Israeli Chutzpah

Main Entry: chutzpah
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: fearlessness
Synonyms: arrogance, audacity, backbone*, balls, boldness, brass, gall, nerve, spine

Notice the exquisite timing on this, right after Netanyahu refuses Skippy’s demands.   ~LTG
JERUSALEM, May 23 (UPI) — The marketing and construction of 294 West Bank homes was approved by Israel’s Defense Ministry, a move that could hurt the peace process, Peace Now said.
The organization, which monitors settlement activity, reported the new construction Saturday and said approval had been granted at the end of April.
The homes would be built in the Beitar Illit settlement.
The Peace Now report said plans for construction of a home for the elderly and a commercial project in the settlement of Efrat also were approved.
The approval for marketing is the last approval
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This makes me happy.
Golda Meier said, “Better bad press than a good epitaph”…….
I couldn’t agree more!

Dr. Eowyn

This is in your face — another synonym for Chutzpah.