It Just Wasn't His Day

It just wasn’t Robert Legall’s day.
Legall, a 10-year Sanitation Department worker, was driving a 16-ton salt-spreading truck inside a third story Sanitation Department repair shop in Queens, New York, when he lost control. The vehicle was rammed through the wall, smashing huge chunks of the building onto parked cars below. Two cars were crushed by the debris but no pedestrians were hurt..
As the truck perched, hanging three-quarters of the way out of the building, Legall screamed for help….

Firefighters got Legall down, safely. It just wasn’t his day…to die.
Source: Daily Mail

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Clifton Lee West
Clifton Lee West

I have been a fatalist all my life because of things like this. Our whole existance on this planet is a gamble, from start to finish, so the best bet is to do as well as you can, while you can, because you never know what may be coming in the next few minutes. I doubt anyone could have predicted that this would happen at this time.


LOL – Legall best be in church on Sunday, on his knees and thanking God that he didn’t get crushed like a bug had that truck actually fallen.