Israel – Cool Facts

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Israeli companies employ people all over the world.  My son worked for an Amdocs subsidiary in Seattle a few years ago.  Is Amdocs located within the 1967 borders?  I don’t know. 
If Obama’s wishes are honored, will Amdocs be the in the position to be a global employer under a Palestinian government?  Sounds like a big job killer to me!

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  1. Israel will lose Jerusalem. I wonder if Christians making pilgrimages will be safe if the holy sites are under the control of Hamas, if indeed there will be any Christian monuments left.

    • No, I can’t support what I said with scripture, but I was in Jerusalem several years ago. Muslims don’t like Christians. One Muslim shopkeeper sneered at me and said, “We Muslims don’t worship a man!”

  2. lowtechgrannie

    I’m going to ask for copyright permission from my talk radio friend to post some clips of interviews with holocaust survivors he did in 1997-1998. If he says okay, I will introduce you to Rochelle Sutin, an adorable Jewish grandmother who escaped a Nazi work camp and fled to become a teenage freedom fighter in the resistance Poland.

    • I’ve seen pictures of European Jews before World War Two. They seemed to nice looking people and were well dressed. I cannot understand why anyone would want to hate them.

  3. East Jerusalem is where the holiest Christian sites are located. It was captured by Isreal in 1967. I hope it never goes to Palestine.


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