It Runs in the Family: Obama Mom’s Social Sec Application is Fake

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In response to a Freedom of Information Request (FOIA) to the Social Security Administration for the release of Stanley Ann Dunham’s ( Obama’s mother ) application for a Social Security card ( the SS-5 form ), the following was released:

Click form to enlarge

At the bottom of Dunham’s SS-5 form is Stanley Ann Dunham’s signature and, to the left of the signature, is her handwritten date:

May 22, 1959

Below that is a printed line that ends with the month (July) and year (1965) when the SS-5 form was printed:

Revised on 7/65

Isn’t that odd.

How could Dunham, in 1959, sign a form that wouldn’t be printed until SIX YEARS later?

H/t ObamaReleaseYourRecords.


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8 responses to “It Runs in the Family: Obama Mom’s Social Sec Application is Fake

  1. Eowyn:
    Demonrat forgers are playing head games with the people of the United States.
    It’s even more laughable than the photoshopped birth certificate.

  2. Everything with O is odd and fraudulent…

  3. Captain Typo was obviously off his game when this was issued.

  4. I hate to tell you this boys and girls, but if you blow up the application in a graphics program, the revised date is clearly 7-55 and not 7-65.

    • Beckwith,

      We don’t need a “graphics program” to enlarge the image of Dunham’s Social Sec Application Form. Just click on the image in the post and anyone can see the PRINTED revised date in the bottom right of the form says 7-65.

      But you agree that the month is 7 (July). So even if you were right about the year — which you aren’t — this still means the form was printed after Dunham had signed it, because Dunham’s signature was dated May 22, 1959. July comes two months after May!

      Now let’s see you explain how Dunham could have signed a form that BY YOUR OWN ADMISSION wouldn’t exist until TWO MONTHS later.

      And you can stick your superior attitude (“I hate to tell you this boys and girls”) up where the sun don’t shine.

  5. Eowyn

    “because Dunham’s signature was dated May 22, 1965”??? Where are you reading? I see May 22, 1959. At any rate, “you people” can pound your heads against the wall trying to prove this and that. I don’t think Obama is going anywhere.

    • Thanks for catching my typo, Edith. I just corrected that date to May 22, 1959. Of course, your catching my typo doesn’t affect my point at all — which is that Obama’s mom Stanley Ann Dunham, on May 22, 1959, signed a Social Security application form that was printed 6 years 1+ months later in July 1965. Cheers!

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