Itching For a Fight

Itching for a fight
by Tom in NC
I think our country is on the brink of revolution.
This government is doing anything and everything it can to wreck and ruin 234 years of progress. Why else would our government saddle us with such debt, destroy the best healthcare system in the world, mock and disparage TEA Party patriots and treat our country’s founding documents as toilet paper.
Obama has no idea that the giant he has awakened is a formidable force that’s going to take him down along with his minions and his agenda. If he thinks for a mere second that the citizens of this country are not going to fight back, well then the depth of his ignorance is immeasurable. Even now, individual states are starting to fight back with their own legislation to counter his socialism and people are tying up his Marxist agenda in the courts. We are not taking this sitting down, we will fight him on every front, down to our last dime and even down to our last breath.
Obama thinks he can spit on the will of the people such as in the case of Arizona where the governor signed into law making illegal immigration a crime (damn, I thought it was a crime all this time) which is subject to jail time and deportation. The people in Arizona (the law abiding people, that is) overwhemingly support this law as well as people across the country. However, Obama says it is misguided and is trying to get it shot down.
Message for Obama: listen up dumbass, you and this joke of a Congress have done nothing to protect our borders. The illegals, drug runners, murderers and very possibly terrorists continue to pour over our border in the thousands everyday. You won’t take action, so the states have to. YOU, OBAMA ARE IN VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION, YOU ARE NOT PROTECTING THE CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY. If I had my way you would already be impeached, tried and convicted and imprisoned.
I saw this on Big Government yesterday:
Now at first I thought this was a joke but then reality set in and I realized that this bastard Obama will not enforce our border laws but he is perfectly willing to try and provoke a confrontation with PEACEFUL TEA Party Protestors by calling in riot police in full riot gear. The inevitable is bound to happen, I pray it doesn’t, but all it will take is a trigger happy/nervous cop to shoot and kill a peaceful, unarmed TEA Party protestor and this country is going to explode in REVOLUTION. If this happens, God help you liberals everywhere, because it is going to be open season on you everyday.
I’m to the point now where I don’t care. You liberals claim that no human being is illegal but yet you kill thousands of human beings in the womb everyday, human beings who never took their first breath of air, much less committed a crime, but yet you want to protect criminals in this country illegally. I would trade one of these babies’ life for a hundred liberals, so if it comes down to revolution you would be advised to cower in momma and poppa’s basement corner and reevaluate your life, it might just save your life in the end.
-Tom in NC

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10 years ago

All I have to say is — Obama can’t win—The military will not stand behind him. He should worry about both the people and the military. No thinking soldier is going to shoot innocent civilians and if any of them do Obama is toast.

10 years ago

Itching for a fight he is….he’s planning on doing as much destruction as much as he can before November. The Traitor can push us so far then we’ll be over the ledge – let the revolution begin to fight this Commie bas*ard!

10 years ago

We are rapidly approaching crunch time, folks. Either America as it was founded will continue, or it won’t. There is no more middle ground anymore. You cannot compromise with communists, not even for a second. Yes, I realize 98% of Americans went to government school, and doesn’t know what communism really is, and click off when they hear the M or C word, but dammit, that is what we are now facing. Choose well, my friends, as we aren’t going to get one other crack at this – at least in the voting booth, anyway. And that crack comes in… Read more »

10 years ago

I agree with Dave-you cannot compromise with evil, any kind of evil! Never! Because of narcissism, the current regime and leaders under-estimate the goodness and resolve of the American people! We will continue to fight against socialism and evil!