Islamic Group Approved to Buy Former Elementary School in Michigan

More creeping Sharia in America….

The city of Dearborn, Michigan, already has the largest population of Muslims in America. Now, Muslims will take over a former elementary school in the city of Farmington, a northern suburb of Detroit, MI.

Yesterday, June 15, 2011, the Farmington School Board unanimously approved the sale of the school to a Muslim group, the Islamic Cultural Association (ICA).

The ICA, based in Franklin, Michigan, was founded in the 1980s. Its mission statement states that its foremost goal is to “Disseminate Islam and its principles, values, and teachings.”

As reported by on June 15, 2011, the school board approved the sale of the former Eagle Elementary School, which was slated for demolition, despite anti-Muslim protests by about 200 people who tried to block the sale. The protesters expressed “concerns that property values would decrease if Muslims congregated in the area.”

The ICA will transform the former elementary school into an Islamic cultural and activity center.

Dear God, what is happening to America?

H/t beloved fellow Sage_brush.


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9 years ago

Good grief…

9 years ago

I see the Governor there is Rick Snyder. Is he D or R? What the hek. What are they doing something so foolish like this for? Can someone give me the scoop on this states gov. officials? This is wrong. I will be trying to gather info here.

9 years ago
Reply to  tina

Snyder is an R. Michigan is so broke, they’ll take money from anyone I guess…

Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf
9 years ago

Time for someone to go and bury a pig there!

9 years ago

So the camel-washers have bought themselves a Jihadist recruiting center.

What a surprise.

But that’s okay, because the sheeple who sold it to them won’t notice something is amiss until things start blowing up around them.