Israel's Iron Dome missile shield intercepts 90% of Hamas' rockets

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U.S. taxpayers have “contributed” more than $1 billion in total to Israel’s Iron Dome, and around $10 billion annually on a wide range of rocket interceptors at home, about which the American people seem to know little as to their deployment or effectiveness.

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  1. 90% Good…100% Would be much better

  2. Yes, this American subsidized Iron Dome does give Israel the ‘Protective Edge.’

  3. traildustfotm

    Someone I know was doing a 300 mile fundraising bicycle ride through Israel the last time this kind of thing happened. He and the other riders were raising money for ALYN Hospital in Jerusalem, that treats children who would have no chance of survival unless they received cutting edge medical care. These children are from all neighboring areas, Israeli and Palestinian alike, with no prejudice. Even back then, as he was riding, he saw the rockets going overhead, and the “Iron Dome” knocking almost all of them out of the sky.


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