Islam on Campus – Recruiting Homegrown Jihadists

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0 responses to “Islam on Campus – Recruiting Homegrown Jihadists

  1. These ba”””””””’ are like locusts. I hope more campuses beging to crack down on them,. One or two have in recent months, but that isn’t enough.

  2. Get the hell out of America,you satanic evil beings!

  3. This is a nightmare…”justified by common sense and Islam”?
    Time to get them out NOW!!

  4. Patriot Angel

    I recommend watching the documentary…”The Third Jihad”. Very enlightening. Since they believe in polygamy as well as the woman as their sex object, they have more babies than Americans and because of the way our government and economy is, Americans are having less babies.
    They mount each other like rabbits and proliferate like (I can’t thing of the insect that has hundreds of babies at a time…several times a year)…but I’m sure you get my meaning.


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