Israeli rabbi calls Obama a king

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It’s barf bag time, again.
The POS is visiting Israel — his first visit to Israel although he’s been President for 4+ years.
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the former Sephardic chief rabbi of Israel and an influential spiritual leader, says Obama is “a kind of king in our time.”

Rabbi Ovadia YosefRabbi Ovadia Yosef

Maariv reports (Blaze translation):

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef told his students that there is a great interest in seeing a king during this time and that Obama is a kind of king in our time. The rabbi added that it’s a mitzvah [a good deed or religious duty] to try to see President Obama in person.

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef was asked by his students how to behave in relation to the visit by the American president, and if and how to [recite a] blessing upon seeing him. In Ovadia’s opinion, anyone who is fortunate enough to see the president must [recite the blessing thanking God] “Gives dignity to flesh and blood.”

The rabbi explained that President Obama today is thought of as a king: “He can declare war on an enemy state and he has the authority to pardon those sentenced to death.”

Mr. Yosef, you may be a rabbi, but you’re an idiot.
The first Americans had fought and died in a grueling Revolutionary War of Independence precisely because they wanted self-government, instead of be subjects of a king.
Michael Childs of Patriot Action Network has the best commentary about the sickeningly sycophantic rabbi:

“The Jews have always had a problem recognizing a true King. As a matter of fact, they killed Him.

And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. 2nd Corinthians 11:14

I wonder if this ‘Rabbi’ were visited by the ‘Chancellor’ of Germany (circa 1934) would he have called him king and said a prayer for him? After all Heir Hitler had the power to “declare war on an enemy state and he has the authority to pardon those sentenced to death” – as it turns out he did (declare war on many states and on a people). […]

He’s [Rabbi Yosef] got to be drunk in order to believe that this president gives one iota of a crap about Israel.”


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0 responses to “Israeli rabbi calls Obama a king

  1. Gag…

  2. Rabbi Yosef is not very well informed is he?

    • After a short look at the photo of him shown above, one could get exactly that impression, yes.
      By the way, why the hell do those folks always change their names?
      Why can’t, or don’t they want to keep the names given to them by their parents?

      • For the same reason con-men keep changing their names and use other people’s addresses (personal experience of an ex-husband aka con-artist). Difficult to follow the paper trail.

  3. Shalom everybody! I’m really proud to have the honour of sharing the same world with such a decent man of divine wisdom like Rabbi Ovadia Yosef…irony mode off.
    What a creepy ol’ guy. Normally I would say: “come on, this tart was born in 1920 and is not capable of having a clear mind due to his age. No problem.”
    I just did a little research on his comments on other HUMAN BEINGS and I was nearly shocked, nearly because I already assumed in which directions his comments were heading.
    Escalation quote stage 1: The jews that died in the Holocaust (TM)
    were born-again sinners, so they deserved to die.
    Escalation quote stage 2: May all Palestinians and people who hate jews vanish from earth.
    Escalation quote stage 3: All goyim (i.e. Me 😉 are just born to serve jews. That’s their only purpose in life!
    Escalation quote stage 4: May God destroy them (Iran and Hisbollah) and wipe them off the face of the earth.
    Is that human? Where’s the love? How could one possibly “negotiate” with such “people”? I always wondered about what happened in Germany between ’33 and ’45, and even more, HOW that could happen. With the given information I have now, I have the glimpse of an idea how that could happen.
    I have the strong feeling that exactly such people and such comments are the root of hate against jews. I explicitely do not say anti-semitism, because we all know that semite is a language, arabs who live in the Middle East are also semites and this word is one of the most misused words ever!
    Keep your head’s up.
    P.S. the quotes are from wikipedia, haha, and I don’t even want to know anymore what he said, that’s NOT available on the Internet…

    • I have long had a struggle with God’s dire warning not to go against His people and any who do so, will do so at their own peril, not to mention that my Savior, Yahashua(Jesus) was a Jew. I do love and support Israel and God’s chosen people. My struggle has been accepting “Jews” like this Rabbi, (I’m not completely unconvinced that MANY horrific things that have happened are not in collusion with so-called “Zionist Jews”….some of the false flags we’ve seen as a country, and some of the political “turn-arounds”, such as George Bush’s denial that Jesus is the only way to heaven after meeting with high-ranking “Jews” in Israel many, many years ago.) All that being said, I say again, I STRUGGLED with this disconnect between what I perceived God’s people to be and some of their actions.
      THEN while studying my Bible the other day, ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURE, in Revelation 2:8-9, John recorded Yahushua’s words, “And unto the angel of the church in Smyrna write; These things saith the first and the last, which was dead, and is alive; I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” I KNOW THE BLASPHEMY OF THEM WHICH SAY THEY ARE JEWS, AND ARE NOT, BUT ARE THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN….THAT’S A PRETTY CLEAR CONDEMNATION AND LINE OF DEMARCATION BETWEEN “FAKE” JEWS AND GOD’S REAL CHOSEN PEOPLE.
      Then I began thinking, the Pharisees and Sadducees were Jews, too, and they murdered Yahushua….. Is it inconceivable that there are evil ppl who CLAIM the title “Jew” in Israel, only to be part of the “synagogue of satan” Yahushua spoke of….even in their government or high profile positions? Would I support THOSE ppl, just because they come from Israel and claim “Jew”…. That being said, just like I, as a teacher and more recently, an assistant principal, will NOT deny that there are horrible, horrific, damaging teachers, principals, & superintendents, (by God’s grace and the Holy Spirit’s guidance) SO will I NOT be one of the “elect”(Matthew 24:24) to be deceived by my preconceived notions….I LOVE God’s chosen ppl and pray for Israel, as a matter of fact I’m not wholly convinced(based on studying my Bible and the Scriptures I’ve read) that God’s chosen ppl won’t be given a special place in heaven AS His select ppl.
      All this being said, would you have ever expected WE, here in the USA, would have such EVIL running our country? In a land long considered to be a Christian country?
      …..and both Bush’s were just as bad….they spoke of the one world order MANY times. AND denied that Jesus was the only way to salvation. AND said allah and GOD were the same….all this and they claim to be Christian? seriously?
      Anyway, just my unworthy two-cents, in case anyone else has been struggling with this same issue. 🙂

  4. Wow! Score one for King Lucifer!
    This rabbi displays the same hideous ignorance I’ve come to expect from American Liberals!

    • Not only American Liberals, I guess…Seems to be a worldwide “ignorant liberals movement”. Irony that those who claim to be so tolerant are in reality the most ignorant (but not as early as they are “in charge”) %~)

    • The Liberals have to sign pledges of allegiance to the state of Israel, otherwise they’re out, the real king resides in Tel Aviv, LOL!!!
      Pictures of Western “statesmen” fornicating with the wailing wall is a rite of passage.

  5. Hey rabbi, go pork Yosef.

  6. Maybe this is just a report of something that didn’t happen, and the MSM are putting out a story with a photo that they either dug up out of some kind of photograph archive, or they just had a portrait session photo shoot, and had a stylist hire a fancy outfit that would look regal or something. Back in the day, when Samuel was the last Judge and High Priest of the children of Israel, , when they were clamoring for a king, God did warn them that kings were not the best way to go, but if they insisted, then Oh well……………………………….So maybe that misconception has been passed dow through the generations, rather like a generational curse. Who knows, the propoganda that is being dished out nowadays is really crass, and people really don’t believe what’s being said, but they go along with it because they are terrified of being droned or indefinately locked up, and they are freaked out because they lost their job and their home just got repossessed and they can’t imagine ever having healthcare ever again, and they need to fix their car, and their cell phone doesn’t work because the phone packages they sell don’t do anything but run out quicker than the money you just gave them. ‘this is utterly ridiculous, and whoever wrote the script should be ashamed of themself. ‘We don”t belive this for a minute and any one who has any discernment whatsoever i probabably laughing in a worn out way because really we all were not born yesterday, this really is the last straw.


  8. Michael Childs comment sums it up pretty well.
    It shows how intractable the situation is given the evil thoughts and hate speech spewed out by these rabbis – the children who are brought up reciting the same Talmudic hate speech have been brainwashed for life. I saw a photo on another blog (aangirfan) which shows israeli children writing messages of hate on missiles.
    These rabbis are going straight to hell for corrupting the children.

  9. Me thinks the good rabbi has been hitting the Manechewitz a little too often . Probably miss-spelled the brand but y’all get the point .

    • Oh yes, that liquid in his glass is surely not mere tea…
      “Manischewitz makes Kosher entertaining simple” 😉

      • At least my spelling wasn’t off too bad . Hell , if I was a gov’t school prisoner now I’d probably still get an A in spelling .

  10. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. I have been calling Obama a king for at least a couple of years, as it is the ultimate insult that an American give to government official. Rabbi, you know nothing apparently about American history! We revoluted against the “king” of England, “George”, the American colonies, precisely because he was a king and mighty unjust one at that. Look at the preamble of our Declaration of Independence which defines why the king was so horrible. Therefore, Rabbi, you have given Obama the ultimate insult by ratifying that he behaves as a king! Thank you!

  11. I do not want all of our money going to Israel. We are broke. Remember that the jews wanted nothing to do with Jesus and as someone stated earlier, even kill him. Jesus knocked the dust from his feet of the jews and religions leaders of the day. I do not think that Israel is the chosen people anymore. The rise of the anti-christ will be aided by the jewish people. Watch and see.

    • I cannot adequately express how very sick and tired I am by Jews still being described as the “chosen people.” As Christians, we don’t just have the Old Testament; there is the New Testament! Jesus said He came to make a new covenant, and those who follow Him are now His people.

      • I am glad that other people are no longer faithful to the jews as a chosen people and are speaking out. It seems that most of the Unite States, blindly following this and not really reading the bible for themselves to make their arguements with some actual facts from Jesus.


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