It isn’t over: BLM says it made no deal with Bundy

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Neil Kornze

BLM Director Neil Kornze

The Obama-BLM war against Nevadan rancher Cliven Bundy isn’t over.

Last Saturday, April 12, 2014, citing “safety concerns,” the BLM announced a premature halt to confiscating Bundy’s cattle and released about 400 head of cattle it had seized. BLM’s “operation” war, originally expected to take up to a month, ended after only a week.

Martin Griffith reports for The Associated Press that Bundy’s cattle were freed after hundreds of states’ rights protesters, some of them armed militia members, showed up at corrals outside Mesquite to demand the animals’ release. (An eyewitness says it was not hundreds, but THOUSANDS of protesters.)

Doug GillespieLas Vegas Police Lt. Dan Zehnder told the AP that Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie was able to negotiate a resolution after talking with Bundy.

But Bureau of Land Management spokesman Craig Leff denies there was a deal. He said, “The BLM and National Park Service did not cut any deal and negotiate anything. There was no deal we made. The door isn’t closed. We’ll figure out how to move forward with this.” Leff said the BLM will continue to try to resolve the matter with Bundy “administratively and judicially,” but declined to comment on BLM’s possible options.

The several hundred cows gathered during the roundup were short of the BLM’s goal of 900 cows that it says have been trespassing on U.S. land without required grazing permits for over 20 years. The BLM insists Bundy owes more than $1 million in grazing fees. But Bundy, the last rancher in Nevadas Clark County, has been fighting a “one-man range war” since 1993, when he decided to take a stand against the BLM by refusing to pay fees for the right to graze on a ranch run by his family for centuries.

The fight between Bundy and the BLM widened into a debate about states’ rights and federal land-use policy. Bundy does not recognize federal authority on land he says belongs to Nevada.

After years of court battles, in the name of protecting endangered desert tortoise in the region, the BLM secured a federal court order to have Bundy’s “trespass cattle” forcibly removed and, last week, dispatched some 200 agents armed with automatic weapons and sniper rifles to Bundy’s ranch about 75 miles outside of Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, environmental nazis are now irked with the BLM, accusing the bureau of capitulating to threats of violence from the “armed militia thugs” who have converged to support Bundy.

rob-mrowka1Rob Mrowka, senior scientist with the Center for Biological Diversity, wants the federal government to pursue legal action against Bundy. Back in April 2012, the Center had filed a notice of intent to sue the BLM for canceling a planned roundup of Bundy’s cattle at the last minute.

Mrowka fumed, “The BLM has a sacred duty to manage our public lands in the public interest, to treat all users equally and fairly. Instead it is allowing a freeloading rancher and armed thugs to seize hundreds of thousands of acres of the people’s land as their own fiefdom. The BLM is setting a dangerous precedent in announcing that it will pick and choose who has to follow federal laws and who it will reward for violating them.”

The Green Nazis should know that the BLM’s war on Bundy has precious little to do with desert tortoise.

It’s all about democrat Nevada senator Harry Reid and his deal with the Chinese to build massive solar facilities on Bundy’s land. See “Dirty Harry Reid Has His Hands All Over Bundy/BLM Dispute.


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0 responses to “It isn’t over: BLM says it made no deal with Bundy

  1. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this important post. Once again, the government twists what this matter is really about, setting forth a response that has got nothing to do with why BLM wants to steal the land, as Dr. Eowyn set forth in her conclusion. Leave it to Harry Reid and his unethical tactics. The government is using material fallacies instead of being truthful to the American people and to Bundy.

  2. This thing has been brewing all day. The Chicoms want their money’s worth. The enviro-nazis have to complete their unholy sacrifice to the false gods of nature. The federal government is furious to have been publicly humiliated that way.

    There is no way these pigs aren’t coming back for another bite. And we know that when they do, it will likely look like what they did in Waco, or even like the invasion of Watertown, Massachusetts a year ago. They’ll come back in with people who are more inclined to kill Americans.

    But if they do, they will be creating a battle cry like, “Remember the Alamo.” The Bundy’s can’t be made to look like crazy people, or like religious cultists like the Waco bunch. They are already emblazoned on the American consciousness as Mom and Pop, as all the cowboys we grew up watching at the movies, as you and me. If President Lucifer hurts or kills them, a fire will start that will burn this government down. (I’m not speaking as a revolutionary, but as someone who has a background in advertising, branding and market positioning. If these spec-ops wannabes have fun at the Bundys’ expense it will send a message they will soon regret.)

    • That’s what agitprop is for Traildust, agitate, provoke emotional reaction, etc. if a “revolution” were to be sparked from the Bundy ranch incident, then unfortunately, the plans the puppets of evil have for a second civil war would be realized, because the standing militias etc. do not yet appear to have proper knowledge of what that is being used for… lots of guns and lots of passion but little understanding of how the puppets of evil operate will pretty much ensure that any “spring” will be controlled and managed by the already compromised “tea party” and “occupy” movements. (Even the local “occupy” movement where I live is infiltrated by puppets of the puppets.)

      The particular trouble is, if this goes off too soon, without proper and well-informed leadership, then trying anything after it has already started, will be incredibly difficult. Not to mention the masses of “regular people” who are the more mall-going hedonist types will invariably side with the govstapo forces, who may, in turn, arm them or conscript them.

      Suffice it to say that I would hope this is not a trigger event.

  3. The ongoing battle needs nationwide support for the Bundy’s ranch, Waco could be repeated. This is a war between 300 million individual Americans and NWO/UN/Agenda 21 globalists robbing each of us of everything as they destroy the United States of America. We should not rest in this, our rights will not be secure until the plans of a few who despise everyone else are revealed. Resumption of confrontation may be delayed until after election time, so victory of candidates who are for maintaining our great country is necessary. Do not rest in confidence because things are quiet for a moment. On the contrary, we must be even more concerned for our families and our country every day. And don’t be distracted by efforts to have us pretend to struggle for another people’s freedom while we lose our own.

  4. I have a question though. How “legal” IS the BLM’s claim of ownership of Nevada’s land? I never voted to give it to BLM;nobody I’m aware of has ever voted to give Nevada’s land over to the Government. Since the Government’s primary purpose is to serve the will of We The People,I say the US Government,and any of its Agencies have NO authority to manage,or MIS-manage,the land belonging rightly to the State of Nevada.

  5. “sacred duty”? what manner of cultish psychopath does mr. mrowka consider himself? spyentologist perhaps? The BLM isn’t anything sacred, it is as much a rapist of land as any heedless factory-farming rancher or corporate industrial dumper. They are a superfluous agency that should simply be cut from all funding, the same as the TSA and DHS should be cut from all funding, as the caners that they are. (We don’t need the NSA, either.)

    I still thinkt he Bundies should utilize the tortoise angle, if they make it publically known that they’re helping to preserve the creature in the first place, with their ranch, then an attack on them also becomes a direct endangerment to the tortoise and that would quickly turn some of the green meanies against BLM (some might view it as “hostage taking” or some nonsense, such is their psychosis.)

  6. Great post, Doc!

  7. Obviously, some PLA-linked operation throwing millions around in a Solyndra-type boondoogle and probably polluting the place awfully is much better for that endangered tortoise…

  8. Center for Biodiversity is no better than the environazi group of Earth First. They are all the same, I know from way too many dealing with the eco freaks, fairies, earth muffins, tree huggers and hippies when I worked in the woods and fought fires. These hateful, narrow minded free loaders, most whom have never done any honest or REAL work are only concerned with saving the earth and could care less if people die in the process. In fact many of these eco-morons wish a lot of us would die to help foster in their utopian nightmare.

    Environazis need to become endangered ASAP. This is far from over and the regime is pissed off. I say, good and let the regime keep on kicking the hornets nest.


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