty the clip.
Employees locked the drive-through window and waited for police to arrive, but the two gunmen outside shot out the window so the suspect inside could escape.
Authorities said the three men left empty-handed, and they even left behind the truck they pulled up in, which was reported stolen. No employees were injured in the attempted robbery.
Everyone was left shaken up and Banks had some words of wisdom for the suspect. “There are other ways, you have to be patient. Something will fall through as long as you’re trying. I just feel bad for him,” he said.
Banks said he watches a lot of wrestling and that’s where he learned his moves.
Police are trying to figure out if the same guys are connected to other restaurant robberies in the area.
Score one for the good guys!

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  1. I was born into and grew up through Grade School [GS] in a classic old-time Chicago neighbourhood. There were various gangs and head tough guys, so one was forced to take sides and show fealty to at least one of the gangs. By the time I was eight yrs I knew how to interrogate a prisoner w/a lit cigarette, not something usually found on one’s CV. Fortunately I never had to, but this gives you, dear reader, what normality was sixty-five years ago in the white man’s ‘hood! It also taught me the huge amount of bravado these ‘tough guys’ used to impress themselves on others, and that was –and still is– their biggest weak point.
    Yet there was no overt crime, as our fathers would have killed us when we were found out, if you can imagine that. This was simply how young males were prepared for survival in a ‘great’ metropolis; something like this is still taking place today, as this incident shows. Unfortunately, this also shows there are fewer strong families today w/fathers to enforce domestic tranquillity and instil a code of moral conduct and ethical behaviour.
    Something like this must have happened in Brodrique Banks’ life, as he knew how to stand up to and fend off such pumped up fools. As he said, “There are other ways, you have to be patient. Something will fall through as long as you’re trying.” Surely this shows considerable maturity and a moral code that is presently completely lacking in these wanna be tough guys.
    As DCG wrote, Score one for the good guys!

  2. This is a great story! Unfortunately, if they are employees, the brothers will likely get fired by gutless management.

  3. If management fires the Banks brothers, we’ll start a petition!

  4. Let’s hear it for the good guys!!! 😀

  5. Good news! Bless you for posting this one, for sure. And I love that guy’s shirt, too, with dear Fred Rogers who I loved. Yep, good news in the hood!!


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