ISIS threatens Russia

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Abraham’s prophesy about Ishmael  
“And he will be a wild-ass of a man, his hand against every man, and every man’s hand against him” – Genesis 16:12 


Isis Tells Vladimir Putin: ‘We are Coming to Russia’ to ‘Free Chechnya’

The radical Islamist group Isis (now known as Islamic State) has released a new video threateningRussian President Vladimir Putin that it plans to come to Russia and “free Chechnya”.
The video footage, believed to be filmed in the Taqba airbase captured from Syrian government forces in Raqqa, shows an IS fighter in a military jet.
“This message is for you, Vladimir Putin! These are the aircraft you sent to Bashar [Assad], and we’re going to send them to you. Remember that!” he said…

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0 responses to “ISIS threatens Russia

  1. Son of the Rabbit People

    I am sure the Russian air force is quaking in their boots about those jets….

  2. I thought this bunch was going to Israel. If they mess with Russia,
    they’ll be lucky to leave with their tails tucked between their legs.

    • Russians tend to “manage” such threats with 7.62x39mm rounds…

    • They will not leave, they will end there: no tails, no legs, no Allah, nothing but dust….

      • “They will not leave, they will end there….”
        I read that and my mind flashed to the scene in “A Bronx Tale”, when Sonny casually walks to the door and locks it, then turns to the biker gang and quietly says “Now youse CAN’T leave” — a great line in a great movie!

  3. Every time they show these airplanes captured by ISIS terrorist … they always appear to be unaware that you fly them from the inside….. They always appear to be a vision right out of Mad Max Thunderdome” ….

  4. That gives me hope. Vlad will stick said jet up their you know what..
    And that’s before he has coffee.

  5. Son of the Rabbit People

    How many crash at take off?

  6. Try messing with Putin. He will find your arses quite “manageable”…

  7. Son of the Rabbit People

    “We will take our 4 planes and fly them into your country! We will fly one to the north, one to the south, one to the east, and one to the west! Your country will be in flames!”

  8. The sad thing is, I wouldn’t be surprised if the CIA or whoever actually DID start shooting down Russian planes or something, and it got blamed on these goofballs who obviously couldn’t even maneuver that jet out of it’s little stucco hangar, let alone fly it, and I’m sure the gullible American people would probably believe it, just like they always do!
    Nice blog btw. I was reading your older article about crisis actors. Has anyone here heard that the newest “beheaded journalist” Sotloff was also a Sandy Hook crisis actor? I read that earlier today but am still hunting for the footage to back up such a claim…..

  9. As much as Putin hates these guys and loves his country, probably not a brilliant claim to make. I doubt Putin is quaking.
    And to save a country that they would normally wish everyone dead is another anomaly.
    Their lack of education is very telling.

  10. Doesn’t this rather serve to prove that they are a concocted and controlled new “arabian boogeyman”? Because everyone reading this should recall that chechen revolutionaries/rebels were set up, funded, and given training materials by the CIA.
    Their lack of attack on the whore who calls itself “israel” (when they claim to be islamic etc. etc.) is also telling, the way this is going one would think some low-budget underpaid sitcom writers were responsible for scripting these things. If the media tells you to look at “isis”, then where should one really be looking? When the media says look at the right hand, we should be looking at the left hand, and both feet.

    • Seumas, against my better judgement I’ll bite. Umm , can you explain your comment from above?
      Their lack of attack on the whore who calls itself “israel”
      Kinda just hate leaving that one hanging.

      • Steve, I’m of the opinion that “israel” as it presently stands is not holy or legitimate, but rather that it is “oholibah” as described in Ezekiel 23, and also believe it is the “whore of babylon” described in the Apocalypse of John. The current state which is claiming to be “israel” etc. seems to be the best fit for these titles, as I see no other “state” capable of getting other nations to do things for it so easily, nor garnering so many gifts from the same.
        I should here note that I am not of an “anti-semitic” mindset, as I have said before, racism is an incredibly stupid concept. Just to clarify that for anyone reading.

    • “Doesn’t this rather serve to prove that they are a concocted and controlled new “arabian boogeyman”? ” absolutely Seumas. right on the money.

  11. The barbarians can bluster against Russia, but I’d be surprised if they do more than that. Ol’ Vlad can just send them some popcorn and a video that he may very well have had a hand in making, if they need a refresher course.
    When the muslims attacked Russia before, in the Moscow Theater incident, the Russian forces injected knockout gas into the ventilation system and then entered the theater and shot all the terrorists through the head. The quiet story in the intelligence community was that they then took the corpses out to a mass grave, and killed some pigs and covered the terrorists’ bodies with blood and pig guts before burying them. The video of the event was then apparently back-channeled to the muslim organization(s) that had backed the attack. Gordon Liddy talked about this on his radio show, though he couldn’t reveal any sources, and predicted that there would be no muslim attacks against Russia for a long time. I think there have been none up to now, though I readily admit that I may have missed something, since there have been so many muslim attacks worldwide (nearly 24,000 since 9/11 as I write).
    If ISIS decides to really attack again, ignoring that past event, I think they will have seriously misunderestimated Vladimir — we can safely assume that he did not work in the motor pool when he was KGB, and he will be both capable and willing to give them an encore performance.

    • J, The Moscow theater incident reminds me of another I heard of. I believe it was in Iran and when our embassy personal got snatched by the ayatollah dude.
      I believe they made the mistake of grabbing some Ruskies too. Well the Russians I believe snatched like 12 lower ranking ayatollah’s in like 6 hrs. They tied up 6 and slit their throats and gave them the old Sicilian necktie.
      Pulled up to the ayatollahs house and dropped them off with a note that they had 12 hrs to release the Russians or they would get the other 6 back like that.
      Well we all know it was our guys who were stuck there, cause Russia had their people back lickity split.
      Ahhh, some times good old fashion diplomacy works best. 🙂

      • “Ahhh, some times good old fashion diplomacy works best.”
        Indeed! You must negotiate in a language that your opponent understands! You also need to have chips on the table in a currency that your opponent values.
        I remember hearing of the incident you relate, and I do believe that you have the meat of it, as that is pretty much what I recall too.

        • J, glad I sorta had the details right. I remember back then it seemed like a mighty good way of “Conflict resolution”
          Seems like maybe we should call up Vlad and ask for his play book.
          You’re right about dealing in what they understand. We try and negotiate and we look weak to the muslims.

  12. Let’s be clear here: present-day Russia is nominally a Christian nation, of Russian Orthodox persuasion. The USSR is gone, along w/its atheists, for all our lifetimes and likely forever afterwards.
    The Islamic areas that for more than 600 years troubled Mother Russia before it was the USSR are still there, but they were subdued for most of that time by the Czars’ military, only recently coming back into prominence when financed and armed by foreign gubbmints looking to wreak havoc in Russia.
    Again, let us be clear here: Russians are not stupid, they know from whence this support originates, it was duly noted for future reference, which is now, and they have very long memories.
    If these Islamic wackos are really so terminally stupid as to even attempt to enter one square inch of Russia, expect to well and truly see ‘Shock & Awe’ on a scale that will make Bush 43’s destruction of non-enemy Iraq look to be a movie set.
    Expect Russia’s military to cremate them into oblivion, to truly become one with the dust out of which they arose, even if it means using nuclear devices. Russia will expel any invader, and the intensity will be appropriately scaled to defense of her homeland.

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