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Little pageant girls dressing up like whores and grown woman.  And now little girls are being paraded around New York’s Fashion Week.  The parents of this child should be ashamed…

Tarted-up little girls gyrate onstage in bizarro fashion show

A "pro" at six years old.

NY Post: A gaggle of 6-year-old cowgirls dolled up like JonBenet Ramsey pranced and gyrated onstage yesterday at a Midtown show loosely tied to Fashion Week.
Headlining the bizarre event was pageant queen Eden Wood, 6, a veteran of TLC’s “Toddlers & Tiaras,” who performed three routines — in which she slapped her rear, wriggled suggestively and whipped off her denim jacket to reveal a rhinestone-studded two-piece outfit.


Kelly Bensimon, of “The Real Housewives of New York” fame, played ringmaster at the Bryant Park Hotel to the event dubbed “The Cowgirl Riders Debutante Fashion Show.”  Bensimon egged on each of the pint-sized performers and even got up on-stage and danced along when one shy girl froze up as she appeared on the catwalk in a cowboy hat, gingham shirt and denim skirt to the opening strains of Bon Jovi’s “Dead or Alive.”

“How about some moving?” the former reality star said. “Like a rock girl.”  During another blond-haired girl’s routine, Bensimon cooed, “You look like a Ralph Lauren model! If you don’t get that campaign when you’re 15, I don’t know who will!”
Although most of the girls in the show were locals who auditioned, Eden has already made a career of kid pageants.  Asked how long she’d been dancing and singing, she replied in a Southern twang, “Since I could walk.”
“Somebody said that I was beautiful, so my mama put me in pageants, and I done it ever since,” she said. Eden insists she didn’t take any dance classes and that she’d practiced her complicated routines for two days, but for “only 30 minutes” a day.  As The Post reported yesterday, Eden is already a budding diva. She threw a tantrum at the Allure Fashion Week Lounge after being told she was too young to have her teeth whitened.
She made numerous appearances sporting different looks, including an ’80s Madonna-inspired getup with leopard-print leggings and a black tutu.  She also strutted her stuff, moon-walked and danced like MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice to songs including “U Can’t Touch This” and “Ice Ice Baby.”
For the finale, she sang her song “Cutie Patootie,” a shrill rap number that includes shout-outs to Oprah, Facebook and “Good Morning America,” and includes the lyrics, “Cu-tie, Cu-tie Pat-ootie/Rockin’ out the pageant stage and shak-in’ my boo-ty!” She explained in the song that she’s “lovin’ the attention/but I’m not needy.”
The just-retired kiddie-pageant champ, who racked up 300 wins by age 6, according to her representative, also vows in the song to have a career beyond any beauty contests. “I got my start in pageants/But I’m here to stay,” she declared.
Bensimon admits the performances aren’t for everyone.  Asked if she would enter her own kids to participate in such events, Bensimon said only to a point.  “I didn’t want to push my kids into something they didn’t feel good about,” she said. “But these kids were feeling good about it. And they walked away happy.
Asked if routines like Eden’s were too sexy for 6-year-olds, Bensimon defended the pageants.  “People are egging you on, your natural instinct is to go more,” she said.  “When you’re out there [onstage] by yourself, your instinct is not be reserved and tone it down, it’s to amp it up!”  But Bensimon says there’s nothing wrong with hamming it up.  “It’s the fact that they’re excited about what they’re doing, and therefore amping it up,” she said.
I certainly wouldn’t let a little girl of mine “ham it up” on stage by slapping and gyrating her rear.   The parents of all these little girls make me sick.
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0 responses to “It continues…

  1. That’s the reason that they have dials on TVs and Radios, if you don’t like it don’t watch or listen. Have you forgot what FREEDOM means? How many books did you burn today? Give it a rest, you probably believe in raising your child by some Dr. Of Head Medcine? Half of those people have NEVER had a child. There are a lot of things i don’t like people to do either but, FREEDOM is FREEDOM – FOR ALL!! By the way, you know a lot of whores do you? So you know what they look like? Semper Fi.

    • Hey, Vic!
      What a nasty supercilious scold you are. FREEDOM also means DCG can post about this on Fellowship of the Minds and whatever else she wants. Let me quote you: “If you don’t like it don’t watch or listen” or read this blog!!!!
      Sempi Fi

    • Please spare me your lecture. Not a very good way to make friends here at this blog…
      These parents certainly have the freedom to pimp out their kids. And I have the freedom to disagree with the fact that they are turning innocent young girls into whores.
      And I don’t need to personally know one to be aware of what a whore looks like. There’s a little thing you might have heard of called “Google”.

    • Actually, I have met a lot of whores, street walkers who worked up and down the highway where my business was located. I’d chat with them at bus stops where I was waiting to go home after work. Their pimps told them that they could legally loiter at bus stops. The tip off that they were hookers was that they never got on the buses. Sashaying around on the streets they were sassy and hard on the outside, sad and lost on the inside.
      One cold, rainy night one of the girls wistfully asked if I was on my way home and I told her I was. She said she couldn’t finish for the night until she “earned” $500.00. She was trying to flag down men in the parking lot of a shopping mall. She’d hop in the car and they’d drive around to the area of the loading dock. 10 minutes later she’d be back at the driveway entrance trying to catch eye of another driver. Sad, sad, sad….

  2. She’ll be pregnant by the time she’s 14.
    Some people just should not be allowed to bring children into this world.

  3. Next time it will be pasties, a g-string and pole dancing, no doubt.

  4. Yes we have freedom but what self-respecting, good parent, who cares about their child, would promote their beautiful child for pedophilia?
    This is beyond disgusting!

  5. If these parents want their children to do this sort of thing, so be it. I could care less what other parents do. My wife and I decided to concentrate on raising our children as children and insisted that they work hard in school and prepare for adulthood, the real one. There is a time for make believe and a time for reality and when children are extremely young, make believe is more fun and reality is tough and not fun at all, most of the time. Naturally, the children who grow up in a make believe world seem blessed to some, pathetic to others and, quite often, do wind up with as many manufactured problems as real problems. Here, again, it is their life to live as they see fit, even if the results are not what they expected. Life is rarely what we expect it to be, but most of us manage anyway.

    • Why would you not care about young girls being turned into little whores to parade around on stage? You’re ok w/pedophiles looking at this kind of stuff?
      Granted, parents are free to do what they want. Yet when it’s explicitly wrong and demoralizing to young girls, we as a community, must be concerned about the safety of all of our young children. You know, “it takes a village”? Seems rather callous and cold to me to not care about how young children are treated.

  6. There should be a public outcry about the exploitation and the sexualization of these children.
    A letter {E mail} writing campaign to TLC should be started.
    By the way “What the hell are they (TLC) trying to teach America???
    “The American media, Manipulating the minds of Americns for decades.”


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