Islam will be second-largest religion in America in 24 years

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Do you remember what you were doing 24 years ago, in 1992?
Think back.
1992 wasn’t really that long ago, was it? 24 years can go by very quickly.
In 24 years, by the year 2040, Islam will be the second largest religion in the United States, after Christians — assuming there will still be an America by then.
Statue of Liberty in burqa
According to a study of Pew Research Center, Muslims are the fastest growing minority religious group in the United States. Although Muslims presently comprise only 1% (3.3 million) of the total U.S. population of 322 million, by 2040, Muslims will be the second-largest religious group, increasing to 8.1 million by 2050.
In contrast, the total number of U.S. Jews will decline from 1.8% to 1.4% by 2050, while Hindus will see a modest increase from 0.7% to 1.2%.
Pew projection of U.S. Muslims by 2050
The projected increase of Muslims will be due to three reasons:

  1. Muslim immigration: Muslims comprise about 10% of all legal immigrants in the U.S.; immigration accounts for over half of the projected growth.
  2. Muslim birth rate: Muslim families tend to have far more children than the average U.S. family, which is the case in Europe as well.
  3. Muslims tend to be younger than Americans in general, which means a larger share of Muslims are and will be of child-bearing age.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll in December 2015 showed apprehension among Americans about Muslims, in the aftermath of the San Bernardino shooting by a young Muslim couple, which left 14 dead. The poll found that:

  • 60% of Democrats vs. 30% of Republicans believe Muslims are no different than any other group.
  • 14.6% of Americans are fearful of Muslims in general.
  • 34.7% of Americans are fearful when asked about “a few groups and individuals” in the Muslim community.
  • 64% of Republicans vs. 43% of Democrats want mosques to be closely monitored.

Additionally, a recent YouGov poll found that most Americans (62%) do not want to open up the border to Muslim refugees. Once again, there is a decided political party difference: 83% of Republicans vs. 48% of Democrats, and 83% of Conservatives vs. 30% of Liberals believe the United States should not accept Muslim Syrian refugees.
The skepticism of a majority (70%) of Republicans and a minority (40%) of Democrats that Muslims are no different than other religious groups seems to find confirmation in polling data about Muslims:

  • Surveys conducted across Europe have found that 25% (1 out of 5!) of Muslims believe that Islam can justify violence against civilians.
  • In France, Muslims comprise 8% of the population, but make up around 70% of the prison population.
  • In the United States, a Pew poll found that 1 in 8 U.S. Muslims think that suicide bombing can be legitimate.
  • A 2015 Center for Security Policy poll found that 25% of a sample of 600 U.S. Muslims agreed with the statement, “Violence against Americans here in the United States can be justified as part of the global jihad”.


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0 responses to “Islam will be second-largest religion in America in 24 years

  1. This breaks my heart and scares the bejesus out of me at the same time. It is a sad day when numbers are that high of people who believe Muslims are no different than any other group. Really? They are the only ones out there now doing beheadings.
    And we hear next to nothing from those elected to protect us.
    Our little children deserve much better than what we are leaving them.
    And the media covering for them is just as sad and scary, including the Muslim woman that supposedly was just a little innocent woman that attended the Trump speech and stood there, not causing any problems, bs, Shoebat exposed her for her past trouble making and attachment to terror groups.
    People had better wake up before it is too late and it just doesn’t matter any longer.

    • Hamid was at the Trump rally to make trouble. The organization she founded, Muslim Women of the Carolinas, had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. She also showed up at the rally not only wearing a hijab, but a Hub el Hizb, an eight pointed star used in Islamic design. This was worn to resemble the Star of David worn by Jews in Nazi countries. The idea was to call attention to herself as an object of prejudice. Hamid is an activist and is also a Palestinian. But liberals are pandering to this innocent little thing and she will also get a seat at the Democratic Convention.

  2. MAKE NO MISTAKE: This is being done by DESIGN and not by accident: The one thing the Ruling Elite cannot tolerate is Christianity. (And that is because they are Satanists). But I believe that Our Lady of Fatima’s apparitions and messages imply, at the least, that at least some of the world’s Muslims will convert. Precisely where and when this will happen we do not know yet.
    The Ruling Elite forgot (as usual) to factor in one thing: the HISTORICALLY DOCUMENTED TRUTH that the more Christianity is persecuted, the more it grows. It is the only phenomenon in history that can say that. Our Blessed Mother has already seen all of history play out, and in Her Apparitions, always points towards the future.
    In the meantime, the America we grew up in is gone and disappearing. I detest that, and so do a number of people. But what does the Bible tell us? “This world is passing away.” I point toward contraception and abortion as leading this demographic charge: Any society (or ethnic group) that practices it has, demographically, no future. (Donald Trump has said we should halt Muslim immigration “until we can figure out what the hell is going on,” and I agree. But one thing ALMOST NO ONE has figured out is that contraception and abortion necessarily changes any nation’s demographics that practices them. And that is actually a bigger threat to America and the West than Islam.)

  3. The pic of Miss Liberty would have been perfect with 2 eyeholes cut out .
    As to the 3 reasons ……….
    1) Only question is , legal ?????????????????????????????
    2) re: ” Muslim birthrate “……..The muslim women no they dare not say no to their husband . Or they might the victim of a ” cold chop ” .
    3 ) I’ll do a Limbaugh imitation here: ” Demonstrating the absurd by being absurd “………. Only allow muslim ” m and m ” gals into the country ……” M and m” meaning between menopause and medicare ……Sorry ladies of f.o.t.m., after seeing reason # 3 , I had to type it . It was in me and it had to come out .

  4. One of those stats above is somewhat incorrect: The one in five should be ‘20%’, still a very significant number. This article brings to my mind a very similar one that I read in the old Harpers magazine about 35 years ago.
    In it, the author, himself a Latino heritage US American academic, wrote that by 2025 (I believe he said), the percentage of Mexican and South American Latinos in the US would become a far larger minority than African Americans, because no matter what their country of origin they tend to share overwhelmingly the same Roman Catholic culture and thus similar values.
    Among those values were keeping their family together, inter-generational respect for elders, mutual aid in matters such as helping another family acquire a house, and commonly shared religious and social values. They were antiabortion and tended to have larger families, and they were antiabortion. This would end, he said in their being the largest minority voting block, replacing the traditional black vote.
    At the time, his article was very controversial, but nearly 40 years later, it now appears very tame, as we compare these values with how we feel about Muslims moving into our societies.
    As readers to this site know, when I went to college in 1961, I spent one semester sharing a second floor bedroom-suite with two other students, both from Jordan. They were so different from one another — polar opposites, really– that one would be hard-pressed to know they shared a common religion, Islam.
    One was a very slick and aspiring overachiever from their capital city, enrolled in their Army before he came to the US on a student visa. I disliked him so much I cannot recall his given name! The other fellow, Sallam, was on scholarship, his peasant family’s best hope that on his return he would put what he learned from the USA to good use in their village. Contrast that to his narcissistic, self-promoting fellow citizen representing Jordan!
    Sallam taught me how to play Basrah (sp?), the most popular card game in the Mid-East –as we elders like to call it!– and a great chequers board game called ‘dahmah’, better than chequers but not as difficult as chess (which I gave up on in HS!), and we spent many hours playing it and of course chatting.
    I regret this post is as long as it is, but a simple question sometimes requires a complex answer. I wrote the above to show that every immigrant needs to be assessed on an individual merits basis to be fair to all concerned. I can live happily with Sallah as my neighbour, but I don’t want the scheming city slicker in my country, never mind as my neighbour!
    I realise this makes me a less than perfect Christian; so be it, and upon my head.

  5. I see the 24 years as a stretch…probably more like 12 years if the government continues importing islam and their women remain perpetually pregnant..
    about a month ago, I noticed at a local walmart there was a section called “halal food”. That was the first time I had seen that sign anywhere and I believe those types of signs and services will grow as the numbers of muslims increase. corporations don’t care how the demographics change, they just want to profit.
    Here’s a link to an article titled “How Islam progressively takes over countries”:
    The author, referencing a book by Dr. Peter Hammond, documents how muslims start out in other countries in small numbers and seem peaceful and unassuming, but as their numbers increase they demand more and more (like halal food and sharia-like trials) until they receive sharia law. Here’s a quote from the end of the article:
    “A 100% Muslim society will theoretically usher in their version of peace — the peace of ‘Dar-es-Salaam’ — the Islamic House of Peace. ‘Here there’s supposed to be peace, because everybody is a Muslim, the Madrassas are the only schools, and the Koran is the only word,’ such as in:
    Afghanistan — Muslim 100%
    Saudi Arabia — Muslim 100%
    Somalia — Muslim 100%
    Yemen — Muslim 100%
    Dr. Hammond observes this Islamic ideal is seldom realized. ‘Unfortunately, peace is never achieved, as in these 100% states the most radical Muslims intimidate and spew hatred, and satisfy their blood lust by killing less radical Muslims, for a variety of reasons.'”
    I weep for the future of america’s children who, on so many levels, are being taught to embrace the fluidity of humanness on one side (homosexuality, gender construct, etc.) and embrace islam on the other…two polar opposites, yet both wedge out Christianity.

    • Sadly, all these stores pandering, by offering halal food and anything else Muslims desires, really makes it harder on the country in the long run. They feel more welcomed and urged to come in larger numbers, all for the profit. These stores are traitors to the people that made them so rich. They are partners in our downfall and making life more dangerous for those not Muslim.
      Why not come to a country that is welcoming and will give them everything they need to survive and grow and able to promote their beliefs at the cost of death to those paying for it.
      I think Japan has the right thought on this.

      • If I remember correctly, Glenn, Japan does not allow any immigration, or else it’s on terms that are so strict practically no one gets in!

        • But all is not roses in Japan. The country’s restrictive immigration policy, coupled with low birth rate (because Japanese youth are not procreating or even interested in sex), mean economic decline, unless robots take up the production slack. But robots are also problematic.

  6. No it won’t because Christ is coming back before then.

  7. The problem is that Muslims have no intentions of assimilating into western culture. The USA is in for trouble if they continue to allow Muslim immigrants into the country. What happened in Cologne on New Year’s eve is proof of that. Thousands of Muslim migrants went on a raping rampage. They come from a culture which hasn’t changed since the 7th century, where rape is acceptable. The fact that they did their dirty work in an area close to one of the most magnificent cathedrals in Christendom seems to prove that they have come in as an invading army. The picture showing the veiling of the statue of liberty is saying a lot. In Cologne, instead of demanding that the Muslim barbarians alter their behavior, local authorities are telling women that they need to change the way they dress to prevent themselves from being raped. They’ve got to be kidding. Is this the first step toward putting western women in burkas? Where are the feminists? Is this what we have to look forward to, if Islam becomes the second largest religion in the USA? Here is one woman, who will never wear a burka or any other type of Muslim dress.

  8. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. The statistics are noteworthy.


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