Italians Take First Place in Global March Against Chemtrails

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Yesterday, our Trail Dust posted a video of a talk given by Dane Wigington (a former employee of Bechtel Power Corp. and a licensed contractor) on what he claims to be the U.S. govt’s geoengineering of Earth’s climate via planes spraying chemicals in the air, forming visible chemtrails. NASA’s “playing god” is a wrong-headed attempt to combat supposed global warming by cooling Earth’s temperatures with the spraying, which turns out to have horrible unintended consequences, one of which is California’s historic drought.
In a comment, I asked “If what Wigington says is true, NASA’s geoengineering doesn’t just affect California, it’s changing GLOBAL climate. What do other countries know? Why aren’t they protesting?”
Here’s the answer to my question.

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0 responses to “Italians Take First Place in Global March Against Chemtrails

  1. Doc, thankyou for posting this. Another topic in which you will not hear about in the media. Our own Department of Defense, Bill Gates and Monsanto. Very evil agenda here. A meeting in Shasta County a couple years ago finally got peoples attention. HR 2977 I think paragraph 7 chem trails mentioned under space weapons. Remember, conspiracy is what they have used on people for years. It has worked until now. There is now documented proof of what they are spraying. they make us sick and big pharma waiting to swoop in with the cure or bandaid.

    • tina,
      I looked up HR 2977: Space Preservation Act of 2001. The bill’s purpose is a permanent ban on basing of weapons in space. It asks that:
      “The President shall (1) implement a permanent ban on space-based weapons of the United States and remove from space any existing space-based weapons of the United States; and (2) immediately order the permanent termination of research and development, testing, manufacturing, production, and deployment of all space-based weapons of the United States and their components.”
      In Sec. 7: DEFINITIONS, the bill says “In this Act…The terms `weapon’ and `weapons system’ include…exotic weapons systems such as…chemtrails…and weapons designed to damage space or natural ecosystems (such as the ionosphere and upper atmosphere) or climate, weather, and tectonic systems with the purpose of inducing damage or destruction upon a target population or region on earth or in space.”
      Introduced by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (Ohio) on Oct. 2, 2001, HR 2977 had no cosponsors. The bill has died in Congress, its status listed as “Unfavorable Executive Comment Received from Dept of Defense.”

      • Turns out HR 2977 was not written by Kucinich but by 2 UFO enthusiasts. From
        One of the more pervasive myths regarding “chemtrails” is that 2008 presidential hopeful Dennis Kuchinich tried to have them banned by an act of congress, but was pressured by the government to modify the act to remove the mention of “chemtrails”. So what really happened? In a nutshell, Kucinich did not write the bill (or read it, until too late), the focus of the bill is nothing to do with chemtrails, it was written by UFO enthusiasts Alfred Webre and Carol Rosin, who were trying to:
        Nullify a vast conspiracy by the “military-industrial complex”
        Allow the use of suppressed alien technology for free energy
        Avoid accidentally shooting down (or scaring away) visiting aliens.
        They listed a bunch of weird weapons, including mind control, tectonic weapons and (very briefly) chemtrails. The bill was re-written several time in less unusual language to give it chance of passing, but ultimately fizzled in committee.

        • From a comment by reader CTYForganization on
          Kucinich recently told the Columbus Alive newspaper (Jan. 24, 2002) that despite official denials, as head of the Armed Services oversight committee he is well acquainted with chemtrail projects. “The truth is there’s an entire program in the Department of Defense, ‘Vision for 2020,’ that’s developing these weapons,” Kucinich told reporter Bob Fitrakis. The U.S. Space Command’s 2020 vision calls for “dominance” of space, land, sea and air.

  2. Yep, Chemtrails article. I take this sort of thing with a mindset of “Interesting but not really proved – yet.”
    I will say, over the last year there have been a big increase in what I would call hard, solid evidence.
    I would rather be informed than not. Hope you look at it the same way.
    You should click on the link toward the bottom about California being targeted by our shadow government for more.
    Dr. Eowyn posted: “Yesterday, our Trail Dust posted a video of a talk given by Dane Wigington (a former employee of Bechtel Power Corp. and a licensed contractor) on what he claims to be the U.S. govt’s geoengineering of Earth’s climate via planes spraying chemicals in the “

  3. Great post! I had no idea that chemtrails were a phenomena that was experienced worldwide. Every time we have a nice, sunny day here in Portland, Oregon, you can bet your bottom dollar you will see the chemtrails! It rather angers me, when thinking of Bill Gates and all of his money . . . he can just keep screwin with the rest of us. I hope his children, and grandchildren live to reap the rewards of his screwie thinking.

  4. Where are these planes being loaded with this junk? Seems to me we could start watching for loading facilities. Where are the trucks loaded with it being loaded? If we can find that,it should be possible to get the truck loading,transport and plane loading recorded for release to the web. Not sure what can be done to stop it,unless the threat to take it public would do it. If there’s recorded evidence of the whole process,there might be enough to take to an Attorney-maybe Orley Taitz,someone who’s not scared of the Feds.

    • A good idea Truck, I’ve suggested before that people trace the planes to their point of origin and examine things, however, some seem to be coming off military bases (around here anyway) so good luck getting entry, much less inspecting the things, and even if they land at commercial airports you’d have to worry about The Sexual Abusers/TSA creeping around… and even then the systems could be disguised, I had heard of one plane with it’s electricity-mitigating wing antennae hollowed out and utilized as sprayer tubes, but that one is only hearsay.
      Who has the courage to track one of these and document things as they find them? Who has optics good enough to read tail numbers off the offending planes and be able to see their make and model? Who has friendship with someone who works in air traffic control, who might be able to verify what the planes are calling themselves?
      These are all things that folks really need to work on, that really isn’t getting worked on, for one reason or another, and of course anyone focusing attention on planes, or looking at them with some advanced optical device is going to be very likely considered a “terrorist” on those grounds alone, because of the state-induced phobia of anyone doing anything with regards to planes.

      • Lots of good points, Seumas. Here in BC there are at least two white, UNMARKED, chemtrail spray planes kept at a now little-used WW2 airfield just below Vancouver, off the main freeway to the States, BC HWY 1 which becomes US IS Hwy 5 at the border. The field is on the old main road, now a frontage road parallel to HWY 1 near Delta, BC, only rarely seen by people, as the vegetation’s grown in sixty years to obscure it. I came across it accidentally when looking for a wholesale nursery during the Eighties. ALL planes –the same as boats & ships– are supposed to carry identifying insignia, but these were strangely monocolour white.
        We have two more of these planes here at Sidney, but I haven’t found their lair yet. At least twice a day in sunny weather, morning & afternoon, they can be seen dispersing aerosol chemtrails high above. You’ll learn to recognise their chemtrails as they don’t dissipate as contrails do, but rather gradually spread out in a very characteristic ‘rippled’ patterns, which normal contrails and clouds never make. Afterwards descended amounts of aluminum and barium compounds are collected by observers for analysis.

  5. A great and timely article. For decades, they have “seeded” clouds for rain, why not go a step further. Is it to promote their global warming, to spread disease, to control births, the list could go on.
    Thankfully Some of Europe is fighting against Monsanto, BASF, Dow and a couple of other companies. It is all about the money with them, to heck on the ramifications to the world.
    The tests done and info out there about the results of using GMO foods and Roundup is numbing.
    Anyone that thinks Monsanto is not dangerous and the hell it puts farmers through around the world, needs to watch the Documentary, The Future of Food. I know it was available on Netflix, but should be other sources now.
    The changes in our blood, fetuses and genes, is so important to understand.
    You have to wonder, Gates is a true eugenics believer, along with others in our government, and needs to be feared.

  6. If they could spray Agent Orange (and expose American servicemen in the process, disregarding the health risks…. which they could deny at VA death centers, er., hospitals) in Vietnam, then what’s stopping them from spraying any kind of noxious chemicals everywhere…. and what might their end purpose be?
    …. a 90% reduction of the world’s population?

    • 90% would be fine by Them, as that leaves enough for servants and serfs. Never forget Heinrich Kissinger’s characteristion of Us as ‘useless eaters,’ a remarkable statement coming from a socipath who after more than eighty years in the USA STILL can’t be bothered to speak decent English.

      • “after more than eighty years in the USA [Kissinger] STILL can’t be bothered to speak decent English.”
        Excellent point!

        • Kissinger is such a creepy war crimes criminal that it was a breeze for Peter Sellars to satirise him as Dr Strangelove in the eponoymous movie, one we all need to see at least once, IMO.

    • I have a good friend who was exposed to Agent Orange,and it’s screwed up not only HIS health,but his 3 kids ALSO have medical problems from it. The VA keeps giving him topical treatment and passing him on to different doctors,and they flat DENY his kids are eligible for any help. As it stands,he can’t work (an infection that won’t go away,blindness in one eye,black outs,kidney and lung trouble,migrains and possible stomach cancer) It really pisses me off that the Government who sprayed him and others,REPEATEDLY with something they didn’t yet know the full effect of,is just blowing it off now. This is ANOTHER Miscarriage of Justice that needs to be SERIOUSLY investigated.

      • Hello, truckjunkie [can I say ‘TJ’, as I had a friend fifty years ago by that name?] and welcome to the VA in war & peace!
        Here in Kanada we have a huge base in Goose Bay [don’t ask if you don’t know!] where THOUSANDS of US soldiers were processed before, during, & after VietNam. Many of them were screened by Canuck docs as having these problems, BUT the VA denied them! Not only that, but many of the documents ‘disappeared’ so it’s nearly impossible to prove, except by anecdotes from dying military.
        When I have time I’ll post a long article about it, if Eo thinks it useful. []

  7. With reference to Agent Orange….
    I’m reminded of a Made For TV film starring the late John Ritter and Alfre Woodard. He was a Vietnam vet (of personal interest to me were the ‘flashback scenes’ showing him serving in MY division in VN, being exposed to the chemicals on the ground), and she was employed at a VA hospital where he went for treatment. I recall that his character pleaded with her, on behalf of all the affected vets:
    “Please help us…. we’re dying out here” (or words to that effect).
    Has there ever been a war where veterans didn’t suffer afterward? Where they could echo those words?


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