Islamic True-Believers Blow Up Nigerian Christians on Christmas Day

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The Obama administration promised to help Nigeria find the people responsible for a wave of Christmas Day bombings that killed dozens in the oil-rich African nation.
“We have been in contact with Nigerian officials about what appear to be terrorist acts and pledge to assist them in bringing those responsible to justice,” according to a statement by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.
Boko Haram, a Muslim sect, reportedly claimed responsibility for the attacks — two of which targeted churches. A year ago, the group said it was behind holiday bombings that killed more than 90.
The first explosion occurred as services were ending at St. Theresa’s Church near the capital, Abjua. Yemi Ajayi, a police spokesman, said at least 20 people were killed.
Another blast, at a church in the central city of Jos, capital of Plateau state, killed a policeman, said Pam Ayuba, a spokesman for the state government.
A suspected suicide-bomber rammed a car into the entrance of the State Security Service building in the northeastern city of Damaturu, killing four people and the bomber, Victor Ebhaleme, a spokesman for the military task force in charge of security in the region, said by phone from Maiduguri.
You will find the full article here.
And I am just sure a spokes-mouth for CAIR is going to step up to a microphone and condemn these heinous acts any minute now.
Right, and any minute now the doorbell will ring, and when I open the front door a suitcase full of money is going to be awaiting me.

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7 responses to “Islamic True-Believers Blow Up Nigerian Christians on Christmas Day

  1. Hello Everyone. First, to comment on the article. Are we, or is anyone ever going to escape from this extremist religion/political regime called Islam? Why can’t they just understand that the Lord gave us a brain to be able to think with, thereby making CHOICES and secondly, God is SUPREME. He is our Creator. He made the universe and NEEDS NO HELP!
    I get concerned sometimes. I have an orphanage I help support in Kenya. (Yes, they say Obama IS FROM there). I am not going to state the name of the village town for reasons that should be obvious. (Muslim OR governmental) They are Christian. They spread the Word and they have even had Muslims in their meetings listening. They have preached in some unreached areas as well. Please keep them in your prayers. The Lord knows who they are. I can let someone know privately if one needs to.
    Now, I want to thank all of you for your prayers. I could most definitely “FEEL” them. I am doing much better. I spent 2 days in bed. The last time it happened like this it lasted 3 days. BP then, 15 minutes after I got sick was 128/110. My mom had this uncontrolled BP problem as well….however, I am in God’s Hands and I know full well that He does heal.
    I trust that you all had a beautiful Christmas full of blessings? I had my Lord with me holding my hand. I was the blessed one! LOL.
    Thanks everyone and may the Lord bless & keep you all in His Loving care!
    Patriot Angel!

    • So glad and relieved you’re alright, Patriot. Steve and I were really really worried yesterday. I was occupied all morning, singing at two back-to-back Masses, so I asked Steve to track you down. He even called non-emergency services in your city!

  2. What appears to be a terrorist act? Um, you think? How can Skippy hunt down these bast*rds when he can’t even call it what it is…it’s all out ar on Islamc terror not some apparent threat of man made terror.

  3. Religion of Pieces… er, Peace strikes again.

  4. Yes, remember, killing large numbers of unarmed infidel women and children like this is considered “defensive” by jihadists… Denial ain’t just a river in Africa, it’s a nice heroic place where you get 72 virgins for your trouble apparently.

  5. When the muslim population reaches critical mass, will we be seeing this here too?

  6. Verity Lucia Asher

    I am a Nigerian, a Christian. I use my proper name on your website deliberately. Nigeria and most of Africa are seething hotbeds of injustice. It is this injustice that leads to evils such as book haram, it is inescapable.
    I cannot put in words the level of disenfranchisement that so many Nigerians are subjected to. For example, the highest growth industry in Nigeria is baby factories. Yes, so called hospitals and faith based orphanages and teenage refuges where babies are bought and sold casually. operated mainly by Christians. Many Muslim parents are forced by poverty to hand their little children over to roving preachers to keep them from starving to death. You can imagine what these children go through at the hands of paedophiles and as slave labourers on the farms and properties of the wealthy.
    I can really not express these things well except I write my comment in blood. And even that would not say what i want. Nigeria is one of the richest countries on earth, it’s policies formed mainly by the Christian,university educated native sons the British trained to give their fellow Nigerians the same policies of inclusiveness that the British for the most part operated.
    The Nigerians did not do this, but hugged the milk and honey for themselves and their children, leaving millions to rot in the gutters. The press will not tell you that these rabid ” islamist forces” deliberately and knowingly [at least in Nigeria] kill at least twice as many muslims as Christians.
    I read my Al’Quran, I do not just take a few verses out of context. I read my New Jerusalem Bible far more, and I read and meditate in my three volume Divine Office. I grew up amongst Muslims and Christians. A muslim doctor saved my life and that of my daughter when I had pre-eclampsia and needed an emergency ceaserian operation. My all time favourite teachers are 1. Peggy Cruikshank, British Christian, White. 2. Mr Busari, Nigerian muslim, black.
    Muslims are simply people, Just like Christians, decent, bad evil. The people who were warned via Odigo, pre 911 were jews, not muslims. To call Barrack Obama a muslim is dodging the facts, he is anti – God. Let us speak the truth and shame the devil. Not reserve any people for undeserved praise or undeserved opprobrium.


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