ISIS threatens to behead Obama and turn America into an islamic nation

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Really ISIS?

After all he did for you
in Benghazi?

Well if we can’t change your minds, just Google “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC.”

Plan on an 8 hour drive (516 miles) from Dearbornistan to Washington DC.
If you are traveling by camel, allow about 5 days of travel time.
Be sure to ask the local prostitutes about when the Secret Service guys are… (ahem) “busy” with their distractions.

Then Come see us afterward…

…and we’ll introduce every last one of you
to your virgins in Hell

We’ve been preparing for your next visit…
…for a very long time.

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0 responses to “ISIS threatens to behead Obama and turn America into an islamic nation

  1. ISIS cannot ask for a better faux opponent than Obama:
    1. He insists ISIS is not Islamic.
    2. His air-strikes-only strategy is entirely ineffective, resulting in ISIS gaining even more territory & captive peoples.
    Given the above, why would ISIS threaten to behead Obama? Something doesn’t smell right.
    It is in this context that the news yesterday takes on added significance. Did you know that Yousaf al Salafi – allegedly the Pakistan commander of Islamic State (IS) – has confessed during investigations that he has been receiving funds through the United States?

    • I had not heard that until I read your comment, Dr. Eowyn!
      This would add fuel to the accusation that Obama is now the chief terrorism sponsor in the world.

      • I’ve been intentionally avoiding looking into claims that ISIS is a CIA creation because I dread what I’ll find. Looks like I can no longer avoid it. 🙁

        • I would urge you to avoid it for a while longer. It’s such a dark subject, we might be better off focusing on more obvious things. We know there are parts of our military that have been supporting islamists in Syria, and that the Benghazi scandal was to cover up Obama’s arms shipments to jihadists, and was likely CIA. The thing is that most CIA are good, like most of our military, and the evil things are being carried out by operatives who are willing to do so.
          Oh bother, it’s back to the other side of the looking glass…

    • I’ve been saying something similar to this for about a year now. The difference is I’ve always thought Obama was illegally moving guns through Libya, into Turkey, and across into Syria to the Muslim Brotherhood backed “free Syrian Army” because Obama is hell bent on taking down every government created by the colonialists via the Sykes Pica agreement at the end of WW1. Everything was going good for them until the US backed Islamists started using Saddam’s chemical weapons which they discovered in the Bekkah Valley in Syria (Saddam moved them there just prior to the US invasion of Iraq). This caused Obama to abandon them after the “red line” fiasco, so they turned their attention to the now American-Free Iraq since fighting Assad was not feasible without our support. Thus creating ISIS.
      If what you say is true, it would explain the “accidental” air-drop of weapons and supplies to ISIS during their campaign in Kobani. I actually asked a friend who fly’s C17’s for the Air-Force and he said such a “mistake” is next to impossible.
      Speaking of weapons, i’m just finishing building one. The upper is an LWRC M6A2 14″ in 5.56 NATO w/surefire brake, Harris bi-pod, Surefire weapon-light, and the lower was made by me. I airbrushed the painted parts with DuraCoat flat dark earth. Haven’t decided on optics, but i’m leaning toward a Leupold Mark-AR 1-4x scope.

      • “the “accidental” air-drop of weapons and supplies to ISIS during their campaign in Kobani. I actually asked a friend who fly’s C17’s for the Air-Force and he said such a “mistake” is next to impossible.”
        Thank you, Andrew. Now I must really look into all this. Groan….
        To Air Force veterans or currently serving among FOTM’s readers: Please weigh in! Thank you.

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    If all they want is obama they can have him. Long as they understand we got plenty of them “Red Ryders”.
    Only the ignorant, liars, or cowards, will refer to obama as prresident.

  5. Traildust, the picture of that Muslim pretending to be Tiger Woods ticks me off every time I see it. What is it about the picture that makes me so mad?Could it be his big clown shoes, his spindle legs, his pipe cleaner arms or the fact that he sucks at golf just like everything else he does? I think it’s got to be all the above. 😳 Plus once again he manages to look like a girl instead of a man.

  6. I really do not think either side is revealing the real plan on the front page of the New York Times.
    Money coming ‘through’ the U.S.A.?
    What kind of gun is that with the big coffee can magazine? 12 ga machine gun?
    Those folks apparently have all woke up and smelled the coffee. I actually think they’re in Manassas.

  7. You morons actually believe that muslims wanna kill us for our beliefs? Wake up. ITS THE JEWS STUPID

    • Doug, you ignorant hick. The JOOS aren’t doing that to anyone. I bet you don’t even know a JOO. Do yourself a favor, and pick up a history book. Look up islam. For 1400+ years, this murderous cult called islam has been committing genocide wherever it shows up.

    • No source. No evidence. Just insults and accusations. How Saul Alinsky (who was a Joo) of you.

    • I always wondered who it was that put the “dumb” in dumbass.
      Now I know.

  8. The Kenyan mullah comrade Dear Ruler’s spokes-jerk Josh Earnest will say that ISIS misspoke.
    You just know it’s coming.

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