Isn’t this what the Serpent promised Adam and Eve?

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New group seeks ‘renewal of creation’ through technology

Humankind has been trying to appeal its death sentence ever since the serpent in the Garden of Eden whispered those enticing words that persuaded Adam and Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit: “Ye shall not surely die” and “Ye shall be as gods.”

Today, it’s not just secular scientists trying to achieve longer, of even eternal, life through better chemistry and technology. Meet the Christian Transhumanist Association, whose members say they are “called by Christ to participate in that mission.”

“We believe that God’s mission involves the transformation and renewal of creation including humanity. …” the group states in its first of five affirmations.

While the biblical prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel both affirm a future Kingdom of God on earth in which people live a natural life of up to a thousand years again, the question for Christians is whether man’s chemistry and technology is the answer or whether it’s Jesus’ prescription of a spiritual rebirth…


My take on this? Color me suspicious.

I tried to see what they are all about, but found so far no affirmation of faith that remotely resembles the Apostles’ Creed. They spout high sounding stuff, but nowhere on their website do I see anything about the blood of Christ, or the Cross or the Resurrection.  Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

A number of the quotes on their site were by CS Lewis. But invoking Lewis is not enough to satisfy me. As Lewis was making his assertions, he was not at all ignoring the atoning work of Christ on the cross.

~ TD

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11 responses to “Isn’t this what the Serpent promised Adam and Eve?

  1. The term “Christian transhumanists” is an oxymoron!

  2. I have a perpetual motion, cold fusion time machine to sell ’em.
    Sometimes I wonder what God has up his sleeve when he creates such people, But I’m sure he knows what he is doing. Sometimes you need people like this around to strengthen your faith.

  3. All people are sinners, and we just don’t want to answer for what we’ve done. Let us assume that science can grant us hundreds of more years of life (and this denies the limits of nature, but let that pass for the moment): The hundreds of years will pass, and then answer we shall.

    So it comes down to this: Are we going to side with Christ and do What He Tells us? We must repent and deny ourselves. Christ has the Prescription and the Plan. Yet we witnessed the debacle of Oprah Winfrey, who on one of her shows looked for anyone and everyone but Christ, to solve the Problem of Salvation.
    People like Winfrey and the transhumanists will look ANYWHERE but to Christ to solve this problem! And as ashamed of Christ as they are, they go against their own human reason on two fronts: First, they ignore the prima facie evidence of their own revulsion to Jesus—which should force them to confront their irrationality right then and there, and, Second, they ignore the forensic evidence of the Holy Shroud of Turin.

    Either we shall have Eternal Life or we shall not; Death may be the end to our PHYSICAL LIFE in this dimension, yet, even now, science has begun to make inroads in that evidence has been found that consciousness can even survive physical death. Take Pascal’s Wager: If we believe in something that won’t occur, what have we lost? Yet if we refuse to believe and we are wrong, then we most certainly lose.
    Yet the Words of Christ are UNIMPEACHABLE and have not failed yet—not even ONCE. So the Question becomes this, namely, How do I, the sinner, approach Christ in humility and honesty? For, ultimately, no one really knows if he is humble or honest. So the issue boomerangs again, on us. As we are the sinners, the fault lay “with us, and not with the stars, that we are underlings.”
    The Devil is a tempter, a deceiver and an accuser. He is also a liar and a murderer. And he is also a HYPNOTIZER. Yet he cannot hypnotize anyone without his—CONSENT.

    • Christopher Richie

      “ So the Question becomes this, namely, How do I, the sinner, approach Christ in humility and honesty? For, ultimately, no one really knows if he is humble or honest. So the issue boomerangs again, on us.”

      Answer: just as I am, without one plea, but that Thy Blood was shed for me. And that THOU BIDST me come to Thee, Oh Lamb of God I come.

      The Son of Man, Jesus Christ, came into this world NOT FOR THE RIGHTEOUS but for sinners. “For it is not the healthy who need a physician, but the sick.” We come to him as we are, confessing our sin fullness and faith in Him Alone. He will gladly receive us. But only those whom the Father draws, will ever truly come to Him.

  4. I think that’s a little above my pay grade. If God desires us to live forever that will happen.

  5. About the executive director of TSA, Micah Redding:

    “Micah currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, where he has helped to organize vibrant inter-religious dialogue, leading conversations between Christians, atheists, Buddhists, Baha’is, and Muslims — and challenging Christians to think deeply about the meaning and significance of their faith. ”

    There is NO inter-religious dialogue to be had with those who want to kill infidels:

  6. It has satanic fingerprints all over it. Thanks for the links, TD.

  7. Beware of anyone who asks, “Hath God said?” (Genesis 3:1)


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