It's all fake news: Newspaper used pic of Alec Baldwin for President Trump

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This is hilarious.
Actor Alec Baldwin has been doing an impression of Donald Trump on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.
Yesterday, Feb. 10, 2017, in a lead article about Trump and Israel, Dominican Republic’s oldest and most important newspaper El Nacional used a photo of Baldwin-as-Trump side-by-side with a photo of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

El Nacional later apologized for their mistake in this statement:

El Nacional published on Friday as Donald Trump a picture of actor Alec Baldwin, who imitates on a television program the president of the United States. The picture was sent that day by Associated Press (AP) with the name of the actor and reported on the program, but was placed as if it were Trump’s, a situation that went unnoticed for all who reviewed page 19. National apologizes to the readers and all those who felt affected by the publication.

Source: ZeroHedge
What’s next?
How about this Trump cat for President Trump?
Donald Trump cat

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0 responses to “It's all fake news: Newspaper used pic of Alec Baldwin for President Trump

  1. Use the kitty pic – that’d be hilarious! HA!

  2. The cat is far better looking than creep Baldwin, IMO.

  3. I doubt, if they have done so for reasons of copy_right.
    It is likely to they have done so deliberately, i.e. that the editorial line is clearly anti-Trump, hence the photo.
    The picture is striking, it is true.
    Already do not know what to do, looking for all sorts of things to attack the President of United States of America, which does not carry or two months of actual Presidency.
    Thanks for these things.

  4. It is disgusting that this newspaper would use a picture of someone else, even it they slightly looked like Trump. Apologies just are not enough! Any subsidies to Dominican Republic should be cut . . . let them look to Alec Baldwin to give them subsidies!

  5. Kevin J Lankford

    I’m sure the low-lifes of SNL could not be more proud to be a part of the efforts of the lying media to berate Trump in the same way they made it their real goal to destroy Sara Palin with tina fey’s mockeries.
    There are those who still think tina fey’s imitations were the real thing, and they made no attempt to enlighten those they truly fooled. But then, that doesn’t say much for some of the voters either.

  6. The real purveyors of fake news in this story is the AP. We found proof that two AP writers colluded with the Department of State and Hillary Clinton’s criminal cabal during the Benghazi hearings, in order to DECEIVE Congress about production of emails.
    As for the DR’s El Nacionale, the only people they’re deceiving is local readership. One has to wonder how many fake stories can they print before people look elsewhere for news.


  8. Seen ’round the world (and probably by their readership) on WrestleMania and they still used Baldwin’s pic?

  9. Alec Baldwin-our de facto president.

  10. editor de noticias hispano muy tonto

  11. Talk about Third World’ers!
    Then again, I don’t know what their Dominican Republic President looks like either.
    I wonder how the Baldwin brothers are getting along these days. Stephen B. is a Christian for some time now & also a Trump supporter. I wonder if he & bro Alec clash.
    Let’s show ’em all who’s Boss…
    President Trump supporters unite:
    by “Main Street Patriots – It’s Not About Left Or Right, It’s About Right Or Wrong”:
    Locations – More Needed:
    More Info/Organizer Bios:
    https://mainstreetpatriots .us/press-releases/
    I don’t see a twitter mentioned at their site (not good);
    But they do suggest city/state-level rally organizers use Facebook to advertise, etc. (ugh on FB).
    They suggest 2/27 & 3/4 as dates for rallies.
    But 2/27 is a Monday & not a federal holiday so that doesn’t seem smart; people have to work, etc.
    3/4 is a Saturday, mucho betta idea/date.

  12. Does this mean that Abraham Lincoln was REALLY a vampire…..according to Hollywierd and the FAKE press? Hmmmm. If I were a devotee of getting my “news” from Saturday Night Live…or social media, or Hollywierd…..I’d believe it 100%. I’d be wearing a bunch of garlic hanging around my neck.

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  14. This might sound off-topic, but I think we’re being duped by it all–what made me nearly completely convinced of that was the fact that, back in the early 1980’s, after Reagan was elected president, there’s a picture of him shaking hands with Trump, and Reagan reportedly made the comment that to shake hands with Trump was like shaking hands with a future president. Now, satan is said to perform all manner of false miracles before Christ returns–what if one of those types of false miracles would be to convince his people here on earth that he can foretell the future, then he picks one of them that he tells them all he will make into a future president–then, low and behold, over the years things begin coming about–including Trump coming down that escalator right before he announced that he was running for president, that was ‘foreshadowed’ in an episode from the Simpsons?
    After I saw that photo of Reagan and Trump, then read what Reagan said about how he felt as though he was shaking hands with a future president, that helped me make up my mind about it–those occultists in the new world order have been planning it all for decades and decades now, with supernatural help from the fallen angels–how else could those ‘foreshadowings’ come about if they hadn’t arranged it all, to try and convince their own of their ability to make it all come true? It makes me so very sad to have realized that, but if this is truly the time before the return of Christ it would stand to reason, since the fallen ones will be allowed to do such things before they are destroyed forever by the Lord–at least, that’s how I understand it all anyway. Maybe I’ve jumped to unwarranted conclusions here, but until I find something that can change my view of what’s going on, I’m stuck with seeing it that way.

    • Or you could look at it another way: The Lord knows all and maybe he feels we have suffered enough of the bad policies of the last 25 years and needed someone who could help get us through the chaos. Not putting heavenly powers on Trump, just saying maybe he can work with all of us who want to get our country moving in the right direction, and be the president to get it done.

  15. Alec Baldwin is a looser.

  16. I like the cat as Donald Trump! That is about the only picture by someone spoofing Donald Trump that I chuckle at. The rest are just mean. Take it from me, I know cats like Donald Trump, and as President we like him even more. As for the Baldwin brothers, I think Stephen and Daniel have had enough of their brother’s politics. Just recently read Daniel said “Let’s stop the division and get on with life”, or a statement close to that Effect? Can’t remember his exact wording.


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